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  1. Stats fetching delay?

    sech, there was error because I tested it without color and forgot it.. I noticed . thanks, okay it works ok with only xvm, so its some other mod interferecing this, maybe battle observer? ok it was BO, i wasnt edited it configs manually, only via game menu and I tought it was enough to set settings in via game menu, my fault. thanks for your help guys, took some time but ktulho opened my eyes, thank you
  2. Stats fetching delay?

    okay i replaced those, but I mean tank name (vehicle) colors. Im really confused now with this config "vehicleFormatLeft": "<font color='{{c:xr}}' alpha='{{alive?#FF|#80}}'>{{vehicle}}</font>", "vehicleFormatRight": "<font color='{{c:xr}}' alpha='{{alive?#FF|#80}}'>{{vehicle}}</font>", 1st if I play replay tank names have some colors, if I roll all short, medium,medium2 , large panels etc all colors gone. And 1 mode shows tank vehicle name colors ok (picture 3). And I want those colors to that style in picture 4, See pics. Something must be wrong in my config? but what? playersPanel.xc
  3. Stats fetching delay?

    Here is short video of whats happening . my xvm config, xvm and python logs. I really dont understand whats going on with those vehicle names colors, I have used this same config ages and after 1.0 version they seem to be very weird, they are wrong or it takes very long time to update and some colors changes after game goes on. If player is dead colors seems to be right? Usually most of or team should be green colors and some blue one. Not orange, statistics panel seems to be right anyway (tab press) short video of it Ma7rix.zip python.log xvm.log
  4. Stats fetching delay?

    tried different macro {{c:xwtr}}) and same happens, its slow this is weird problem. seems that color is okay when player is dead...
  5. Battle results window bug

    there is some sort of problem in Yasenkrasen stat which is affecting this, so its not xmv problem afterall http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/583433-100-yasenkrasen-colored-messages-session-statistics-eng-21032018/page__st__780
  6. Was there problem with stats battle window after advance/skirmish before nighly 8251? because I tought it was fixed but the latest nighly build battle results not seen after skirmish/advance again.
  7. Stats fetching delay?

    anyone has same problem? it takes very long time until all data is fetched, last cw game all colors (stats) fetched just 3 mininutes before game was end and Im not sure if all still right values.
  8. Is there some problem with stats fetching , because it takes longer to get data than usually (before version 1.0) , I have vehicle name like this in playerspanel. so those colors are usually wrong and it takes some time until they get updated to right colors. "vehicleFormatLeft": "<font color='{{c:xr}}' alpha='{{alive?#FF|#80}}'>{{vehicle}}</font>", "vehicleFormatRight": "<font color='{{c:xr}}' alpha='{{alive?#FF|#80}}'>{{vehicle}}</font>",
  9. markers.

    Checked my replay, error cant be reproduced in replay.- Attached my python and xvm logs, I know there might be integer error, but that cant be the reason? F.zip
  10. markers.

    Something is wrong with markers, some games (not all) are missing some letters from player names, see pic (im using built 8171) "format": "{{turret}}{{vehicle}}/<b>{{nick}}</b>/<font color='{{c:xwn8}}'>{{xwn8%2s|--}}</font>"
  11. how do you get frag count to work ? "showAliveCount":true, is it this? seems not to work in cw, but works in random also total damage, received, spotted missing in cw
  12. [9.21/7.3.0-????] "crewMaxPerksCount": 8 does not work

    okay seems its work,
  13. // Number of perks to show without grouping // Количество перков, которые отображаются без группировки "crewMaxPerksCount": 8, seems this isnt working anymore, anyone else have similar observation? noticed this when I was wondering where is my 183 crew.
  14. WZ 111 5A

    there must be something wrong with that calculator, just played Chinese TD10 , calculator show over 10 000 wn8, and yasen crasen with new xwm values WN8: 3 314 (97). made around 3500 dmg and some spotting. Sometimes it shows around same value.
  15. Value xwn8 not working anymore?

    use that generic so you can choose from xvm setting what value you want to use, not sure about 2 digit but otherwise its good "nickFormatLeft": "<font face='mono' size='{{xvm-stat?13|0}}' color='{{c:r}}' alpha='{{alive?#FF|#80}}'>{{r}}</font> {{name%.15s~..}}<font alpha='#A0'>{{clan}}</font>", "nickFormatRight": "<font alpha='#A0'>{{clan}}</font>{{name%.15s~..}} <font face='mono' size='{{xvm-stat?13|0}}' color='{{c:r}}' alpha='{{alive?#FF|#80}}'>{{r}}</font>", {{r}} │ X │ X │ X │ X │ X │ X │ player's rating (type of rating can be selected in the personal cabinet: https://modxvm.com/)