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  1. You're right it was crew return, didn't notice it's checked.
  2. Something is wrong with the crew incomplete info This is how it looks like for me Now I click on crusader and Crew incomplete has jumped to FV304: Now I click on FV207 and similar case but this time it's on the other tanks.
  3. The 8.7.8_8 has bugged selected slot on carousel, the border doesn't disappear when you click on another slot, so you are ending up with multiple borders on various tank slots.
  4. Contacts list broken is broken like that in Build 8.7.4_0033, no problems in Stable version. Sorry, no got no logs exept for this: 2021-02-02 11:59:36: [L:339] TypeError: Error #1034: Type Coercion failed: cannot convert ContactItemUI@8fab42e0 to com.xvm.lobby.ui.contacts::UI_ContactItem. at scaleform.clik.core::UIComponent/draw() at scaleform.clik.core::UIComponent/validateNow() at net.wg.gui.components.controls::ScrollingListEx/populateData() at net.wg.gui.components.controls::ScrollingListEx/populateData() at net.wg.data.daapi.base::DAAPIDataProvider/requestItemRange() at scaleform.clik.controls::CoreList/refreshData() at scaleform.clik.core::UIComponent/draw() at scaleform.clik.core::UIComponent/draw() at scaleform.clik.core::UIComponent/validateNow() at scaleform.clik.core::UIComponent/handleEnterFrameValidation() ...it was reported to me, and problem was sorted by returning to the stable xvm.
  5. Попробуйте мое исправление, пока ktulho не обновит его. myHP.py
  6. Hi Night Dragon On, I have a question regarding https://gitlab.com/xvm/xvm/-/commit/1cfd99228cc281338ea93c2eb42882d544b72a25 (sync decompiled swf's) How much critical update it is? I'm using previous XVM version from today, for micropatch, should I update to your sync or can wait with that? Regards, Aslain
  7. Doesn't work with WoT Thread: Main Exception: WotDataLib.WotDataException Message: Could not parse game data for country "ussr" ... at TankIconMaker.MainWindow.ReloadData(Boolean first) in MainWindow.xaml.cs:line 398 Exception: System.InvalidOperationException Message: String must represent an integer, but "54.06" has a fractional part. ...
  8. Alright. Why do you think I and the other person posting here found differences between latest updates in given files in EU client? Just curious.
  9. Ok if you say so. I always compare flash folder between updates, and this is what WinMerge is showing to me: Might be my mistake then but maybe double check it?
  10. Почему нет обновления последнего микропатча для XVM и антизеркала? Нет синхронизации SWF? Прошло уже 2 дня, а обновления все еще нет.
  11. Potential fix res_mods\mods\xfw_packages\xvm_battle\python\battle.py change: elif eventID == FEEDBACK_EVENT_ID.VEHICLE_IN_FOCUS: to elif eventID == FEEDBACK_EVENT_ID.ENTITY_IN_FOCUS:
  12. fix: change @overrideMethod(ConsumablesPanel, '_ConsumablesPanel__makeShellTooltip') def ConsumablesPanel__makeShellTooltip(base, self, descriptor, piercingPower, shotSpeed): to overrideMethod(ConsumablesPanel, '_makeShellTooltip') def ConsumablesPanel_makeShellTooltip(base, self, descriptor, piercingPower, shotSpeed):
  13. Yeah, but I wanted to make sure, some user reported me problems with that circles, so I was wondering if there is something I missed out.
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