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  1. Hey ktulho, thanks for responding. I have checked this again after your reply. The battleatlas.xml was available, but the .dds files were missing in the specific folder. I might be related to the error I got when creating the atlas files. Error: Error loading unmanaged library from path: C:\TIM-v006\FreeImage64.dll Module not found. The named dll is available in the folder. In addition I installed the Visual C++ Redist (2015,2017,2019 2022) as freeimage64.dll should be related to this based on Google, but with no success. However, I found a workaround. I copied the created png and renamed them to the dds files. This works. But maybe you can give an advise what to do to fix this error. :)
  2. http://wotreplays.eu/site/6505044#prokhorovka-aarushsakhuji-m53_m55 Time: 11:58 (help request from teammember AE Phase 1) Time: 9:10 (support request to fire on E100) Reproducable with different replays and default XVM config.
  3. WOT 1.20 / XVM 10.4.0_0021 (XVM installed only) I see OTM for vehicles that are not in my field of view since the latest release. It is kind of annoying and it might be related to the target markers for like "Attack Target" etc as those OTM appear just in that particular case. 2nd screenshot is from a client without mods.
  4. My specific problem with the OTM wasnt fixed with the latest update. Maybe I have to post it in the bug report section of the forum.
  5. Hey, just want to let you know that it seems like WG changed some things with 1.20 again as the atlas files created doesnt work any longer for me. The InGame UI is completly messed up. I'm using 066. Is there any new update or anything I have to do to make it work again?
  6. Alright, yeah it is very likely that this is part of the same problem. I have seen this dot as well. Those full OTM for targets out of my viewport are even more annoying. For me at least.
  7. WOT 1.20 / XVM 10.4.0_0007 (XVM installed only) I see OTM for vehicles that are not in my viewport since the latest release. It is kind of annoying. It might be related to the target markers for like "Attack Target" etc.. 2nd screenshot from a client without mods.
  8. Hi, I want to report a problem that occurs while using XVM and Battle Assistant mod. I can't remember when it started, but it is like that for a while now. I use XVM to have the map segment + aiming point indicator on the minimap while playing SPG. The positions of those indicators don't match (sometimes more sometimes less) if I am using Battle Assistant mod at the same time. It seems to be related to the trajectory view while using BattleAssistant. The movement of the aim point on the map does not match up with the movement on the minimap if using this view. Switching back to the on top view the aim marker jumps to the rigth location on the minimap again. I have contacted the developers of this mod as well, but I am not sure where the problem is. It is possible that it requires efforts from both teams. Cu
  9. Because of an issue some parts of XVM crashes and so will not be rendered as expected.
  10. Pls see my last post about where you can check what is included in the patch. This update was nothing else than to reflect the new WoT version due to the mini-patch again, but without any other changes and fixes. It makes no sense to refer a new version and expect a fix for a problem which was not targeted at all. It's just a wrong expectation. However, I'm surprised that we haven't heard anything from Dev's so far. Not even a confirmation and that they are aware of this and might look into it at some point. But again, we all don't know their other duties and real-life situation.
  11. Ofc it is still there, because the issue wasn't handled so far. You can check for the changes here: https://gitlab.com/xvm/xvm/-/commits/master Latest commit: https://gitlab.com/xvm/xvm/-/commit/8dba0d6c8be7205f49eeb46f5173d0ad2bc12c3b There was no change except a version number update.
  12. I use Windows7 64bit as well. Still a good and stable OS. I will wait whether the devs find the problem and provide a fix. It seems like something that should be fixable since it worked before and still does randomly
  13. From my experiene they normally do and respond quickly. But they might be on holidays or have other duties. So all we can do is wait till they can take care of those issues.
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