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  1. old gui and snow on a wot map. is there a partial pseudo compatibility bitween bwclient 2.0 and wot 0.7? is it maybe useful?
  2. Searching for mod_observer from izeberg, too!
  3. I can't use wot client files, because the missing base and cell scripts, the server would not start correctly. Sincerly freak
  4. Do you are closer to your goals now. I stuck somewhere in development. Maybe i will pause a little bit. Sincerly freak When somebody want to join, you can ask me here or send me a personal message!
  5. DONE! But only with xml database, yet. working on mysql support. Sincerly freak
  6. Hello dear gfj331skjjd, may i ask what provider you choose for vagrant? And where you put the files bigworld.key and loginapp.privkey in? Sincerly freak web_console would not start correctly.
  7. Yes it's running with the fantasydemo.
  8. one step beyond. i still have errors. what a pity.
  9. You are welcome. Nice Job. Congrats. Sincerly freak527
  10. What is with the windows tools have you give it a try?
  11. Great job! What want you to do with your progress, any plans so far? Awesome. I´m envious. Haven´t come so far, yet!
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