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  1. Different expected values on the same tank?

    @Stargazer PM every owner of the tank to play like a noob and you get better stats in this tank. XVM calculations are automated by a script and not manipulated values by hand like vdaddicts. and you call xvm values for this tank unfair? do you know what unfair was? the dumb v.30 values made by lazy asses from vbaddicts. seriously you buy a tank for stat padding? and you cry because many players play the tank well? LOL? I ask me why this Topic is not closed for bullshit?
  2. Change color damage Markers

    this is what you are Looking for. and can be found in Colors.xc "squadman_enemy_hit": ${"def.sq"}, "squadman_enemy_kill": ${"def.sq"}, "squadman_enemy_blowup": ${"def.sq"}, example: "squadman_enemy_hit": "0x0d77ca",
  3. Change color damage Markers

    bookmark this page too https://htmlcolorcodes.com/.
  4. XVN mods

    Are you Looking for something like this? It works only with XVM.
  5. Special circles for vehicle on minimap not working

    is working! :) ty very much Topic can be closed now
  6. i tried everything to add a circle for a specific tank... but is not working. minimapcircles.xc says // Special circles dependent on vehicle type. // Many configuration lines for the same vehicle make many circles. // See other vehicle types at (replace : symbol with -): // http://code.google.com/p/wot-xvm/source/browse/trunk/src/xpm/xvmstat/vehinfo_short.py "special": [ // Example: Artillery gun fire range circle // Пример: Круг дальности стрельбы арты // "enabled": false - выключен; "thickness" - толщина; "alpha" - прозрачность; "color" - цвет. //{ "ussr-SU-18": { "enabled": true, "thickness": 1, "alpha": 60, "color": "0xEE4444", "distance": 500 } }, { "france-ELC_EVEN_90": { "enabled": true, "distance": 280, "scale": 1, "thickness": 0.75, "alpha": 60, "color": "0xEE4444" } } ] 1st. link outdated, 2nd. the tank i want to add is elc even 90 3rd. typo or outdated ussr-su-18 example 4th. shortname of this tank in vehinfo.py is correct and replaced ":" with "-" 5th. tried with "France-F97_ELC_EVEN_90", "France-ELC_EVEN_90", "F97_ELC_EVEN_90", "elcEv90" ... 6th. added other tank for testing.... not working. 7th. added normal circle, but disturbs when i play other tank. Any Solution?

    hard to use Google? this will solve the Problem. If not, try step .5 https://www.drivereasy.com/knowledge/how-to-fix-driver-power-state-failure-error/ Edit: Seriously a downvote for my Reply and a bit of help to solve the issue? Now i know why NO ONE is answering this Problem.
  8. Cannot update my xvm stats

    xvm expected values are updated every day. deal with it. i found 2 Websites with LIVE values. https://tanks.gg/eu/dipsomaniac https://wn8lab.com/user/xdetails/eu-500537973
  9. Cannot update my xvm stats

    xvm is using live expected values (https://modxvm.com/en/wn8-expected-values/) your current wn8 is 2,066.40 (v.2018-01-16). all Websites are outdated cause they suxx. don't worry, your wn8 can drop or rise tomorrow cause of new LIVE values
  10. Important update of WN8

    @saintseiya values on the xvm website are outdated. Colors.xc "wn8": [ { "value": 397, "color": ${"def.colorRating.very_bad" } }, // 0 - 397 - very bad (20% of players) { "value": 914, "color": ${"def.colorRating.bad" } }, // 398 - 914 - bad (better than 20% of players) { "value": 1489, "color": ${"def.colorRating.normal" } }, // 915 - 1489 - normal (better than 60% of players) { "value": 2231, "color": ${"def.colorRating.good" } }, // 1490 - 2231 - good (better than 90% of players) { "value": 2979, "color": ${"def.colorRating.very_good"} }, // 2232 - 2979 - very good (better than 99% of players) { "value": 9999, "color": ${"def.colorRating.unique" } } // 2980 - * - unique (better than 99.9% of players) ],
  11. About the problems with WN8

    What have i done. Sirmax please stop the automated calculation. I wanted to see the death of WN8. In other Words from a Legendary Person for you sirmax. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umDr0mPuyQc
  12. CaptureBarBug?

    i'm blind IT must be a TYPO in @vvm.xc your config loaded captureBarO.xc and not the normal captureBar.xc
  13. CaptureBarBug?

    one of your mod (NOT XVM) is not 9.20 ready and causes ERRORS. You should test it only with XVM installed and not with other mods too.
  14. CaptureBarBug?

    you are running a modpack and not xvm only. so go to the forum where you downloaded this modpack.
  15. About the problems with WN8

    I am disappointed and surprised now. Just write a PHP Script to find the average values for each tank and open a new database for the new expected values. So you can press a coded BUTTON on this PHP site and let the Script do all the work. Sounds EZ? It's EZ :) I was researching how they calculate the data for the average values... but i got distracted by one wn8 website and i stopped it. Maybe this doesn't had do anything with the calculation what i am writing right now. It had to do with played a tank and average damage. (ex: a database showed me avg. values of 1 tank. 1687dmg avg. at 364,75 games. 0.75 games? woot? there are 0.75 games too? i'm 100% sure there are only full matches i palyed over 40k games and there was never a 3/4 Battle) <- that fully destroyed me. Question: After you saw the "automated" word... was there no thought if it's possible or not? I'm done cause of this one website.