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  1. scyorkie

    Adding Tank Class Icon to Players Panel

    Heh you found my previous post. I'm currently using this (haven't touched this definition in a while so I can't say if the earlier version still works for me): "format": "<font face='xvm' size='20' color='{{c:vtype}}'>{{vtype-key=LT?&#58;}}{{vtype-key=MT?&#59;}}{{vtype-key=HT?&#63;}}{{vtype-key=SPG?&#45;}}{{vtype-key=TD?&#46;}}</font>"
  2. scyorkie

    Special circles for vehicle on minimap not working

    Add this under the circles > view section: { "enabled": "{{my-vehiclename=france-F97_ELC_EVEN_90?true|false}}", "distance": 280, "scale": 1, "thickness": 0.75, "alpha": 60, "color": "0xEE4444" }
  3. scyorkie

    name players in clan battles in minimap

    You can use the 4 files that I have zipped up here to display player names on the minimap upon pressing Alt. This is only for teammates in organized battles (cw, etc), or platoon mates in random battles. You also have to set hotkeys.xc > hotkeys > minimalAltMode > enabled = true minimapLabels.zip
  4. scyorkie

    carousel > enableLockBackground

    Ah thanks. It wasn't clear on mine I think because my platoonmate readied up a tank and many of my tanks were darkened anyway because of that.
  5. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but enableLockBackground doesn't seem to do anything any more. (I was the one who requested this function in the thread here.) Also, is it possible to implement a function to disable the darkening of the tank carousel for tanks that are not suitable for the platoon?
  6. scyorkie

    {{v.name}}=Obj. 430 II? does not work in carousel

    Thanks! Didn't think of using that. :)
  7. scyorkie

    {{v.name}}=Obj. 430 II? does not work in carousel

    Interesting. That actually works.. However, my problem isn't completely solved. I actually list the vehicles in texts.sc, and use this to determine whether my highlight shows: "alpha": "{{.texts.carouselHighlightList.{{v.name}}?100|0}}" And in texts.xc I have: "carouselHighlightList": { "Obj. 430 II": "", "IS": "", "T-10": "" }, With the above, only the IS and T-10 are highlighted. And unfortunately I can't make vlad's method work with mine. The following will completely fail: "alpha": "{{.texts.carouselHighlightList.{{v.name?100|0}}}}" Any ideas?
  8. scyorkie

    {{v.name}}=Obj. 430 II? does not work in carousel

    Unfortunately that didn't work.
  9. I'm trying to create an extraField to highlight the tanks on which I've turned off accelerated crew training (see my earlier suggestion thread here). In this regard, I can't get {{v.name}}=Obj. 430 II? to work. It works for the IS and T-10, as well as other tanks which have spaces in their v.names. Does anyone else have the same problem?
  10. Hi, I would like to suggest a new macro for the hangar/carousel, to identify elite tanks which do not have 'accelerate crew training' turned on. The intent is to identify these tanks with icons/text in the carousel, without having to click through all of them one by one. I've been switching 'accelerate crew training' on and off a bit lately, so I thought it would be useful to have such a macro.
  11. scyorkie

    carousel > alpha > v.battles

    Yup that works, thanks.
  12. I just noticed that this macro doesn't work as it used to: "alpha": "{{v.battles?100|0}}" Instead of hiding the relevant text when the tank has 0 battles (i.e. alpha = 0), alpha is always set to 100. Anybody else with the same issue?
  13. scyorkie

    Problem with markersAliveNormal.xc

    Post your log files. It's easier to see where the problem is.
  14. scyorkie

    What the cause is for game crashes?

    Try: - not running Aslain's XVM, but using the default configs - disabling markers.xc because that's what the XVM team recommends to avoid crashes in the current patch
  15. I've noticed since build 8119 (now at 8133) that I cannot launch a replay while my game client is already open. In other words, "allowMultipleWotInstances" isn't working.