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  1. Is there fix for this (configs?) or is this be coming to be fixed in future xvm releases?
  2. I have same crash in grand battles, updated now to newest nighly build, have to follow if it continues.
  3. Would it to be possbile to make addon to xvm (py) to add counter of people to clan chat window, like used to be in versus mod, this would be very handy if you are playing clan wars, you can see straight away how many clan members are online, without countig them from name list? if there is someone who is pro coder this would be maybe easy one to do? could use that old versus mod as base maybe? or maybe there is some mod already which does this? here screenshot what i mean http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/477155-versus-mod-clan-information-and-statistics-closedunsupported/page__st__260
  4. I think y0ou need send xvm log and python log aswell
  5. thanks good idea to use direct link to english version
  6. if I choose english the stat page is english except that moe. In forum settings you can change texts to english but of course only english section is filled with english messages..
  7. seems the xvm main webpage is updated and still its defaults to Russian, cant be so hard to fix it? or is there some reason to not fix it? very annoying that one has to change the language every time when come to this page,.
  8. isnt this game settings not xvm? Extended minimap features"
  9. I have like this, activated with alt and its working // Remaining HP. "hp": { "hotKeyCode": 56, "onHold": "true", "visibleOnHotKey": true, "bindToIcon": true, "alpha": "{{alive?100|0}}", "x": 96, "width": 72, "y": 4, "textFormat": { "font": "$FieldFont", "size": 11, "color": "0xD9D9D9", "bold": "true", "align": "center" }, "format": "<font alpha='{{alive?{{ready?#FF|#80}}|#80}}'>{{alive?{{hp|{{l10n:No data}}}}|{{l10n:Destroyed}}}}</font>", "shadow": { "enabled": true, "color": "0x000000", "alpha": 100, "blur": 4, "strength": 1, "distance": 0, "angle": 0 } } },
  10. yep and some fields are messed
  11. probably not ready because update came to NA server before RU? has it come to RU server yet?
  12. thanks I fixed my config errors and missing damageindicator.py file , have to see if that help my crashing,
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