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  1. okay I restored my old python log from trash bin here it is. 27.12 is some platoon games with anonymized players in log. python.log and here is python log with one random game (no platoon) just played. python.log
  2. It looks like this, after that tested again with default config and the box is there, like in my own config. Tested also with all other mods removed. And box stays there.-
  3. If I double click the xvmsymbol.ttf in the mods/temp it says same version fonts_list.txt
  4. Here is font list and pic from task manager, mpssvc is running fonts_list.txt
  5. Checked that I dont have that font in windows 10. Firewall should be open for all WOT instances (tested also without firewall) . Tested also with default config. Still that box. These tests are made with replay. Next time Ill play online platoon Ill attach full xvm.log.. Not so big problem anyway. 20191229_2033_germany-G65_JagdTiger_SdKfz_185_11_murovanka.wotreplay xvm.log
  6. didnt help in replay, have to test with real game
  7. How to fix this extra marking (box before clan name) when platooning with anonymized player? maybe easy fix? "nickFormatLeft": "<font color='{{c:winrate}}' alpha='{{alive?#FF|#80}}'>{{winrate%2d~%|--%}}</font> {{name%.{{my-anonym?10|12}}s~..}}</font>{{my-anonym? <font face='xvm' size='19'>&#x11E;</font>}} <font alpha='#A0'>{{clan}}</font>",
  8. seems there is now updated py file in that thread posted above
  9. or https://nightly.modxvm.com/ and you can check in changelog what have been changed,
  10. yes, I have asked if they update it , but not sure if somebody is going to update it, this would be handy still in team games (advance, stronghold games) , in randoms not so much because anonymizer
  11. for example advance or stronghold game modes you could easily compare teams
  12. I didnt quite understand all messages translated via google, but is there coming update? , btw who is the author of this py? This would still be handy in those team modes where you can see enemy stats.
  13. this would still be good in clan wars and advance matches, anonymizer works only in random matches
  14. sorry english, this seems not to work anymore shows team wn8 0-0 winchance 0, is there update for py?
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