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  1. Sorry i do not want to be respectless. It's difficult to write here because i don't speak (write) russian. Have a nice day. Sincerly freak
  2. new sources appeared. Version 14.4.1. in the first test a server is running.
  3. https://github.com/v2v3v4/BigWorld-Engine-14.4.1 Good luck.
  4. Please explain me, how to create a development Environment! Thank you very much.
  5. Ah, one thing. I will conctrate my work on classic clients only. Start at 0.7 to 09.22
  6. Parallel i start to learn python. It is my first language. After litlle, little experiences in basic and delphi. Please teach me. Have a nice day.
  7. I want to start creating python mods with some gui elements. And i need very much help. Please help me. Sincerly freak527
  8. Is there still a way to get it? I will testing network issues. I am also interessted helping with the mod server emulator. Sincerly freak
  9. What is def digest. Can i fix it with res folder def files? Greets freak!
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