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  1. you seem confused or still have translation enabled. i know exactly what he wants (a function of edgeDetect.pyc basically) and what the Ktulho's script does since i use that myself. but the game rules do not allow tank outlines for enemy tanks that you are not aiming at with your crosshair. the outline would be visible through walls and show the orientation of the tank. Ktulhos implementation via 3D model doesn't do this and he already said he wont make an outline because it's borderline cheating.
  2. i eaxctly know what you are asking for. "aiming" in this case means your mouse hovering the enmy tank. showing the outline on enemy tanks without mouse over isn't allowed. the rules are clear in this case.
  3. showing the outline of a tank without directly aiming at it is forbidden by wargaming.
  4. having permanent visible outline without aiming at a tank would be borderline cheating, even if it is just for the auto aim.
  5. c:wn8 works anywhere without values in colors.xc, the scale gets loaded externally. strange it doesn't work in this case.
  6. "efficiency error" with the config you linked. xvm.log python.log
  7. battle result window hung up today. it did load forever and could not be closed. only happend once, form a battle that was completed while i was in a different battle. xvm.log python.log
  8. Kaeptn

    Сборник py_macro

    ability to block the new promotional popups on the left side of the hangar UI would be nice.
  9. Kaeptn

    battleMessages средствами XVM.

    i support that. there should be a configurable time time delay to avoid spam
  10. Kaeptn

    Сборник py_macro

    guys, i'd like to request a small script to create a hangar widget that can list locked tanks (CW) in one place (vehicle and time). would be nice if anybody could do that.
  11. this mod: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/496784-0919-tidy-messenger/ can filter messages by message ID, language independet. maybe his approach is interesting in this case?
  12. @ktulho {{py: sight.visionRadiusTarget}} returns a value lower than the default value. targetReload = _gun.reloadTime * _miscAttrs.get('gunReloadTimeFactor', 1) / (1.0695 + crewLevelIncrease) targetVisionRadius = _turret.circularVisionRadius * _miscAttrs.get('circularVisionRadiusFactor', 1) / (1.0434 + crewLevelIncrease) should be targetReload = _gun.reloadTime * _miscAttrs.get('gunReloadTimeFactor', 1) / (1.0695 + crewLevelIncrease) targetVisionRadius = _turret.circularVisionRadius * _miscAttrs.get('circularVisionRadiusFactor', 1) * (1.0434 + crewLevelIncrease) i would also like to know why you only factor in a 4.3% increase?
  13. too bad. to much work? I did not want you to dig in to the battle results, only taking a snapshot of the values and calculating changes in them. edit: downvoting an explanation?
  14. @ktulho would it be possible to log the change in currencies (bonds, gold, credits, free xp) as a positive/nagative value per session/globally?
  15. Kaeptn

    Сборник py_macro

    works perfectly, thank you.