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  1. XVM issues

    2 instances of WOT when XVM is installed? Check your tweaks.xc and ensure that "allowMultipleWotInstances" = false
  2. XVM String based coloring

    You can look through this thread to see how I assigned icons to players using XVM: https://koreanrandom.com/forum/topic/39687-help-with-definitions/ It is possible to use a similar method for colouring names, but I'm away from my PC for the next few days so maybe someone else from that thread will come along and help you too. :)
  3. Damage Log Position

    You can also simply set "x": 550, and do without dynamic positioning.
  4. Service Record > Vehicles section > overall winrate displayed by XVM

    Thanks for pointing me to that thread
  5. On my friend's account, he noticed that the colors used by XVM for his winrate is different in different parts of the UI: - the garage widget and in-battle playersPanel/statisticForm/battleLoading all display his 60.19% as purple, which is correct according to the scale specified in his colors.xc (screenshot) - in the service record > vehicles section, his 60.19% is displayed as blue (screenshot) Any idea why the above happens? His colors.xc is attached.
  6. Updating XVM color scale help

    Based on the 2 files you've copy-pasted above: 1. Sections that appear only in the WotLabs file: - "def" > "colorRatingNew": this introduces a new color scheme and is only referenced by the "WN8" and "winrate" sections later on in the file - "colors" > "wn6": this was removed some weeks back from the official XVM build, and replaced by "wtr" - "colors" > "e": this was removed some weeks back from the official XVM build 2. Sections that are missing from the WotLabs file: - "colors" > "spotted" - "colors" > "totalHP" - "colors" > "wtr" - "colors" > "wn8effd" - "colors" > "dmgRating" - "colors" > "hitsRatio" 3. Sections that are different: - "colors" > "system": the WotLabs file is missing "ally_base" and "enemy_base" - "colors" > "dmg_kind": the WotLabs file is missing "shot", "death_zone", and "drowning" I think it's the third category above that's crashing your XVM (but again I can't be completely sure without seeing your xvm.log).
  7. Updating XVM color scale help

    Actually, thinking about it further, having extraneous sections in WotLab's colors.xc wouldn't crash your XVM config. The question is what it is missing in colors.xc, that the other parts of your config requires. There is an expanded "dmg_kind" section, as well as new sections for "spotted", "totalHP", "wtr", "wn8effd", "damageRating", and "hitsRatio", which are not in the WotLabs file. If you put all those in and it still doesn't work, then you need to post your xvm.log for us to help figure out the issue more specifically.
  8. Is there any way to lower the position of these icons?

    That's beyond me; there's nothing else relevant that's listed in the comments in elements.xc. Maybe someone else might know? I've seen others tweak stuff that's not listed.
  9. Is there any way to lower the position of these icons?

    Edit the contents of your elements.xc to simply contain this: { "elements": [ { "fragCorrelationBar": {"y": 100 } } ] } By default, nothing in elements.xc is being used, so it's safe to delete all of the original content. Change the "y" value as necessary. You may also want to change the y positioning of anything appearing immediately below those icons. Screenshot example here.
  10. Updating XVM color scale help

    Remove the "WN6" and "e" sections of WotLab's colors.xc -- if you were to compare that file with the default colors.xc that comes with your XVM download, you would have noticed that those sections no longer exist in the latter.
  11. Primary Vehicle Order

    Currently XVM does not allow sorting criteria to work in the manner that you desire. Sorting criteria will affect all tanks regardless of your filter selections.
  12. [ASIA server][9.20.1]Client crash when using XVM 7.1.0

    I can log onto ASIA server only if I remove XVM (using build 8003). The attached python log shows 3 login attempts: 1. with all my usual mods including XVM - crashes after entering password 2. safe mode - gets me to the garage 3. with all my usual mods EXCEPT XVM - gets me to the garage The attached xvm.log is only for the first attempt. python.log xvm.log
  13. I cant Update statistics pls help!

    lol poor Mr 13.
  14. XVM 7.1.0 -- Is there a problem with MYSTAT macros?

    My mystat. macros seem to work just fine in the garage. I'm only using: {{mystat.xwn8}} {{mystat.avglvl%.2f}} {{mystat.winrate%.2f~%}} {{py:winrate_next(0.5)}} and {{py:winrate_next(1)}}
  15. What does this icon mean?

    playersPanel.xc: remove the references to "badge" in the various panel modes battleLoading.xc / battleLoadingTips.xc / statisticForm.xc: "removeRankBadgeIcon" = true