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  1. Some user asked me to post this: 1. How to move vanilla logs more to the left? 2. How to hide vehicle markers without unchecking game option (as requested here):
  2. Requesting feature to add function to elements.xc, to hide vehicle markers on Battle Score Panel: Of course I can hide them by unchecking the "Show vehicle markers on Battle Score Panel" but if I do that, the team hp bars will move (down) to the center while I want to have them just like they are positioned when this option is checked. Thanks to that I can replace the vehicle markers with the modded ones, while preserving the space.
  3. Ok :) Was worried that the logging info won't be usefull.
  4. OS logging is broken for me, either when I watch replay or log in garage I see this: 2022-06-25 19:26:15: OS : Windows AMD64 2022-06-25 19:26:15: OS (Detailed) : Windows-10.0.22000 The problem is that I'm on Win 11 and Intel.
  5. Whatever happens a lot of users reporing this problem now, it was already before in but now it's like 10x more. Not my logs, but look how many errors: logs.zip
  6. updated. - compatibility with WoT micropatch 08.06.2022
  7. I report it here at the request of another player, it's not mine logs, I have no other logs, I cannot reproduce it either, but according to one modder this has to be fixed : World of Tanks\res_mods\mods\xfw_packages\xvm_battleresults\python__init__.py 22-06-02 15:01:53.479: ERROR: [EXCEPTION] (scripts/client/gui/shared/gui_items/processors/__init__.py, 139):Traceback (most recent call last): (...blabla...) 2022-06-02 15:01:53.479: ERROR: File "res_mods/mods/xfw_packages\xvm_battleresults\python\__init__.py", line 130, in setRecord 2022-06-02 15:01:53.479: ERROR: for typeCompDescr, vData in reusable.personal.getVehicleCDsIterator(result, reusable): 2022-06-02 15:01:53.479: ERROR: TypeError: getVehicleCDsIterator() takes exactly 2 arguments (3 given) 2022-06-02 15:01:53.483: ERROR: [EXCEPTION] (scripts/client/gui/battle_results/service.py, 342): python.log Please be informed that the user who sent me that logs had some issues earlier, with missing xvm dependency files, maybe he still had some issues like that, like no priviledges to files etc. that could cause this, in this case you can ignore this report and close it down, but it's always worth to check just in case.
  8. updated. - compatibility with WoT
  9. damageLog.xc is not movable with mouse anymore, of course it's enabled in the config: "moveInBattle": true, python.log xvm.log
  10. updated. - compatibility with WoT with today's micropatch
  11. updated. - compatibility with WoT
  12. - совместимость с WoT микропатч 17.02 - compatibility with WoT micropatch 17.02
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