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  1. Special circles for vehicle on minimap not working

    is working! :) ty very much Topic can be closed now
  2. i tried everything to add a circle for a specific tank... but is not working. minimapcircles.xc says // Special circles dependent on vehicle type. // Many configuration lines for the same vehicle make many circles. // See other vehicle types at (replace : symbol with -): // http://code.google.com/p/wot-xvm/source/browse/trunk/src/xpm/xvmstat/vehinfo_short.py "special": [ // Example: Artillery gun fire range circle // Пример: Круг дальности стрельбы арты // "enabled": false - выключен; "thickness" - толщина; "alpha" - прозрачность; "color" - цвет. //{ "ussr-SU-18": { "enabled": true, "thickness": 1, "alpha": 60, "color": "0xEE4444", "distance": 500 } }, { "france-ELC_EVEN_90": { "enabled": true, "distance": 280, "scale": 1, "thickness": 0.75, "alpha": 60, "color": "0xEE4444" } } ] 1st. link outdated, 2nd. the tank i want to add is elc even 90 3rd. typo or outdated ussr-su-18 example 4th. shortname of this tank in vehinfo.py is correct and replaced ":" with "-" 5th. tried with "France-F97_ELC_EVEN_90", "France-ELC_EVEN_90", "F97_ELC_EVEN_90", "elcEv90" ... 6th. added other tank for testing.... not working. 7th. added normal circle, but disturbs when i play other tank. Any Solution?

    hard to use Google? this will solve the Problem. If not, try step .5 https://www.drivereasy.com/knowledge/how-to-fix-driver-power-state-failure-error/ Edit: Seriously a downvote for my Reply and a bit of help to solve the issue? Now i know why NO ONE is answering this Problem.
  4. Cannot update my xvm stats

    xvm expected values are updated every day. deal with it. i found 2 Websites with LIVE values. https://tanks.gg/eu/dipsomaniac https://wn8lab.com/user/xdetails/eu-500537973
  5. Cannot update my xvm stats

    xvm is using live expected values (https://modxvm.com/en/wn8-expected-values/) your current wn8 is 2,066.40 (v.2018-01-16). all Websites are outdated cause they suxx. don't worry, your wn8 can drop or rise tomorrow cause of new LIVE values
  6. Important update of WN8

    @saintseiya values on the xvm website are outdated. Colors.xc "wn8": [ { "value": 397, "color": ${"def.colorRating.very_bad" } }, // 0 - 397 - very bad (20% of players) { "value": 914, "color": ${"def.colorRating.bad" } }, // 398 - 914 - bad (better than 20% of players) { "value": 1489, "color": ${"def.colorRating.normal" } }, // 915 - 1489 - normal (better than 60% of players) { "value": 2231, "color": ${"def.colorRating.good" } }, // 1490 - 2231 - good (better than 90% of players) { "value": 2979, "color": ${"def.colorRating.very_good"} }, // 2232 - 2979 - very good (better than 99% of players) { "value": 9999, "color": ${"def.colorRating.unique" } } // 2980 - * - unique (better than 99.9% of players) ],
  7. About the problems with WN8

    What have i done. Sirmax please stop the automated calculation. I wanted to see the death of WN8. In other Words from a Legendary Person for you sirmax. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umDr0mPuyQc
  8. CaptureBarBug?

    i'm blind IT must be a TYPO in @vvm.xc your config loaded captureBarO.xc and not the normal captureBar.xc
  9. CaptureBarBug?

    one of your mod (NOT XVM) is not 9.20 ready and causes ERRORS. You should test it only with XVM installed and not with other mods too.
  10. CaptureBarBug?

    you are running a modpack and not xvm only. so go to the forum where you downloaded this modpack.
  11. About the problems with WN8

    I am disappointed and surprised now. Just write a PHP Script to find the average values for each tank and open a new database for the new expected values. So you can press a coded BUTTON on this PHP site and let the Script do all the work. Sounds EZ? It's EZ :) I was researching how they calculate the data for the average values... but i got distracted by one wn8 website and i stopped it. Maybe this doesn't had do anything with the calculation what i am writing right now. It had to do with played a tank and average damage. (ex: a database showed me avg. values of 1 tank. 1687dmg avg. at 364,75 games. 0.75 games? woot? there are 0.75 games too? i'm 100% sure there are only full matches i palyed over 40k games and there was never a 3/4 Battle) <- that fully destroyed me. Question: After you saw the "automated" word... was there no thought if it's possible or not? I'm done cause of this one website.
  12. About the problems with WN8

