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  1. Hello, I have got this message today: Network services inactive. enable I don't see stats of players. How to fix it? Everything is enabled in settings at https://modxvm.com/en/ I must said that I have deleted all files from %appdata%\wargaming.net\WorldOfTanks but they came back after first log in. Thanks in advance guys
  2. Milan

    Important update of WN8

    It would be nice if you have some site where we can check stats, I know we can do that in-game but I would like to see where are changes in previous version and current in my stats because dropped by 150... Or give us a link of some wn8 site which is using your current data... I have found that wotlabs.net is using something similar to yours stats but when I check WN8 of my vehicles in wotlabs.net and some other site it shows the same WN8 values for vehicles but its different overall WN8... BTW I have reset my account 6 months ago...