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  1. What has happend today? Wn8 suddenly rised , is there changes in expected values or what?
  2. // Minimap HP circles for visible tanks "hpSpotted": { "$ref": { "path":"def.defaultItem" }, "flags": [ "ally", "squadman", "enemy", "teamKiller", "spotted", "alive" ], "textFormat": { "font": "dynamic", "size": 18 }, "format": "<font color='{{.minimap.labelsData.colors.dot.{{sys-color-key}}}}'>{{hp-ratio%.335a|&#x1B3;}}</font>", "x": -8.4, "y": -10.5 }, // Minimap HP circles for no longer visible tanks "hpLost": { "$ref": { "path":"def.hpSpotted" }, "flags": [ "ally", "squadman", "enemy", "teamKiller", "lost", "alive" ], "format": "<font color='{{.minimap.labelsData.colors.lostDot.{{sys-color-key}}}}'>{{hp-ratio%.335a|&#x1B3;}}</font>", "layer": "bottom", "alpha": 75 } } }
  3. Did you ever solve this? I had similar problems, but very randomly, didint do anything to it.
  4. C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\configs\xvm\default or what ever you use and file camera.xc Im not sure if its working yet, there has been problems with zoom function in nighly build version (not stable version)
  5. its bug in xvm nighly build, there is not yet stable version. We have to just wait updates.
  6. workaround to XVM zoom: to get zoom work somehow better, put check mark on zoom levels on in game settings.-
  7. it has, but its broken in this build
  8. yes also that battle loading screen is missing
  9. its working, but zoom function has some problems... it goes off from sniper mode and behaves weirdly.
  10. oh, okay, thanks my bad, I have always clicked that activate again earlier..
  11. can you say why i cant activate xvm again? shows left: 0d.13h.54m and cant update
  12. how its fixed? server side? or is there new version of client ( i use nighly 8.3.2_1) ? just played one random and stats disabled, or should we wait until they come back? I tried to update and activate ( left: 0d.14h.02m ) xvm via xmv site and it doesnt do those. stats seems to work now (server problem?) , but still cant activate it again to make activation longer,
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