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  1. XVM 7.1.0 -- Is there a problem with MYSTAT macros?

    My mystat. macros seem to work just fine in the garage. I'm only using: {{mystat.xwn8}} {{mystat.avglvl%.2f}} {{mystat.winrate%.2f~%}} {{py:winrate_next(0.5)}} and {{py:winrate_next(1)}}
  2. What does this icon mean?

    playersPanel.xc: remove the references to "badge" in the various panel modes battleLoading.xc / battleLoadingTips.xc / statisticForm.xc: "removeRankBadgeIcon" = true
  3. XVM

    9.20.1 started on NA, but no sign of 9.21 :)
  4. XVM

    Well you need 9.21 CT to start first :)
  5. Hangar: Sort by stats

    Those sorting options do in fact work for me. Is your carousel even enabled? carousel.xc > carousel > enabled = true
  6. Hangar: Sort by stats

    XVM doesn't deal with WN8 on a per-tank basis. You can however sort by "xtdb", "-xtdb", "xte", or "-xte". See \res_mods\mods\shared_resources\xvm\doc\macros.txt for what they represent.
  7. help with battle_templates.xc

    No problem. FYI "totalHP" is for the "19700 < 19720" part of the screenshot in your post above. Edit: I just saw your edits to your earlier posts, and assume that you've managed to make the grey background work and have no other questions that I've missed. Have fun tweaking your configs. :)
  8. help with battle_templates.xc

    It's not in that "totalHP" part. Can you zip up the contents of \res_mods\configs\xvm\ and upload here?
  9. help with battle_templates.xc

    Can you upload the zip file that you download from that guy's links? There are too many ads to jump through / pages to translate. I'm not interested in clicking through 10+ Russian pages, each with its own popup ads.
  10. help with battle_templates.xc

    Can you link the thread/site where you downloaded that from?
  11. help with battle_templates.xc

    I have no idea what "totalhp of Enot" refers to. Can you indicate on a screenshot?
  12. help with battle_templates.xc

    1. Create a new "call up" in battleLabels.xc: ${ "battleLabelsTemplates.xc":"def.topBarBG" }, 2. Create a new definition in battleLabelsTemplates.xc: "topBarBG": { "enabled": true, "x": 0, "y": 0, "layer": "bottom", "height": 32, "width": "{{py:xvm.screenWidth}}", "bgColor": "0", "alpha": "25" }, 3. Change the "height" to whatever you need. 4. The commas after the closing bracket } need to be there unless you insert the above lines at the end of the respective files. If you don't know where to insert the lines, upload your battleLabels.xc and battleLabelsTemplates.xc here (do not copy-paste the contents, but upload the files).
  13. help with battle_templates.xc

    It looks like you have more than one mod displaying team HP at the top of the screen. Can you zip your mods\ and res_mods\ folders, and upload to a file sharing site (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc) for me to download and take a look?
  14. help with battle_templates.xc

    Which parts are you having difficulties with? I'm happy to explain more.
  15. Efficiency per vehicle macro?

    Ah, ok, I guess some moderator moved your first thread here from the Russian section 'cos I saw both earlier. No worries! We're all new at some point. Hope you figure out the questions you had about macros. :)