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  1. I will continue in my topic: https://koreanrandom.com/forum/topic/70840-
  2. Это продолжение мода от night_dragon_on, версии, которая также удаляет номер уровня в ангаре в окне тренировочного боя. Журнал изменений: - совместимость с WoT AntiMirror_garage.wotmod AntiMirror_battle.wotmod
  3. Talking from my perspective, on my support forum, I had barely any report about missing fonts prior to 1.15.0, previously before the 1.15 the missing fonts was always caused by the other xvm fonts being installed manually or from the 3rd party modpacks. Now, such people have no xvm fonts installed but still have missing fonts in the game with xvm. I have a big topic and many users trying to figure out what is going on, and this is unusuall situation. You want logs and stuff, ask those people, not me :)
  4. I'm just curious why so many people in 1.15.0 are affected by this issue, there was almost no problems like that before, did something changed in xvm or windows?
  5. Updated for micropatch 15.12 (next time will make own topic, the OP is probably not happy that I post here). AntiMirror_battle.wotmod AntiMirror_garage.wotmod
  6. is messenger.py bugged? there is big spam in python.log, the spam is gone when I remove messanger.py. python.log I also tried with XVM only (without 3rd party mods) + messanger.py mod, the same effect, same errors. python_XVM_only.log
  7. Updated for AntiMirror_battle.wotmod AntiMirror_garage.wotmod
  8. Updated for AntiMirror_battle.wotmod AntiMirror_garage.wotmod
  9. Updated for micropatch 11.11.2021 AntiMirror_battle.wotmod AntiMirror_garage.wotmod
  10. Updated for AntiMirror_garage.wotmod AntiMirror_battle.wotmod
  11. Related topics https://koreanrandom.com/forum/topic/38827-1018307-fixed-clock-in-hangar-error-with-japanese-windows https://koreanrandom.com/forum/topic/27228-unknown-encoding-cp950/ https://koreanrandom.com/forum/topic/21577-unknown-encoding-cp950/
  12. Request, please add style name in error window, because with 50 styles it's hard to find which style this error is about.
  13. Not working with Thread: Main Exception: WotDataLib.WotDataException Message: Could not parse game data for country "ussr" ... w TankIconMaker.MainWindow.ReloadData(Boolean first) w MainWindow.xaml.cs:wiersz 399 Exception: WotDataLib.WotDataException Message: Could not parse game data for country "R40_T-54_Halloween_event" ... Exception: System.InvalidOperationException Message: String must represent an integer, but "54.06" has a fractional part. ... @ktulho
  14. Updated for (also works with AntiMirror_battle.wotmod AntiMirror_garage.wotmod
  15. Updated for micropatch from 21.10.2021 AntiMirror_garage.wotmod AntiMirror_battle.wotmod
  16. Why I got this? 2021-10-14 15:17:46: [ERROR] Traceback (most recent call last): File "res_mods/mods/xfw_packages\xvm_pymacro\python\__init__.py", line 101, in __load_lib __execute(code, file_name, {'xvm': XvmNamespace}) File "res_mods/mods/xfw_packages\xvm_pymacro\python\__init__.py", line 93, in __execute raise ExecutionException("{} at file '{}' line {}: {}".format(error_name, file_name, line_number, message)) ExecutionException: ImportError at file 'res_mods/configs/xvm/py_macro\damage_indicator.py' line 6: cannot import name DamageIndicator Old script works fine:damage_indicator.py
  17. If someone interested here is full version, without missing files like in the OP, it's my clear all version for WoT AntiMirror_garage.wotmod AntiMirror_battle.wotmod
  18. Ok thanks for your assistance, maybe this info should be added to minimapCircles.xc, that distance "standing" circle is only with binoculars mounted only.
  19. Oh, that exlains it then. So what type of view range we see in vanilla minimap? It can be displayed without XVM when enable in game options, is it motion?
  20. Yes, I can see red circle now. Why is that, is it not working with all tanks or I don't understand something?
  21. Replay was recorded with xvm, it's also not working in real battle, not just in replay btw. 20211010_1500_usa-A115_Chrysler_K_GF_45_north_america.wotreplay
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