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  1. cherek_us

    nothing in english

    Still happening to me too. Pages displayed in Russian, then about 2 to 3 seconds later, Google translates into English, If I change to another page, it is in Russian again then Google translates into English again. If it is a new page that I haven't been on before, I have to tell Google to translate the whole page. I don't use Firefox when I'm in the forum, I use Chrome because of this issue and my language is set to English.
  2. cherek_us

    Custom wn8 colors

    Are you talking about the General stats WN8 in the hanger?
  3. cherek_us

    [7.7.6, 29.10.18] demon2597 config (Ru, En) & more

    I have a problem with PMOD since update 1.1. The PMOD field is missing in the "Notification" field. After the battle, the "Battleground" field appears normal, but the "Notification" field remains empty. Currently I'm using XVM and Demon2597 PMOD, without configuration. The UPDATE: It seems that only the message of my problem here has eliminated my problem. I restarted WoT, and it started working.
  4. cherek_us

    Prolong button questions

    Thanks for the reply. I've been wondering about these questions for a while.
  5. Sorry if these questions have been asked before, but I haven't found the answers. I have a question(s) about the Prolong button and its function. It has a 13 day counting down but on the 3rd day, it switches to Prolong when I go to the XVM home page or while I playing. Questions. 1. Is there a way to extend the Active status beyond 3 days of playing? 2. What happens if I don't click on the Prolong button for 5 or 10 days? 3. If the answer to question 1 is no and/or the answer to question 2 is that there is some kind of effect that happens while the Prolong button is present, why have it appear on the 3rd day instead of something like the 10th or 12th day of play?
  6. cherek_us

    nothing in english

    @Mr 13 Switching back to Chrome with the auto translate did solve my issue. On the XVM page, when the page is refreshed, it still comes up in Russian, but Chrome translates it into English.
  7. cherek_us

    nothing in english

    Thank you for the information. I'll check out using Chrome in the future when browsing the forums.
  8. cherek_us

    nothing in english

    True, but it seems to me that at one time, there was an option in the top left corner that let you select your language (Russian or English) and every post would be translated to your choice. When the forum was updated, maybe it was last year, that function disappeared and now every topic is in Russian (except this page) and then translated.
  9. cherek_us

    nothing in english

    For me, this is the only page on Korean Random that is in English. All other pages I have to hit the translate button. On the XVM page, it starts out in Russian, then I select English and if I select Activate or Update, on the refresh, it is in Russian again and I have to select English again.
  10. cherek_us

    downloads not working

    I use Firefox myself and I don't have that problem. Have tried downloading to a different location, like "Downloads"?
  11. cherek_us

    Hide rental tanks by default

    Under the filter button, uncheck the Rental box.
  12. cherek_us

    Feature proposal - group of tanks filter.

    I think it would be nice to have it.
  13. cherek_us

    No player names above tanks in battle or stats in side panels.

    XVM 7.6.5 is out, try using that.
  14. cherek_us

    Last Update 5-31-18

    The current version (nightly build) and the config that I use have limited functionality.
  15. cherek_us

    Give us new XVM option