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  1. updated Lesta version - compatibility with WoT
  2. Я бы хотел, но не знаю, как это сделать.
  3. updated WG version: - compatibility with WoT
  4. After changing: "hoverMarker": { "enabled": true, "x": 0, "y": -80, "alpha": 100 }, to "hoverMarker": { "enabled": true, "x": 0, "y": 80, "alpha": 100 }, Some shadow appears below: Similary when I change the y to -120, yet the -100 seem to be fine (default -80 is also ok) This bug persist since many previous versions of XVM and is also present in "the official". Here is example with y -150: python.log xvm.log
  5. updated Wargaming version - compatibility with WoT micropatch 09.03
  6. Try https://koreanrandom.com/forum/forum/75-тестирование-баг-репорты/ they seem to monitor new posts there more than anything else.
  7. Yes it's fixed, too bad nobody from xvm team posted here.
  8. Must be broken XVM OTM markers, and related to that issue too: https://koreanrandom.com/forum/topic/81262-xvm-dot-around-otm-placement-to-request-fire/ Still no word from xvm devs :/
  9. Yeah, the dot comes from vanilla WoT, and should be above targeted tanks, not below, and without shadow down below.
  10. I see you have mods installed. I'm reporting problem on WG server, not Lest btw. Problem is real, proof is screenshot, wish that XVM devs could respond here. You didn't target any tank in your screenshot, and problem is only when you target....
  11. Sorry but it's not truth. Look, I just downloaded latest xvm, no other mods or changes: python.log xvm.log @Mixaill
  12. Yeah, In WoT 1.20. Red/Green shadow + red/green dot below the OTM.
  13. Getting this spam from: rewindRepeat.py 2023-02-28 19:44:29.780: INFO: 2023-02-28 19:44:29: [ERROR] mods/xfw_libraries/xfw/events.pyc 2023-02-28 19:44:29.780: ERROR: Traceback (most recent call last): 2023-02-28 19:44:29.780: ERROR: File "./xfw/events.py", line 56, in __event_handler 2023-02-28 19:44:29.780: ERROR: File "scripts/client/game.py", line 491, in handleKeyEvent 2023-02-28 19:44:29.781: ERROR: File "./xfw/events.py", line 71, in <lambda> 2023-02-28 19:44:29.781: ERROR: File "res_mods/configs/xvm/py_macro\rewindRepeat.py", line 23, in BattleReplay_handleKeyEvent 2023-02-28 19:44:29.781: ERROR: if self.isBattleSimulation: 2023-02-28 19:44:29.781: ERROR: AttributeError: 'BattleReplay' object has no attribute 'isBattleSimulation'
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