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  1. Re-installed TIM, it fixed this, gremlins, sorry for taking your precious time.
  2. Built in works, but few custom ones I have arent. They worked fine in v60.
  3. Something is not right Thread: Main Exception: System.NullReferenceException Message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at TankIconMaker.Layers.TankImageLayer.Draw(Tank tank) in Layers\ImageLayer.cs:line 24 at TankIconMaker.RenderTask.RenderLayer(LayerBase layer) in MainWindow.xaml.cs:line 2567 at TankIconMaker.RenderTask.Render() in MainWindow.xaml.cs:line 2618
  4. The game is crashing when the battle begins while you have it minimalized. Method of reproduction: 1. Install AntonVK_1_HangarClock_1.9.0.0.wotmod, 2. Click on BATTLE button, 3. Minimalize the game, and go to desktop. 4. Crash will happen at the moment when battle begins. Игра рушится, когда начинается битва. Способ размножения: 1. Установите AntonVK_1_HangarClock_1.9.0.0.wotmod, 2. Нажмите на кнопку боя, 3. Минимизируйте игру и перейдите на рабочий стол. 4. игра вылетит в момент начала битвы.
  5. It seem that there are missing mastery badges on the tech-tree, even if enabled in the config ("masteryMarkInTechTree": true) Happens in both stable and latest nightly. Is that a known issue?
  6. Drowned tanks still lighting up on the map and minimap. xvm.log python.log
  7. total_hp.py from the latest nightly (8.5.2_7) is bugging allied team hp bar: @ @night_dragon_on
  8. Мод вылетает из игры, это происходит, когда вы переключаете танковую башню и играете в бой в том же танке. Извините за некромантию, но не могу найти другую тему для этого мода здесь на форумах.
  9. tooltipsCountItemsLimitExtend Обновлено [исправлено Rajcel] для 1.8.x.x spoter.mod_tooltipsCountItemsLimitExtend_1.03_fixed_by_Rajcel.wotmod
  10. Unfortunately, the option to move logs with the mouse is not ideal and likes to get stuck sometimes. To reset it, delete hitlog folder at this location:
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