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  1. [0.9.20] info_panel_extended - Информационная панель текущей цели

    About ExtraAimInfo the mod still has the same bugs like in 9.19.*: 1. Mod doesn't work in trajectory view (aiming counter stops counting) 2. when counter reaches 0.0sec, it starts flickering 0.0, -0.0, 0.0, -0.0......
  2. [0.9.20] info_panel_extended - Информационная панель текущей цели

    Where to find updated ExtraAimInfo ?
  3. [0.9.20] info_panel_extended - Информационная панель текущей цели

    First I used my config, but next time I used config from your download and was the same.
  4. [0.9.20] info_panel_extended - Информационная панель текущей цели

    Not working for me 2017-09-03 11:49:22.610: ERROR: [EXCEPTION] (scripts/common/Event.py, 46): Traceback (most recent call last): File "scripts/common/Event.py", line 44, in __call__ File "mod_info_panel_extended", line 721, in targetFocus File "mod_info_panel_extended", line 592, in showInfoPanel File "mod_info_panel_extended", line 548, in macros File "mod_info_panel_extended", line 440, in name KeyError: 'maxTextTank'
  5. Missing letters in tank and player names

    That's the problem this is rare case, cannot reproduce, happens from time to time, but people still reporting this, and not only to me but also to other config authors.
  6. In game is crashing when clicking on preview a tank. Using XVM v6.8.1 for Not attaching any log because there is nothing interesting.
  7. What is the cause of having a missing letters in tank and player names? Example: "tankName": { "name": "Tank name", "enabled": true, "x": 0, "y": -39, "alpha": 100, "align": "center", "textFormat": { "font": "Calibri", "size": 15, "color": "{{c:vtype}}", "bold": true, "italic": false }, "shadow": { "enabled": true, "distance": 1, "angle": 45, "color": "0x000000", "alpha": 100, "blur": 4, "strength": 4 }, "format": "{{vehicle}}" }, So as you can see above it's Calibri font used there, when I change it to $FieldFont it start working fine, but I want Calibri. The font Calibri is fine and installed properly. This is random issue, cannot be reproduced all the times. markersAliveNormal.xc
  8. only calculate more recent W8

    I second that. Not sure if it's possible, but it would be nice to see something like that. More like last 1000-2000 battles, 10k is planety. This is not related to the OP suggestion.
  9. I'd like to change a position (and sometimes size, width and, hight too) on many elements like text fields or hp bar, in all markers*.xc files globaly. The change should be dependent on what is set in my custom file. In example when I select setup1 I will get everything positioned like I defined at setup1, and when I select setup2 it will display all elements like I selected in setup2. So basicaly I need to create some kind of easy way to switch that positions and sizes. Let's use this as example: "tankHp": { "name": "Tank HP", "enabled": true, "x": 0, "y": -16, "alpha": 100, "textFormat": { "font": "$FieldFont", "size": 11, "color": "0xFCFCFC", "align": "center", "bold": true, "italic": false }, "shadow": { "enabled": true, "distance": 0, "angle": 45, "color": "0x000000", "alpha": 100, "blur": 4, "strength": 2 }, "format": "{{hp}}" }, It has : "x": 0, "y": -16, let's call it setup1 Now I have this, it's for setup2 "x": 10, "y": -20, I need to make a switch for it somewhere in a file, preferably in custom file. I belive it should be changed to something like : "x": if setup2 then 10, else 0 "y": if setup2 then -20, else -16 Coud someone give me some hints on that? I would need to see some working examples for that.
  10. [deleted previous post] Ok, nevermind. I have created my own music wwise project from a scratch, and it works now :)
  11. Team HP is currently bugged on 9.18-NA

    The problem seem to be fixed.
  12. 7632 broken custom damage log

    I will try, thanks for hint.