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  1. If your PC is fast, you end up at the countdown before the stats are pulled from the XVM servers. If this is the case, load a replay, press Left Arrow (to rewind) and that should give you enough time to see that battleLoading and battleLoadingTips will display stats.
  2. The current day of the week displayed by widgetsTemplates is wrong. It's currently Sunday, but it shows Saturday. My friend also says he has noticed this for some time now, so it's not just a 7628 issue.
  3. The macro {{reloadGun%4.02f~s}} produces weird / inconsistent results in damageLog in build 7626: Also (minor issues): (i) the alignment of the background image is different (ii) {{number%3d~.}} does not produce a period "." after the number in the first column This is what the same config looked like previously: How do I do @ktulho to get him notified?
  4. Just to return to this for a bit -- if I use Option 2 and set my "alpha" as follows: "alpha": "{{.texts.icons.friends.{{name}}?100|0}}" That part in bold becomes the "master control" for alpha. So it doesn't matter if in texts.xc > icons > friends, you set "playername": "" (ie no value) but you still need the : "" to be there.
  5. FYI, damageLog and lastHit do not work in 7618. Reverting to 7617 for now.
  6. I've had the same problem for a while: https://koreanrandom.com/forum/topic/37822-soundsxc-is-modify/?do=findComment&comment=380791
  7. I saw your post in that other thread, and the mod creator's response. Basically there's a conflict between his mod, and another mod that you have that has .mo files included. Since that mod only "removes the crew incomplete icon and text overlay", my suggestion is this: - you can remove the new carousel icons if you set carouselNormal.xc > normal > fields > infoImg > enabled = false - you can make the text less glaring if you set carouselNormal.xc > normal > fields > info > alpha = 80 ...and then you can leave out that mod until you figure out where the conflict lies.
  8. Is XVM the only mod you use? Anything in your res_mods/[ver]/text folder? Looks like it could be outdated .mo files.
  9. Yeah it's a NA problem. They say they were doing maintenance for the contact list, and many people were negatively affected. Not fixed for weeks.
  10. Hmm but you need to click on the names in your contact list, right? This is mine right now: http://i.imgur.com/tltBunO.jpg
  11. Mm OK I'll try it after WGNA fixes the bugged contact list. I've not been able to use my contact list for weeks.
  12. Do let me know if you come up with something! In the meantime, the new options make it easier to change the icons all at once without having to rename multiple files.
  13. Let's say I use Option 2, my texts.xc > icons > friends section would look something like this: "friends": { "friend1": "100", "friend2": "100", "friend3": "100", ... } Is there some way I can make it look like this: "friends": { "friend1", "friend2", "friend3", ... } i.e. remove "100" value for alpha, thus making the list simpler.
  14. This is very interesting and actually helps with a question I've been thinking of asking for a long time. The default way of assigning icons to players is by using the res\clanicons\[server]\nick folder. With the {{.}} macro, there are more options: Option 1: - Set a definition in PP to display an image, with the "format" field as follows: "format": "{{.texts.nameicons.{{name}}}}" - Then texts.xc > nameicons, set "playername": "<img src='xvm://res/icons/friend.png'>" - With a single definition, you can set different icons for different players (limited to 1 icon per player) Option 2: - Set a definition in PP to display an image, with the "alpha" field as follows: "alpha": "{{.texts.icons.friends.{{name}}|0}}" - Then texts.xc > icons > friends, set "playername": "100" - Using this method, you can set multiple icons per player, but you also require multiple definitions in PP and multiple sections in texts.xc Are there other methods that I don't know about? Is there one way to just poll names from a list without having to also pair a value (whether alpha, or path to image) to a player name? This would make for easier maintenance.
  15. I suspect (looking at the 7504 7604 changelog) that XVM is specifically made to fail when the patch number changes, probably because it deals with so many aspects of the game and the devs have a strict quality control requirement. Of course, not all mods are made like that. I also wouldn't go so far as to blame WG. I'd rather have a properly-functioning game and no mods for a couple of days, than working mods and a broken game.
