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  1. Well that is not very good news. I wonder why they don't share it.
  2. When will WN8 include spotting damage, and (assuming it doesn't already) other forms of assistance damage done after tracking, stuns etc.?
  3. Hi, I don't know if this is a known issues, but I don't see anyone else mention it in the forums, but I updated to v6.1.3.1 last night and ever since then, sometimes when I select a tank in the my garage, it will display the default information on the right side of the garage below the clock. Clicking on another tank and it will show the additional XVM information added to the details and clicking back to the first tank again will then show the extended details for that tank as well. Similarly, if I am viewing a tank and it only shows the default details, and I then click on one of the top tabs (eg. Service Record) and then go back to garage, it will then be displaying all the additional information XVM adds. I've not been able to narrow this down to any specific thing or action, so far. It seems to be completely random. Anyone else seen this?
  4. Wow, thanks for the quick feedback... you guys are epic
  5. It looks like WG restored this with today's micro patch, but the details is not being filled in. Is this because XVM removed the functionality? If so when will you release an update to fix this?
  6. Hi, Odd thing has just started happening. I have tank carousel set up to show tank win rate and mastery badges. This has been working fine, but about an hour or so ago I started to notice that one or both of these would disappear for no reason and that one or both would reappear. It does not seem to be related to opening certain windows or going in/out of battle and other stats in XVM seem to be working fine, so I don't know if this could be related to any XVM network issues. Has any one else seen this or know why it might be happening? As I said, it has never happened before, so it may just stop a sudden;y as it started, but I thought I would ask in case it is a bug.
  7. I can see xTE in the statistics section of "Service Record > Vehicles", but mine is greyed out and has no rating displayed next to it. How or Where do I activate this?
  8. Hi, On my loading and statisticsForm screens, I use {{t-rating}}, but since the update I'm getting the tank win rate percentage up to about 15 decimal places. Anyone have any idea why or what I should look for. It was working fine until 9.6. I tried {{t-rating:3}} to see if I could at least shorten it, but that seemed to have no effect. All I want is the two digit rounded off percentage. Thanks
  9. ha ha, so they are... never noticed that before.... I guess because I always just clicked on them without thinking to try and scroll them :)
  10. Sorry, on re-reading the first post, I realise I didn't make myself clear. I wasn't referring specifically to a function to scroll the mouse through the tiers, in fact I don't recall being able to do this in the past, but I would like the see an option where the selection box can be changed to work like the tank type, where you select a specific tier which is then displayed, rather than open the list and turn tiers on/off.
  11. I would like to see the same thing, where the tier level selection can be changed to work like the tank type selection.
  12. I'm also looking for a solution for this, if there is one. I would prefer the tier selection to work like the vehicle type selection, where only one tier can be selected at a time, and that tier is displayed in the drop down.
  13. I'm also having the same issue. It was fine this afternoon, but the last couple of hours I've been getting the network error. I have tried logging out and back in to XVM, extending the time and deactivate/reactivate, but nothing seems to work.
  14. Hi, I'm curios to know why it will not be possible? I for one would like to see something like this implemented as I think a measurment from the last 1000 or 2000 battles provides a more accurate/realistic measure of the players current performance and helps to negate the big numbers problem.
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