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  1. Cut that bullshit, when a nightly is working fine there is no need to annoy the users with this warning message. I'm not the only person doing this, almost every modpack maker is doing the same. Besides my modpack is free, so I don't know what profits you talking about.
  2. @Kotyarko_O Существует, вероятно, проблема с этим аддоном в танке "AE Phase I". Этот танк использует специальный бесплатный большой ремонтный комплект.
  3. Colors: Red - very bad Orange - bad Yellow - normal Green - good Blue - very good Purple - unique
  4. @night_dragon_on Small request: to add a warning window or something like this when font is not found in system. In example I have a text layer: But when I don't have this font installed then TIM will display some default font instead. It's easy to miss when you run dozens of projects.
  5. Same to me, I will not include logs because it the same like for the OP.
  6. The Great Race Platoon doesn't work, cannot proceed and select vehicle as ready nor clicking on Battle button. Race tanks are greyed out too. The problem persist in either latest stable and latest nightly. python.log xvm.log
  7. {{battletype-key}} не работает должным образом (Последний xvm)
  8. @ktulho Thread: Main Exception: WotDataLib.WotDataException Message: Could not parse game data for country "ussr" ... at TankIconMaker.MainWindow.ReloadData(Boolean first) in MainWindow.xaml.cs:line 396 Exception: System.InvalidOperationException Message: Only bool values can be converted to bool. ...
  9. Game is crashing when loading Grand Battle replay. No xvm.log because it's not created in this replay. (Without XVM this replay is loading fine, with XVM game is crashing.) python.log 15607001981318_uk_GB48_FV215b_183_epic_random_valley.wotreplay
  10. Still errors, but different. python.log xvm.log
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