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  1. I made huge progress in the understanding of the different applications and communication between base/cell and client app. I'm now refactoring the net module to avoid much boilerplate when I'll be implementing all elements of the client app. Once this is done, I'll be able to implement the different types of entities (scripts/entities.xml) and their properties/methods.
  2. This week I worked on a DLL injection to dump all possible client interface elements with their name, IDs, length kind and handler pointer, I'll post my findings later, maybe this weekend. For the DEV realm, I don't remember trying this, but I don't really know how I can choose this...
  3. Overview of the advancement: As you can see, there's issue with blowfish encryption because the client repeatedly retry authentication (which isn't encrypted) because it didn't understand my answer with the key 1. Just a mater of hours until it's fixed, I hope...
  4. I've made a lot of progress on network protocol, I can achieve a full login process and redirect the client to the base app server. I'm now working on authentication to the base app server, and only then it will be possible to work on garage synchronization. Also made a bit of reverse engineering and DLL injection to easily dump unencrypted packet, also thanks to a recent GitHub repository of a 2014 version of Open Source BigWorld (https://github.com/v2v3v4/BigWorld-Engine-14.4.1).
  5. Hi! I've been working for a while now on a Rust (lang) crate that provides many codecs for WG's resources. The project is split in two projects, the library and the CLI (which is new and currently not complete at all). The library contains a "net" (network) module (feature-gated) which partially implement the backbone of the network protocol, which I have partially reverse engineered as of this writing. The module currently fully support the login app and is planned to support client/base/cell apps in the future. In order to support client/base/cell apps, all entities will be defined and imported from entities.xml and their configuration. Repo: https://github.com/mindstorm38/wg-toolkit-rs Branch for network development: https://github.com/mindstorm38/wg-toolkit-rs/tree/improve-network This project was inspired in the first place by SkepticalFox's work on compiled spaces. Thanks for reading!
  6. Thank you @yepev for the link. I also found https://github.com/v2v3v4/BigWorld-Engine-2.0.1, which is really old (2012, when WG acquired the engine) and likely not the same at all today. But the protocol core principle could be the same today (edit: fully obsolete). I will try to play with the login process later to guess how much the protocol have changed, I'll also compare it with the disassembled '.exe'. EDIT1: I first thought these sources were obsolete, but I can actually find some structure looking like "LogOnParams" or "ServerConnection" (src/lib/connection) from my disassembly of WoT 1.14.
  7. @SkepticalFox I would like to make a backend crate in Rust, the goal is not to make a server (with all the complicated things like physics), but rather to define packet structures and provides a packet codec. It has no use case for now, but who knows in the future?
  8. Hello, I'm wondering if there was any attempt to document the network protocol used by WoT? I know that there is a WIP mod being developed to make a fake server, but I can't find any "centralized" or community effort to revert the protocol.
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