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  1. I haven't see the issue since downloading the nightly build. Thanks for the fix.
  2. Hmmm, Last night when everyone don't have any stats, I was just thinking that the XVM server was down. Turns out, that wasn't the case
  3. I've used the nightly builds for a while now and had very few issues. The nightly builds seem to have fixes for issues before the "stable" version is released. Look at it this way, using nightly build is like a bata release before the production version is released.
  4. I think the 6 is your Battle Level (Average Level), not sure about the 1. Maybe the 1 is for Marks on Gun, since it appears that you have at least 1 mark on the barrel.
  5. Same here. The XVM.log in the win32 directory is zero bytes, I removed XVM and all the mods, boots up fine. Downloaded and installed 8.1.8, WoT crashed about 2 seconds after selecting the server.python.log
  6. Is it possible to expand on the filters for the Missions Display? Currently there are 3 options, No filter, Hide unavailable and Hide completed. I am thinking about being able filter missions by Random battle, Frontline, Ranked Battle ..., along with the current options.
  7. Same here, "Network services unavailable." message and unable to activate on website.
  8. In the file carouselNormal.xc, change "tankName": { "enabled": true, "dx": 0, "dy": 0, "alpha": 100, "scale": 1, "textFormat": {}, "shadow": {} }, to false.
  9. Try downloading the nightly version, wot-1.6.0. https://nightly.modxvm.com/
  10. In the hanger.xc >> "enableCrewAutoReturn": true
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