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  1. if XVM pays me 10 euro each month, i turn my anonymizer off.
  2. XVM got buthurt and disabled ingame stats for all who uses the anonymizer! if you want to see your stats again, disable anonymizer and wait up to 12h HAHAHAHA At the moment, the order is as follows: if our server detects that the player has hidden his nickname, he loses access to the statistics of other players in the battle for the next 12 hours. Then the detection procedure is repeated. Accordingly, in order to see the statistics of all players again, you need to open your nickname and wait for the access to resume (it will happen automatically). Edit: 12h and added more text below HAHAHAHAHAHA
  3. is a good idea, so i can write my script and have access to the api w/o 14 days limitation.
  4. it can be solved with text only, so you don't need remake battleatlas every time a new tank appears in the file.
  5. and last nightly 9182 is crashing too (not only in grand battles replays).
  6. it's to early to ask for a feedback at this stage. btw, modxvm.com is in klingon language by default and i get "Internal Server Error" on my stats page. you can fix language bug with "HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE" on your website.
  7. some questions: why is the default language not EN? (ex: modxvm.com language broken detection and is still not fixed.) how old are the statistics? (update interval) why does the statistics have old "clan" and "company" data in the stats? (lazy?) (will you clean this fom wn8 calculation too?) will it be possible to edit/del/add comments (/getComments) of players in personal section? will be there a toplist for MoE players?
  8. it's sooo easy to exclude clan and company stats from "ALL" player stats... but it would generate more traffic.
  9. question to the xvm devs: is this old "clan" and "company" garbage still in your wn8 formula? and if you say yes, i'll ask you WHY? and if you say something with impossible....i'll telly you, is possible! EDIT: I found the answer and it's yes... but WHY?!?!?
  10. LOOOL my answer was downvoted for what reason? because wargaming disabled the field in the API and you are not happy about it? Fucking amazing! Reputation system on this forum is working as intended! hey downvote ashole check this link -> https://developers.wargaming.net/reference/all/wot/account/info/?r_realm=eu the official WG API here's the part ashole!
  11. hello american boiii, every time you log into modxvm.com and prolong or activate xvm services your stats gets updated.
  12. @jah118 srsly? you edited a zip file with notepad++ ? wooow. this is the next level editing of compressed files!
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