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  1. Golfer

    Important update of WN8

    https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/announcements/common-test-1-2-091318/ How will you manage this implemented WG Bots situation with WN8 in patch 1.2? Will you exclude Tier 1-7 Stats (ty WG to 3/5/7 tempalte) global from WN8 or just exclude Players from those Cluster from your Database?
  2. Golfer

    Deactivate top clan logos - possible?

    copy and pasta my quote below the original entry, rename it to whatever you want (ex."clanicon" to "whatever_you_want_to_call_it") replace original src this to "src": "cfg://your_config_folder/your_invidual_icons/{{name}}.png" in extraFieldsLeft and extraFieldsRight add ${"def.whatever_you_called_it"}, create a folder with your invidualicons in your config folder. paste your icons with names and you can see your invidual icons :)
  3. Golfer

    Deactivate top clan logos - possible?

    "clanIcon": { "enabled": false, "x": 65, "y": 6, "width": 16, "height": 16, "align": "center", "alpha": 90, "bindToIcon": true, "src": "{{clanicon}}" //"format": "<img src='{{clanicon}}' width='16' height='16'>" }, you can find it in playerspanel.
  4. Golfer

    PlayersPanel +battleLoading / statisticForm Suggestion - Add font color

    @yepev but if i tell you you can't change the teamdamage overlay Color for battleatlas. I wanna see the script how it is possible without removing or editing the original Atlas files. Because all you can use is "iconAlpha". The 2nd pic i've posted is iconAlpha set to 0 and created new icons with xvm font. NO no no you can't say it's only possible this way, what if i wanna have other iconset for my panel? and the story begins again with overlay blue color icons on my team. i've decided to change my config to this ugly one. omfg i see double vehicle names… in LARGE PP. aaaannd guess what? colorized icon after a player went blue… veri veri strange. WARNING! EYE CANCER! so don't tell me it's possible. That's why i made a suggestion to make it (change default font Color to customized one) possible! All what is needed, is a new editable row for Battleatlas icons in PP aaand a linked macro to battleatlas. voila! Edit: downvoted 2min later after posting this. pathetic!
  5. Golfer

    PlayersPanel +battleLoading / statisticForm Suggestion - Add font color

    i forgot about the capture bar Colors... @yepev not everything is always possible. lazy ass bastards like me want everything included in xvm (except wn8) maybe the xvm dev team will implement this in the future.
  6. Golfer

    PlayersPanel +battleLoading / statisticForm Suggestion - Add font color

    the xvm devs should do everything to allow to change the original font Color to whatever we want, include the overlay fontcolor for battleatlas icons. so i could get rid of all colored green, red,blue text in this game. Purple Color is the future! :)
  7. Golfer

    PlayersPanel +battleLoading / statisticForm Suggestion - Add font color

    don't think in 20 dimensions, it's just the standard Color for text and icons, and i can't find the option to change the original text color for all rows (example: grey to white or blue to purple). changing the overlay color for battleatlas icons is missing. for example: PK color, it's blue, and whatever what i do, the blue overlay Color stays there. that's what bothering me. it should be like this: no more blue (in this screenshot i refactored my config to this = no more battleatlas icons, i's pure xvmfont now) <- sheaaat was ez to do it. what xvm offer is, change frag Color, change player Color, change vehicle Color etc, , but.... no change overlay Color for battleatlas icons. all what i can change is "iconAlpha" for battleatlas. It's that's all? that's why i started this topic. now i can say this topic can be closed, but the missing feature will be there. FOREVER.
  8. What a pain to change the font Color for every row in the PlayersPanel. I know there are macros for PlayersPanel like {{squad}}, {{player}}, {{tk}}, {{alive}}, {{ready}}, and many others. but where's the macro to change the VehicleIcon Color from Battleatlas? See screenshot (YouTube clickbait RED ARROW Style) Tutorial for beginners: Arrow is not pointing at the red circle only!. the red arrow is pointing at the content in the red circle. just for misunderstanding :) Can't change the blue Color to customised one. (f*** i'm lazy to remove the icon and replace it with ….. i'm lazy. so let's post a suggestion on forums) My Suggestion: Colorizing every row in playerspanel or use colors from colors.xc . Edit: Here's an example for everyone free to use. This is how i did it. Don't know if it's in the right order but it behaves like i should. Example for {{frags}} "fragsFormatLeft": "<font color='{{alive?{{squad?#FFCC66|{{tk?#FF8bc0|{{player?#FFCC66|{{ready?#FFFFFF|#cccccc}}}}}}}}|{{tk?#B33F74}}}}'>{{frags}}</font>", Edit 2: forgot to write a sugestion for battleLoading and statisticForm (same content)
  9. Golfer

    xvm problem

    13d 21h 20 min.... NEED MOOORE TIME !
  10. Golfer

    7.6.5.zip Contents

    build: remove msvc runtime from zip (will be returned back in the other way) build: make msvc runtime optional in installer.
  11. Golfer

    Wot won't start after client update to

    You are running an older version of XVM. The newer is still in dev mode. But you can download the nightly build. http://nightly.modxvm.com/
  12. Golfer

    Give us new XVM option

    @SmashPuppet Everything you said is right. Every point you made was also written by other players on official forums, reddit, etc. *signed* But there is a small percentage of of players i call them "retards" that join the battle and leave or die in the 1st min. because of good enemy players. that's pathetic. Those retards are the reason why XVM has bad reputation. And i feed them with my Agenda. And it's not only me who want this stats removed from ingame. And because WG API is still open... Fake Rumors must be spread. (Some twitch streamers do it also.) My config is free of every stats ingame, also Colors and dots in battle. why? Every player, no matter if bad or unicum, all players are equal. --- And now back to OP This option will never be a part of XVM. Other Mods can show the stats too. This option in XVM would have no effect for wn8 focus ingame etc. (see @SmashPuppet palyer behavior part). The only way is to scream, so WG will be forced to close the API. (WG is numb for years now.) KEK Have all a nice day.
  13. Golfer

    Give us new XVM option

    I've loaded the default config and yes you are right, the dashes are gone. last time i used the default config was ~ 3 years ago. I had this dashes in my mind because it was used in the past. Ups i made a huge mistake with the shifted OTM HP BAR. It was never shifted some pixels to the right. But it is how it is, XVM is made only for ingame stats. Am i wrong? What could happen if XVM team would disable the stats only for 1 week? Just for player reactions.
  14. Golfer

    Give us new XVM option

    Guys, you can complain about ingame stats all day long. The XVM Developer team give a wet F to give us an option to hide stats. XVM is made only for showing STATS and nothing else. Best example is the OTM. Created only to show the ugly wn8 Color Bar left in the HP bar, and if you don't activate your stats on xvm website, the HP is fucked up.(not centered). Or Playerspanel ,the big free unsused space fileld with "--". In other words. U NO GET THIS OPTION. XVM team is numb for those changes… Like WG. p.s Byproduct is the cosmetic thing. EDIT: there's is a mod without xvm that shows the wn8 ingame too. Edit 2: be4 you start to downvote me, i'm with you guys. I hate this shit WN8 stats ingame too.
  15. Golfer

    How to change color marker icon?

    so he want to change every Color he framed in this picture. yellow = change Color <---- need some workaround coding red = change Color <- ez to do blue = change hp Color bars <- ez too black = Aslain already posted it purple = change Colors on minimap he want something like that