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  1. [WoT] ◄ HEKPOMAHT ►

    Я сделал папку и установил последнюю версию (29-11-2017) и внес изменения, которые вы мне дали. Затем я сделал регулировки размера. Shot_004.jpg - это экран для подсчета таймера, чтобы начать игру. Shot_005, когда начинается битва.
  2. [WoT] ◄ HEKPOMAHT ►

    Да. Я пропустил это где-то на форуме?
  3. [WoT] ◄ HEKPOMAHT ►

    Мне удалось отобразить имя клана, которое я хочу надеяться. Без особых трудностей можно было бы отобразить имя клана, как показано?
  4. [WoT] ◄ HEKPOMAHT ►

    Это сработало, спасибо.
  5. [WoT] ◄ HEKPOMAHT ►

    Как увеличить ширину области, где указано имя?
  6. XVM Website language always switches to Russian

    Ok, thanks.
  7. XVM Website language always switches to Russian

    Is there an update on when this might be resolved?
  8. Carousel filters (reserve)

    Did you click on the "Reserve" button?
  9. I cant Update statistics pls help!

    I haven't been able to update my stats early Friday (13-10-2017) morning. The Update statistics stays grayed out. Its working now.
  10. userInfo / defaultFilterValue

    My default setup automatically hides my rentals. My rentals only show up when I select Premium and check Rentals. As far as the defaultFilterValue setting, I'm sure why it is under "// TODO":, I would assume that function hasn't been added, yet. I tried "defaultFilterValue": +all, but it didn't change my view.
  11. userInfo / defaultFilterValue

    In the Carousel, select filter and uncheck the rental.
  12. Give us new XVM option

    You don't have to worry too much about me, when I play arty. I focus on HTs, TDs, and other SPGs, not stats, unless you are in one of them. Don't feel bad, I'm an arty magnet myself.
  13. Battle Results

    I've edited the picture to show the problem. Never mind. I found the issue.
  14. Battle Results

    This is the first time I noticed this. I am using Demon2597 config. Is this related to XVM or the config?
  15. captureBar issue (7826 for

    Thanks for the heads up. I'll be waitung.