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  1. You can use a third party online repo. For mysql updates for example. I have stopped working on it. Nobody have a succesful server running. And i have deleted my full Progress.
  2. @Plotnik5252rumaybe this is enough for me, maybe I shouldn't play the game offline. To combine offhangar and the possibility to browse all the maps from the hangar is even more than I have ever expected. And in the end it will be more like a mod. Not a stand-alone application. Sincerely freak
  3. Another question is why have IzeBerg stopped working on the observer respectively change the amount of function?
  4. The shown video is the great work of IzeBerg. Maybe he can make an assessment to this project.
  5. @Plotnik5252ru I try to make an emulator. But it is very difficult to solve details. I will respect dragon armor 's decision to don't share his very early build. My programming skills are very weak so I try to learn. Maybe I will need such a year or more. I think dragon armor' s work is going well so far. I have a question to, is a release of an emulator legal at all? Sincerely freak
  6. Hey, i want to wish you all a happy new year. This is maybe the year we can play a very special mod. Thanks for the hangar mod. IzeBerg did a great job, too. Sincerely freak
  7. Thanks for the fast answer. I know you have spent much more time on it and you have the skills to do it. Great job. Maybe there is a way to test your hard work someday. Sincerely freak I will hope the thread is now alive again. Because it is a very interesting topic. I think I will keep on trying it that way.
  8. The loginapp can be compiled without errors with the public available source code. But there is minimal a dbmgr needed. If not there is another error dB not ready. 🤔 I just searching a way to understand. This project is for educational purposes only.
  9. Interrupt (decryption error) Also you can see expected client protocol version.
  10. How to fix defs digest mismatch? That is the only problem at the moment. Sorry for don't speak Russian. I will work on it to.
  11. It is not the compiled version from the commercial source code that is already public. It is a edited loginapp from a indie version of the server and it does not reply in expected way so far?! The test with the compiled version throw out an encryption error it can't decode the attempt of the client. If i say i am working on it.
  12. It is running under CentOS 5.11 or so as described in the public available documents. But it is difficult to understand the way wargaming went with the Bigworld sources. And i am not sure if this helps for the progress, but you can maybe use it?
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