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  1. @Golfer I found Texts.xc and edited out said icons. Thanks for help.
  2. For me it looks like https://imgur.com/a/GsBU6qA probably because of OldSkool mod pack that I am using. @konrad509 , is it possible to tell me witch XVM files should I swap to get the standard version?
  3. Hello guys, Currently XVM provides informations about who was spotted, who is currently spotted etc. but default settings are kinda hard to distinguish for a color blind person. How can I customize XVM to look like this: https://imgur.com/a/yyTbBM2 I guess other color blind people have the same issue, it could be a good feature to have when 'color blind' mode is checked. Thanks in advance for helping a color blind person :)
  4. Great update guys! I`m happy you made this script. I have one question: If someone meets the expected values what WN8 will he have? I mean a player with average stats will have the average 1200WN8 for example?
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