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  2. @ktulho опять не сработал {{py:xvm.totalDamage}} "format": "ТЕСТ: {{py:xvm.totalDamage}}" replay_last_battle.wotreplay
  3. Где-то писали что нет и не будет.
  4. ложил на крышу - теперь не срабатывает, в остальном работает штатно.
  5. Здравствуйте. Я пишу бота для дискорд. Мне необходимо получать данные об аккаунтах, такие как рейтинги вн8, эффективности и пр. https://modxvm.com/ru/stats/players/205307346 Здесь очень удобно собрано всё в одном месте, но парсить страницу так себе) В связи с этим вопрос: есть ли API у сайта? Если есть, то как к нему получить доступ? Спасибо.
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  7. Что-то возможно, что-то нет, но для нас и преград нет. WoT это Классика - С полей разработки - второй выпуск
  8. как мне удалить статистику хвм на аке если нет боев и 7ничего можно убрат ьстатистику
  9. Да, к сожалению так и есть, но я решил, что симметрия по центру важнее пиков на краях Эти пики связаны с тем обрезанием распределения, тк каноническое распределение бесконечно, то когда рандомит за пределы +- 25, эти значения просто округляются до границ интервала И площадь от +25% до бесконечности больше, чем значение на +24%. Величину пика можно даже очень точно вычислить, но как будто бы не очень то и надо На большинстве видов уронов (на нечётных интервалах), эти пики видны. Например 360 ps. Респект за внимательность, эта страничка сайта добавилась буквально вчера, и я её никак не анонсил
  10. И при этом отсекаются очень интересные результаты - пики на концах диапазона https://db.wotstat.info/play?user=public#c2VsZWN0IHJlc3VsdHMuc2hvdERhbWFnZSBmcm9tIEV2ZW50X09uU2hvdAp3aGVyZSAocmVzdWx0cy5zaG90RGFtYWdlID0gWzYxM10pIGFuZCAoc2hlbGxEYW1hZ2UgaW4gWzQ5MF0p
  11. Переделал логику, надо потестить. quicklyLeave.py
  12. там и крыша, и бок - включается снизу таймер. Может можно на сам таймер условие сделать? ----
  13. Если на крыши лежит, тоже потом на гусеницы встает?
  14. @yepev Thank you being fair. Agree and respect. Guys please help us to fix this.
  15. I just showed you exactly what YOU did so you can feel it yourself I hope now you understand why it was not a good idea. Yes, exactly! You don't know what you are talking about. Yet, you made toxic assumptions about their decisions. You don't know if they saw this topic or had a chance to look into this problem, but you phrased it as if you knew and wanted to mock them about it. It was unnecessary rudeness. I hope you understand and won't do it to anyone in the future. Peace to you all. Now let's stop going off-topic here and focus on the bug. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix it? It would be much more productive if we had a discussion in this direction, as XVM is open source and open to merge requests.
  16. @yepev Well, 1. First of all I talked to Aslain , not you. But thank you for reply. 2.Second hand I don't even know where is XVM developers from and I of course I would not know what disaster happened to them. Dont act like you know me and you know what I am aware of. 3. Third, all chain of words which you wrote just describes your aggression but not care about their life. Dont use another people tragedies as instrument. 4. Forth, All you wrote is not making a sence because these professional and skilled XVM team is still developing XVM no matter what happened to them. Which means they could change several line of codes over there to fix it long time ago. Especially taking into consideration, they did it for Lesta. (I can be wrong on this) 5. Fifth, I dont even understand what is your writings doing with tragedy happened to them. I did not insult or swear them, I just said the truth. Now, the only thing you were right, is, they are free project and they can do whatever they want. I agree on this. From my side I will now go and investigate who these people and what happened to them. I promise.
  17. It seems like you've decided to make a face as if you've never heard about disasters happening in their countries and throw around dumb critique, like they should waste their time playing around with some game modding for bored babies like you instead of saving their lives and loved ones. They do what they can, when they can, for free, so there's no place for your toxic tone here.
  18. @Aslain Hello Aslain, Thank you for making mods. Did you fix this issue in your modpack, because xvm team decided make a face that they never heard about it. Thanks.
  19. Hello guys. Any news about it? It is February 2024 and still not fixed.
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