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  1. Golfer

    Flags missing

    This will not fix the problem.
  2. Golfer

    Flags missing

    LOOOL my answer was downvoted for what reason? because wargaming disabled the field in the API and you are not happy about it? Fucking amazing! Reputation system on this forum is working as intended! hey downvote ashole check this link -> https://developers.wargaming.net/reference/all/wot/account/info/?r_realm=eu the official WG API here's the part ashole!
  3. Golfer

    Flags missing

    WG has removed it from the API
  4. Golfer

    Account banned some time back - but kept old WN8 values of before the ban.

    hello american boiii, every time you log into modxvm.com and prolong or activate xvm services your stats gets updated.
  5. Golfer

    How to edit vehicle list stats?

    not possible happy new year
  6. Golfer

    No XVM working for Update

    @jah118 srsly? you edited a zip file with notepad++ ? wooow. this is the next level editing of compressed files!
  7. Golfer

    XVM configuration help

    post your palyerspanel.xc please
  8. Golfer

    Every few battles games crashes

    I had the same error just only one time. but can't say if it's xvm only or my other installed mod "Session Statistic". on battle loading screen i tabbed out of wot and xvm crashed ingame only, not the whole game. (everything ingame was vanilla) after i went back into garage, python file was spammed with the same error ( scripts/client/gui/shared/utils/requesters/ItemsRequester.py, 1287). after fully loaded garage, xvm was working again. because you and i had the same error, xvm could take a look at "[WL] Whitelist update". installed mods: xvm session statistics (file date 23.01.2018) xvm addon: messenger xvm addon: systemColor
  9. just click on the attached .png file and read it. Nuffin more to say :)
  10. Golfer

    Game is shutting down, when i go to the windows -> XVM issue

    one of your installed mod from Aslain modpack has issues with xvm, so tell Aslain to fix his modpack.
  11. Golfer

    Problems with Korean clients (crash)

    do you realy think it's just xvm causes crash? you have many mods installed that can cause a crash. uninstall all other mods and run xvm only with wot. if there is a crash, you can get faster help.
  12. Golfer


    you will get no answer if you have 600 mods installed. remove all other mods and run your game with xvm only . this should fix your problems.
  13. Golfer

    Minimalist tank contour icons

    you don't need battleatlas for this vehicle contur icons, it can be made with xvm. so you don't have to create new battleatlas files if WG releases new tanks.
  14. Golfer

    Important update of WN8

    https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/announcements/common-test-1-2-091318/ How will you manage this implemented WG Bots situation with WN8 in patch 1.2? Will you exclude Tier 1-7 Stats (ty WG to 3/5/7 tempalte) global from WN8 or just exclude Players from those Cluster from your Database?
  15. Golfer

    Deactivate top clan logos - possible?

    copy and pasta my quote below the original entry, rename it to whatever you want (ex."clanicon" to "whatever_you_want_to_call_it") replace original src this to "src": "cfg://your_config_folder/your_invidual_icons/{{name}}.png" in extraFieldsLeft and extraFieldsRight add ${"def.whatever_you_called_it"}, create a folder with your invidualicons in your config folder. paste your icons with names and you can see your invidual icons :)