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XVM: eXtended Visualization Mod

The official support forum for the XVM mod.


  1. XVM: General Discussion and Troubleshooting

    Feel free to ask any questions about XVM here if they don't fit into a more specific category.

  2. XVM Configuration Questions

    Welcome to the XVM Configurations forum! This is the place to ask any questions you have about XVM configurations.

  3. Ready-to-use XVM configurations

    Welcome to the Ready-to-Use Custom XVM Configurations forum section!

    Here, you can post and discuss XVM configurations that are ready to use.

    You can also download XVM configurations that you like or share your own configurations.


  4. Components of XVM and Addons (py_macro)

    A section for discussing the components of XVM, as well as additional functionality implemented through py_macro.

  5. Statistics in XVM

    A forum for discussing everything related to statistics in the XVM mod.

  6. Testing, Bug Reports

    Forum for XVM mod bug reports.

    Before creating a topic, read how to correctly report problems with XVM.

  7. XVM Development

    The forum is for discussing topics directly related to the development of the XVM mod.

  8. Suggestions for XVM

    The forum for posting your suggestions for improving the XVM mod.

  9. Discussions and Questions About the XVM Website

    Forum for discussing the official website of XVM.

  10. XVM: English Support and Discussions

    Welcome to the forum where you can post any questions about XVM, configuring, and problems with the mod. Any discussions that do not fit in other sections are also welcome here.

    XVM: Official website

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