    All right. You don’t want to update wn8 to the new „incorrect“ Values cause you deny it? Do you think the v.29.1 is correct with the new changed SPG mechanics? For many Players is WN8 and the new WN8, WN8… Sound strange. Look. If you give them Pudding and everyone eats it… is good, but if you give them shit and it wobbles… they will eat it too. Because it looks like a god damn pudding! And it’s GOOOD for many Players Health. I know! I know! For Every Tier and type same values. 100 Points! Since the SPG new Stun mechanic… all SPG values are incorrect. v.29.1 too… Less damage… bad stats. LOL. So why complaining about v.30? It better reroll all stats back to v.28…. oh w8… the SPG changes…. DAMMIT! But they gave up… I’m so sad  Really… ( you see there’s no /kappa at the end of the 3 dots) /Kappa Unfortunately, they are just running out of Money. Pudding = Shit = Pudding. Just give them what they want! Just update your Database with this Shit v.30 stats. Once again…. Pudding is Pudding. No one gives a shit if the v.30 is incorrect. Statswhores need Pudding! Give them shit… and they accept it. Why so selfish? Let’s clarify it again, after the SPG mechanics you can carry WN8 to the Grave. And not only WN8 Ratings. WN8 died with SPG stun mechanics and maybe with the new MM! But there’s an answer! R.I.P WN8, R.I.P WN6 and all rating calculations! Let the others do your work… is a huge benefit for XVM… WAIT WHAAAAT? It can be excluded from XVM? DO IT. Do it like the dumb Winchance calculation! Just remove it from the XVM. (but i’m sad because the Winchance was only deactivated on XVM website. I’m sooo sad it wasn’t fully removed from source code.) Are you Kidding me? It’s 2017!!! Everything can be automated! You are running a database, so you can code fully automated calculations. I decided to use nothing and everything is fine for mw. Every rating is incorrect. No matter what rating is right. xTE is also outdated, guess why. Are you Blind or can’t you see what WG is doing? They are destroying the STATSWHORE collecting websites! I personally removed all stats from XVM. Many, many reasons. You got it! Just give them shit and they will accept it. No! They accepted it already! Just look in the forum. „All the crying why is my WN8 in game lower than on X Website“. Wait did you say it’s correct? How can it be correct with SPG changes? Face it! WN8 and all other ratings are incorrect. And this WG official WGR is incorrect to. To many Battle types in WGR. But we must accept it. So the WN8 died with SPG Update, but hey! You have 3 choices: 1.Remove Ratings from XVM and burry this WN8 for ever (also remove all code which is showing Stats ingame in XVM) 2. Why don’t you make a new Formula (a modified wn8 calculation) and call it „XWN“, „WNX“ or WHATEVER is up to you, with fully automated Stats every 2 weeks or monthly? 3. Time for WN9! Sorry that’s just a joke… cause of SPG mechanics. Too much work for you? I have a better idea for you. Burry this shit ingame Stats behind your House. You are afraid that all the Statswhores will no more longer use XVM and donate money for your Work? And all Mod Pack Creators will cry cause of missing ingame stats? Dude, sometimes you have to decide things, even if it’s bad for your business. But the worst decision was including Wn8 into XVM. It destroyed the gameplay of many many players.
  13. Chances of win disappeared?

    most dumb behavior is posting wincance in Chat.... w8, the most dumbest behavior is to believe in winchance.
  14. Chances of win disappeared?

    i don't have this shit activated in battle, you better teach the idiots that belive in winchance, that's all. the formaula is just SHIT. the People that use it are just dumb to use brain, but what ever... this shit will be back cause the developer give a shit about it. so i'll continue to leave/drawn/Crash my tank ASAP if there's an idiot that Posts winchance in battlechat. and i hope you all will post this shit in battlechat too... i have Slots left on my blacklist. i'm done
  15. Chances of win disappeared?

    @Andyss let me explain with winchance formula that Begins with 5%and Ends with 95%. 97% of the Players are idiots and they really believe in winchane. I know that! The winchance formula is always right. and next time i'll use this formula for LOTTERY. There's 99% Chance to win it. and i'm sure you had idiots in your Team posting winchane in Chat.... OH wait!!!!! maybe you were sometimes sad about low winchance and ragequitted the match I'm 109% (winchanceformula) sure you felt sometimes sad. but for now..... i go to the lottery and use the wincahnce formula.... today is my day... 138% winchance to win. and tomorrow i'l cure world Cancer with the winchance. (the winchance told me i can cure it with a Chance of 18752%) EDIT: there's a winchance of 1% i didn't answered your post