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  1. xvm zoom was good I have used like this: "zooms": [2, 4, 10, 20, 22, 24], "startZoom": 24, but now start zoom is removed from xvm, I dont know why? the game has limited setting for that (max only 8) . Now I need to learn to use start level 4 or 8, its hard when I have played like those settings many years.
  2. thanks, works ok, is it possible to add that default start sniper zoom level back? or is it too much work? causes some problems when Im used to play many years with same camera settings. Game own setting is limited to only 8
  3. is it possbile to make it was it was earlier? or why the option was removed? This causes some problems, when need to learn new play style.
  4. so max is now what is game? why is that? is it impossbile to fix? or why was it removed?
  5. Now when new setting default value for zoom (preferred sniper mode zoom level) is introduced in game, xmv setting start zoom level seems not to work. I have set it to 24 but it doesnt work and game has max 8 level, if I set max 8 level in game settings it seems to default level 4? This is making my gaming very hard when its not working like it worked earlier. "sniper": { // List of multiplicities for the sniper mode // Default: [ 2, 4, 8 ]. It's possible to use a greater number of values. "zooms": [1, 2, 4, 10, 20, 22, 24], // Start zoom value (null for default behavior - last used state) "startZoom": 24, // Zoom Indicator (see extra-field.txt for parameters description) // Global macros allowed in all fields
  6. another question about spotted marker, seems I cant enable games own spotted marker, even Ill change all instances to false in playerspanel.xc , it doesnt work, only xvm marker works. Ill attach my configs here. I would like to use games own markers. Ma7rix.zip
  7. really? it has worked so far, but now I checked this and it works ok. So something is changed Display server selection upon game launch".
  8. thanks., ok they had changed game settings, my bad.
  9. is there changes in game login? I cant choose anymore server , game autogins even its disabled in login.cx, using latest nighly build 8.7.2_0029
  10. Anyone else has problems with players panel with Build 8.6.4_0008 for WoT, also when aiming enemy tank, outlines of tanks dont show as red.
  11. What has happend today? Wn8 suddenly rised , is there changes in expected values or what?
  12. // Minimap HP circles for visible tanks "hpSpotted": { "$ref": { "path":"def.defaultItem" }, "flags": [ "ally", "squadman", "enemy", "teamKiller", "spotted", "alive" ], "textFormat": { "font": "dynamic", "size": 18 }, "format": "<font color='{{.minimap.labelsData.colors.dot.{{sys-color-key}}}}'>{{hp-ratio%.335a|&#x1B3;}}</font>", "x": -8.4, "y": -10.5 }, // Minimap HP circles for no longer visible tanks "hpLost": { "$ref": { "path":"def.hpSpotted" }, "flags": [ "ally", "squadman", "enemy", "teamKiller", "lost", "alive" ], "format": "<font color='{{.minimap.labelsData.colors.lostDot.{{sys-color-key}}}}'>{{hp-ratio%.335a|&#x1B3;}}</font>", "layer": "bottom", "alpha": 75 } } }
  13. Did you ever solve this? I had similar problems, but very randomly, didint do anything to it.
  14. C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\configs\xvm\default or what ever you use and file camera.xc Im not sure if its working yet, there has been problems with zoom function in nighly build version (not stable version)
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