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  1. hitpoints, alpha damage and penetration is so too so i don't understand that argument. from what i can tell kurzdor's goal here is to display some info's in an easy to reach window without having to guess or look for tooltips in battle. minimap circels indicate range only up to 445, having the exact value at hand is helpful for when, where and how you can atempt to spot something. if you remember, locatans original mod did this years ago (view range in meters next to the map) and i miss it ever since.
  2. if you get in the mood of coding again in the future: IngameGUITextTweaks: since i made the suggestion to add the "smart" mode some years (?) ago, i would like to ask if you could look into an option to display "known" playernames instead of tank names everywhere (minimap, OTM, playerspanel - asking from the perspective of Clanwars/strongholds, i would like to call players by name without changing my setting for OTM all the time). i could do that with xvm, yes, but that has the downside that it probably won't work in modes like Frontline or other special modes if they come up. Speaking of Frontline, having an option to only show player/platoon related messages only instead of the spam from all players/combat reserves in the (kill)log would be welcome, too, but since frontline isn't the main mode this is just an afterthought. Settings cloning: i use multiple accounts (free tanks from Recruitment and i have no friends ). i like to would clone all my settings from the main account and be able to apply them to any account i log in with. would also help if someone manages to delete preferences/reinstalls etc. there are some mods that do this from modpacks by overriding anyy client setting (i think), but i had no luck adapting those for my own purposes. if someone has any expertise here, let me know.
  3. vision range information on the vehicle stats mod? vision range(up to 445)/actual vision range in white, green if you have CVS. if possible, live update for Bino. in general, smaller font (doesn't need to be that big i think). use $UniversCondC if necessary.
  4. Thank you! Very good implementation of what i suggested. in general, yes. the filter should exclude tier 5 and lesser tanks.
  5. It would be nice if you could add 4 buttons here to apply a "set of filters" for the campaign missions (bloc, coalition, etc).
  6. i'm asking for a free fix in his spare time, is just fair i'm using my spare time to help him by giving feedback instead of demanding a finshed product. this one works 99%. not active in hangar, no double text. it will still keep the lock indefinetly in arcade if you zoom out while a tank is higlighted. if you press the hotkey or highlight another tank (sniper mode) lock is cleared and set to the new distance. i guess the function to clear the lock is bound to aiming mode, so if you are in arcade, nothing happens. i consider this as a minor bug, no need to go at it again. the main issue was crashing and the irratic locking behaviour, which is working now. thanks a lot ktulho edit: @ktulho missed this in my log (after loading the hangar) 2021-10-22 13:51:04.865: ERROR: [EXCEPTION] (D:\ModsWOT\BalCalcMod\mods\mod_BalCalcMod.py, 348): Traceback (most recent call last): File "D:\ModsWOT\BalCalcMod\mods\mod_BalCalcMod.py", line 341, in <module> NameError: name 'add_ControlMode_targetBlur' is not defined
  7. it's set. tested again with a clean client (mods removed, integrity check): autoBCtimeout does not work. python.log
  8. @ktulho autoBCtimeout does not work. Hotkey mode works. python.log some errors in the log, can't tell if it is related. i am not using crosshair mods.
  9. double text problem is fixed. sadly, other issues are not. i made a video, i think it is easier to show the issues. allt tested with timeout 5.0. https://1drv.ms/v/s!Ano4-Ii7GuQGg65-J-ETu_YeXKWqbA?e=5NkAL7 also, the mod still works in the hangar with auto timeout. when you use the hotkey while autolocking, you get two texts (not shown in video). edit: at this point i would like to suggest that it locks regardless of aimmode (but in a reliable way) since this seems to be the main problem here. the function to not lock automatically in arcade isn't really needed.
  10. thank you, ktulho! crashing is fixed and timeout only works in sniper. issues remaining: mod active in hangar if mod is active in hangar, lock is permanently in the next round and text gets displayed twice over each other in sniper mode. replay_last_battle.wotreplaypython - Kopie.log all tested with autoBCTimeout 5.0
  11. pressing the hotkey twice just locks the distance. the timeout locks on tanks automatically when you highlight them, and keeps that distance for X seconds defined in the config. well it should, but instead it goes to the desktop now.
  12. allow me to clarify: - setting autoBCTimeout 5.0 (or anything else) = crashes game when it resets (see end of replay). - autoBCTimeout does work in arcade mode, it should only work in sniper mode as per readme. - pressing F twice locks the distance, but resets if you swicth mode (arcade to sniper and vice versa). - sometime the mod doesn't correctly unload after the battle and is active in the hangar (observed with autoBCTimeout). it will focus a tank in the hangar and crash the game if it resets (going to missions, entering battle queue). i have no screenshot since it is hard to reproduce due to the crashes, so current status on this is "trust me". autoBCTimeout has worked fine in the past, at least without crashes (patch 1.12 [?] working in arcade and being active in hangar was present but not a big deal). now that autoBCTimeout is broken, this mod sadly became unusable. temp.wotreplay
  13. ignore that error. spot indicator runs fine. crash only occurs with balcalc, when it tries to remove the gui text.
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