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  1. In the file carouselNormal.xc, change "tankName": { "enabled": true, "dx": 0, "dy": 0, "alpha": 100, "scale": 1, "textFormat": {}, "shadow": {} }, to false.
  2. Try downloading the nightly version, wot-1.6.0. https://nightly.modxvm.com/
  3. In the hanger.xc >> "enableCrewAutoReturn": true
  4. In the World of Tanks game directory.
  5. Anything can be going on, like a server(s) had issues, a hardware/software upgrade, switching to a ISP several other things could be going on. Give them time.
  6. Both of those settings have been set that since I switched from Firefox to Chrome. What is so frustrating, sometimes Chrome will translates automatically, but most of the time, it doesn't. What is strange, my player stat page https://stats.modxvm.com/en/stat/players keeps asking me if I want the page translated. For some reason, the Chrome translator keeps thinking English is Danish. You got to love Chrome.
  7. I've created a the link as you suggested, modxvm.com/en/ and that seems to resolve the translation issue on the XVM page, thanks. I'll continue to use Chrome in the forums. Only issue there is that I have to select "Translate page" anytime I go to a different page or topic. Is anyone else using Chrome to translate having the same issue?
  8. How about your Player stats page, does it come up in English or in Russian? My appears to be in English, except the Marks of Gun box. It is in Russian, but when I mouse over it, the pop-up box is in English. Everywhere else in the forum, I still have to translate it,
  9. With this new feature, will still need to Activate and Update Statistics everyday?
  10. Once I turned off Chrome Translator on my page, everything on the page is in English, except the Marks on Gun. Still using the Translator on the rest of the forum. Is there a plan for function, that if we wanted to, we can select what stats we can add into our taglines in the forum? What about an option that will allow us to collapse/expand the graphs separately? I don't need to see how bad I'm playing. I just want to look at the numbers and occasionally look at the graphs.
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