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  1. Exactly what part of that screenshot are you referring to?
  2. The relevant macro is {{flag}} and there are flag icons in \res_mods\mods\shared_resources\xvm\res\icons\flags Example definition you can create in playersPanel.xc: "flagIcon": { "enabled": true, "bindToIcon": true, "x": 140, "y": 4, "align": "center", "format": "<img src='xvm://res/icons/flags/{{flag}}.png'>", "alpha": 90 }, If you want to use it to only highlight other players from your country, you can change "alpha" to: "alpha": "{{flag=SG?{{player?0|90}}|0}}" (SG = Singapore, where I'm from, and note that it must be capitalized)
  3. Another way to remove badges is to remove the reference to that in playersPanel > large > standardFields, and in playersPanel > medium > standardFields
  4. Alternatively, carouselNormal.xc > normal > fields > stats > enabled = false
  5. The macro is specifically meant for the carousel. See \res_mods\mods\shared_resources\xvm\doc\macros-hangar.txt
  6. Recently discussed here: https://koreanrandom.com/forum/topic/40730-show-gunmark-gunmark-percentage-in-carousel/ This is mine: carouselNormal.xc (screenshot)
  7. minimapLabelsData.xc > colors > lostDot -- select relevant category to edit minimapLabelsData.xc > colors > lostTxt -- select relevant category to edit Edit: - I forgot to explain that "lostTxt" was a section that I created myself, since the stock config only has a "txt" section (i.e. spotted and unspotted vehicle text use the same colour). - If you also create a "lostTxt" section, then in minimapLabelsTemplates.xc > vehicleLost > format and minimapLabelsTemplates.xc > nickLost > format, the reference to minimap.labelsData.colors.txt should be changed to minimap.labelsData.colors.lostTxt For reference, I have attached my minimapLabelsData.xc and minimapLabelsTemplates.xc minimapLabelsData.xc minimapLabelsTemplates.xc
  8. Yup I understand perfectly. I just wanted to highlight this because I don't test the nightly builds for the Common Test; I mainly wanted others to look out for the same bug on the CT XVM builds.
  9. So it turns out I was wrong about the enemy capture bar being in the right position. Both are in fact in the wrong position. Replay attached for testing. 20170819_1959_france-F11_Renault_G1R_83_kharkiv - Copy.wotreplay
  10. You have outdated .mo files in your mod pack. Copy sweden_tankmen.mo and sweden_vehicles.mo from World of Tanks\res\text\lc_messages to World of Tanks\res_mods\\text\lc_messages
  11. The ally capture bar always overlaps with totalHP, with default Y=65. The enemy capture bar is in the correct position however, with default Y=65. Changing the Y value in captureBar.xc doesn't move either bar. Uploaded 2 replays for easy testing: - ELC game for ally capture bar - Type 64 game for enemy capture bar 20170816_2343_china-Ch24_Type64_18_cliff.wotreplay 20170816_2230_france-F62_ELC_AMX_45_north_america.wotreplay
  12. OK I'm not really sure if you understood me correctly. The issue doesn't concern the Panther II. The problem is that the hitlog showed that I killed the IS6: When it was in fact someone else that killed him: And if you upload the replay to wotreplays.com, it will also show that it was the IS3 that killed the IS6. See here.
  13. Hmm what should I be looking for in your screenshots? 1263 (before shot) + 236 (HP on enemy) = 1499 (after shot) The math there is correct. In my screenshot, the hitlog shows the same total damage done as totalEfficiency. The only issue is that the hitlog says I killed the IS6, which I didn't. And that's (in my view) an XVM issue since nowhere else in the vanilla client does it say that I killed the IS6.
  14. I had a game where the hitlog showed that a certain enemy was killed by me, when he in fact was not. See screenshot here, where at around 11:27 I fired the 2nd last shot into the enemy IS-6. The hitlog at the top shows (with the red X) that I killed him, but it was our IS-3 that fired the last shot into him (see game notification above minimap on the right side). Replay attached. I was using build 7788. 20170727_1045_china-Ch03_WZ-111_114_czech.wotreplay
  15. If you don't see the value of XVM beyond displaying the WN8 version that you want, then please stop using it and go to some other forums. Your type of behaviour might be common in the main WOT forums, but it is certainly not welcome here.
  16. Next question: It's about {{reloadGun}} in damageLog.xc As far as I can tell, it shows the base reload. But you can apply py:math macros to it to factor in 100% crew, rammer, etc. However, this basic math wouldn't make sense for autoloaders. Can we have a macro for autoloading guns?
  17. The latest build number is 7722, where previously it was 7778+. Is this intended?
  18. I'm in battle with 7747 right now. Will try with 7748 too. Update: Yup fixed in 7748.
  19. With 7743, the 7 steps are exactly the same. Logs attached. python.log xvm.log
  20. 7741 works fine during a battle on that account now (although I've since enabled statistics but I assume that it's not relevant to the issue). However, when I finished the battle and went back to garage, the garage that I saw was vanilla garage (XVM garage didn't load). Then, when I used the menu to exit client, the .exe didn't terminate properly. This issue also existed in 7738 when I used Alt-F4 because battleLoading froze. There is no such issue in 7730. After restarting the client, the XVM garage loads properly. Without playing a game, I used the menu to exit client and the .exe terminated properly. I forgot to save the xvm.log after exiting the client the first time; the log now only contains details for the 2nd login. I'll play another game, and update this post. ----- ----- ----- ----- This is what happened next: - Started the client, and played a game. - After finishing the game, XVM garage didn't load. I also noticed that the battle results display was bugged. [screenshot] - Immediately played another game, and battleLoading froze on the screen again (but unlike 7738 this wasn't completely blank). [screenshot] - After the countdown finished, I could move the tank. [screenshot] - Pressing 'Tab' shows statisticForm but doesn't solve the problem (goes back to the frozen battleLoading upon release). [screenshot] - Pressed Alt-F4 to close client, but still had to terminate .exe from Task Manager separately. - Removed XVM's .wotmod, and restarted client to finish the game. Logs attached. xvm.log stopped updating after the first battle, so it might not be useful. python.log xvm.log
  21. I cannot get into battle with build 7738 (on an account that did not have statistics enabled). - battleLoading shows nothing, and is frozen there while I can hear the countdown timer (and then the game) starting [screenshot] - Even if I restart the game, battleLoading is still displayed, I can see and move my tank, but I cannot see the usual battle UI (no PP, map, markers, etc) Logs attached. Reverting to 7730 for now. python.log xvm.log
  22. It isn't displaying properly for me: The "restart into safe mode" function does work though.
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