  16. That was a bug I reported earlier, and it has been fixed since. Update to the latest nightly. Also, you don't need to buy a new tank to test this. Just change the consumables load out to something that would cost gold and you should see it default to silver.
  17. It would also be great if we could have an option to disable the full screen animation after every battle, which shows whether a chevron/rank was gained or lost. I just want to get straight back to garage after battle.
  18. I. Sharing contents of your .xc files 1. If you're using the box at the bottom of the page to reply, there is a lighter-coloured button which will state "Extra" if you use Google Translate on the entire page. That will bring you to the full editor which allows you to attach files. 2. Alternatively, you can use pastebin.com to dump the contents of your files. I have pasted the contents of your file at https://pastebin.com/BsRSP1na and I shall make references to it in rest of this post. II. Understanding playerPanels.xc 3. The file consists of 2 main sections: a. "def" (lines 6-68) where you create definitions for elements that appear repeatedly throughout the file, to make it easier to make subsequent edits; and b. "playersPanel" (lines 70-476)) which controls what shows up on the 5 different panel modes -- none, short, medium, medium2, and large -- using the correspondingly-named sub-sections (see lines 86, 136, 223, 308, 394). 4. For the purposes of this thread, you want to pay attention to how definitions are created, and how they are made to show up in the different panel modes. For the former, each definition is named between quotation marks, and the rest of it is contained between { } brackets (there needs to be a comma at the end of the closing bracket, if it's not the final definition in the "def" section). For the latter, each mode has "extraFieldsLeft" for calling up elements that apply to allies, and "extraFieldsRight" for calling up elements that apply to enemies. 5. For example, "clanIcon" is defined at lines 44-49, and called up for both allies and enemies in the short (lines 207 and 217), medium (lines 291 and 301), medium2 (lines 377 and 387), and large (lines 460 and 470) panels. 6. Using the "nationIcon" example in my earlier post, first insert that definition after line 49, then insert a new line containing ${"def.nationIcon"}, after each of the 8 instances of ${"def.clanIcon"}, to activate it for both allies and enemies in all panel modes (watch the commas). 7. For tank class icons, you can start with this definition "vtypeIcon": { "enabled": true, "bindToIcon": true, "x": 5, "y": 0, "align": "center", "layer": "top", "format": "<font face='xvm' size='20' color='{{c:vtype}}'>{{vtype-key=LT?:}}{{vtype-key=MT?;}}{{vtype-key=HT??}}{{vtype-key=SPG?-}}{{vtype-key=TD?.}}</font>", "alpha": 90, "shadow": {} }, ..and hopefully you know where to insert ${"def.vtypeIcon"}, after what I've explained above. III. Display on pressing Alt 8. This is what determines if something only shows up on pressing Alt: "hotKeyCode": 56, "visibleOnHotKey": true, 9. "56" corresponds to Left Alt (see hotKeys.xc), while "visibleOnHotKey" = true means it will only show up if that key is pressed. Conversely, "visibleOnHotKey": false means that it will always be shown until the relevant key is pressed (whereupon it is hidden). 10. If you delete these from my "nationIcon" definition, the icon will always show.
  19. That can't be your entire file. In any case, pls attach the .xc to your post instead of pasting the contents (too messy).
  20. For #1, you can refer to this post, under the first part of his "code & picture" spoiler. For #2, you can use this as a starting point: a. Create an extraField definition in playersPanel.xc: "def": { ... "nationIcon": { "enabled": false, "bindToIcon": true, "hotKeyCode": 56, "visibleOnHotKey": true, "x": 55, "y": 4, "align": "center", "layer": "bottom", "alpha": 90, "format": "<img src='xvm://res/icons/barracks/nations/{{nation}}.png'>" }, ... }, b. Refer to the definition in the "extraFieldsLeft" and "extraFieldsRight" field where you want the flag to appear (there are 4 instances of each in playersPanel.xc): "extraFieldsLeft": [ ... ${"def.nationIcon"}, ... ], Result on pressing Alt:
  21. Made many updates to my post #3 above. Please see my post #3. I am ready to receive your wisdom! :)
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