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  1. I dont know if it happens without other mods, this happens so rarely I dont wanna take away other mods and test, maybe some other has this same problem? this problem has been very long time now. BUt if anyone else is not reporting it , its maybe due to some other mods? I use colored coordinates in minimap (I make my own battleatlases), , maybe this has something to do it? for what this fix was ? Ktulho authored Jan 27, 2022 xpm/battle, xvm/BattleGlobalData: fix minimap in epic battle
  2. is this xvm bug or WGs bug, that minimap starts sometimes in very small in grand battles?
  3. not working...do I need to change something else than this ? //цвет шанса на пробитие ({{py:sight.c_piercingChance}}) "c:piercingChance": { "not_pierced": "#E82929", "little_pierced": "#E1C300", "great_pierced": "#2ED12F", "not_target": "" },
  4. Is there some setting for what size minimap starts in grand battle? When ever I go grand battle my minimap starts very small size and have to adjust it bigger.
  5. Hello , I tested with default config minimap.xc as "healthPointsEnabled": false, and enabled then from game "always", but they dont show.
  6. Hello, even I disabled/removed hp circles from my configs, seems the game own hp circles dont work? removed them from minimapLabelsTemplates.xc and minimapLabels.xc. Is there some other place which affects this? Im using nighly build 8.8.0_0019
  7. xvm zoom was good I have used like this: "zooms": [2, 4, 10, 20, 22, 24], "startZoom": 24, but now start zoom is removed from xvm, I dont know why? the game has limited setting for that (max only 8) . Now I need to learn to use start level 4 or 8, its hard when I have played like those settings many years.
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