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Important update of WN8

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It would be nice if you have some site where we can check stats, I know we can do that in-game but I would like to see where are changes in previous version and current in my stats because dropped by 150...

Or give us a link of some wn8 site which is using your current data... I have found that wotlabs.net is using something similar to yours stats but when I check WN8 of my vehicles in wotlabs.net and some other site it shows the same WN8 values for vehicles but its different overall WN8... BTW I have reset my account 6 months ago... 

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В 3.11.2017 в 11:51, Milan сказал:

Or give us a link of some wn8 site which is using your current data... 


you can use this tool to check your stats/changes to it once it's updated. i've already asked Aim_Drol to update it with XVM expected values, seems to take some time. 


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Hi. Just wondering if you are experiencing the problem with WN8 at the moment. My statistics are not updating for the last couple of days. 

It says You are already in the queue for the update... Usually, I was waiting a couple of hours but now it seems is something wrong.


Many thanks


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Third-party developers, please note:

If you're using json/csv/gz files from stat.modxvm.com in your project (WN8 expected values, XVM scales, etc.), you need to update links in your applications. New domain: static.modxvm.com


WN8 expected values:

JSON gz: https://static.modxvm.com/wn8-data-exp/json/wn8exp.json.gz
JSON:    https://static.modxvm.com/wn8-data-exp/json/wn8exp.json
CSV gz:  https://static.modxvm.com/wn8-data-exp/csv/wn8exp.csv.gz
CSV:     https://static.modxvm.com/wn8-data-exp/csv/wn8exp.csv

XVM scales:

JSON gz: https://static.modxvm.com/xvmscales.json.gz
JSON:    https://static.modxvm.com/xvmscales.json

Old URLs will be available until next WoT release.

Then, all static files from old domain will redirect you to new location with HTTP code 301 until 31 december.

After 31 december old URLs will be completely disabled.

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On ٢٧‏/١٠‏/٢٠١٧ at 1:22 PM, Mr 13 said:


We use a much larger player statistics database than the one was used in calculations by the authors of WN8, so we can make more accurate and reliable calculations.

@Mr 13Can i ask what is the database xvm use now? and is this database for ru server only or for all servers?

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В 30.03.2018 в 19:41, bleece2 сказал:

And one last question:how is the expected values calculated?





В 30.03.2018 в 19:41, bleece2 сказал:

For example tier 1 expected values is too high.

Is there a formula or some edition to players average performance?

Expected values is not average values. Most players at low tiers are new players, so average stats very low. But if an experienced player will play on these tanks, he will achieve much better results. Expected values- values for player with 1565 wn8.

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