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  1. Функция отключения возможности использовать золота Функция отключения возможности использовать свободный опыт  is there a hotkey to "unlock" without restarting?
  2. @ktulho could you create py_macro for this?
  3. worked perfectly, forgot to thank you. would it be possible to create the following options in XVM: - wheeled tank autoaim indication (the red cross) disabled/enabled for all tanks - wheeled tank speedometer (crosshair) disabled/enabled for all tanks much apreciated.
  4. "notShowBattleMessage.py" could this be modified to only work for frontline @ktulho?
  5. and again you fail to see the point. the outline is visible trough walls by design. circle/arrow is not. i already told it to you twice and you keep ignoring that simple difference for some reason. why?
  6. yes, and machinguns are legal as long as you don't flip the switch to full auto. *facepalm* why is it so hard for you to simply accept that showing the outline of enemy tanks, if you are not aiming at them, isn't alowed? why you keep insisting i'm a liar, make things up and keep contradicting yourself all the time? i already told you that i don't want discuss this anymore with you because you are in denial. and, if you didn't notice: you're gettig ignored by the rest here.
  7. circle and arrows are not visible through walls and don't give away the tank/turret orientation, thats the difference. don't you get it? and it's not pointless banter if you ask for functions that violate the game rules in a script i am using.
  8. sorry, wrong. edgeDetect showed the outline in a different color for the autoaimed tank and it was visible without aiming at him with the corsshair. an outline in such a forum is not legal considering the current game rules. since a) you referred to this mods function and b) a recolored outline only when aiming would defeat the purpose of a visual indicator and thus make no sense i've made my statement. anyways, i'm tired of discussing this any further. good luck.
  9. you are ignoring the fact that the contour would be visible through walls and objects, while the sphere/arrow isn't. doing it the way you want would result in an "on demand, single target" X-Ray cheat. no matter which server you are on it would be illegal. and please stop saying i'm lying; i'm just point out what the game rules say.
  10. you seem confused or still have translation enabled. i know exactly what he wants (a function of edgeDetect.pyc basically) and what the Ktulho's script does since i use that myself. but the game rules do not allow tank outlines for enemy tanks that you are not aiming at with your crosshair. the outline would be visible through walls and show the orientation of the tank. Ktulhos implementation via 3D model doesn't do this and he already said he wont make an outline because it's borderline cheating.
  11. i eaxctly know what you are asking for. "aiming" in this case means your mouse hovering the enmy tank. showing the outline on enemy tanks without mouse over isn't allowed. the rules are clear in this case.
  12. showing the outline of a tank without directly aiming at it is forbidden by wargaming.
  13. having permanent visible outline without aiming at a tank would be borderline cheating, even if it is just for the auto aim.
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