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Все публикации пользователя scyorkie

  1. Can we have an option to hide the purple Beta tester tag and background in statisticForm, etc? Thanks
  2. Minimap icons not working: Stats macros not displaying numbers: Team HP / spotted indicator / capture bar text also not displaying:
  3. scyorkie

    Build 8401 bugs - font issue?

    Somehow the fonts are working again.
  4. scyorkie

    Build 8401 bugs - font issue?

    Ok. Thanks for the update.
  5. scyorkie

    Build 8401 bugs - font issue?

    Build 8699 does not fix the issue.
  6. scyorkie

    Enemy HP Remaining

    Just play a CW replay to test.
  7. scyorkie

    Alt-mode only in normal battle

    Alt mode meaning pressing Alt to see different information on various parts of the UI? This depends on your configs.
  8. scyorkie

    Camera bug?

    Twice in Patch 1.2 my camera zoom did not work properly. It is either at the minimum zoom (2x), or the maximum (25x) - there's no in-between (no 4x, 8x, 16x). A restart of the game solves the issue. Anyone else with the same problem?
  9. scyorkie

    Camera bug?

    Update again. I had camera.xc enabled, then the bug happened. I then disabled camera.xc midway through the game, and the bug was resolved after XVM reloaded (autoreloadconfig=true). So it's likely something to do with XVM. Edit: Attached extract from relevant part of xvm.log xvmlog extract.txt
  10. scyorkie

    Camera bug?

    I disabled camera.xc and the problem still exists. Will continue investigating.
  11. scyorkie

    Clan icons in damage panel

    I put icons here and they work for me: \res_mods\mods\shared_resources\xvm\res\clanicons\NA\clan
  12. scyorkie

    XVM statistics in battle NOT WORKING

    Fixed in build 8612.
  13. scyorkie

    XVM statistics in battle NOT WORKING

    Works now, thanks.
  14. scyorkie

    XVM statistics in battle NOT WORKING

    More logs attached. I've always had an issue with incomplete logs. xvm.log
  15. statisticForm bugs out when you blacklist / block a player for the remainder of the battle: - screenshot 1: T49 was already blacklisted before the game, M53/55 was blocked during the game - screenshot 2: E50 was blocked during the game (to test) It stays bugged out even after you remove that player from the blacklist / block. Also, if you are looking at statisticForm and someone dies during that time, it gets worse: - screenshot 3a: notice the double entry for the T-44 after I blacklisted him during the battle (to test) - screenshot 3b: the 2nd T-44 entry was supposed to be an Emil II (this shot was taken after i removed the T-44 from the blacklist, but statisticForm was still bugged) statisticForm.xc attached. I've been using the same config for ages. statisticForm.xc
  16. scyorkie

    statisticForm issues when blacklisting / blocking players (7400)

    Not an issue for me anymore in build 8603.
  17. scyorkie

    XVM statistics in battle NOT WORKING

    Log attached. Screenshot here. xvm.log
  18. scyorkie

    XVM statistics in battle NOT WORKING

    Additionally, build 8603 has made it impossible to review the active campaign mission objectives while in battle.
  19. scyorkie

    XVM statistics in battle NOT WORKING

    I have an issue with statisticForm in build 8603. My statisticForm used to look like this (notice how the clan names and player names are aligned): - allies: - enemies: Using the same config, ally clan tags jump to the other side near the enemy tank icons (see my OTTER tag), and the enemy clan names are now all the way on the right edge of the screen (not shown in the screenshot below): The vehicle tiers have also shifted up. statisticForm.xc attached (with irrelevant parts commented out). statisticForm.xc
  20. I had a battle where I was disconnected because of router issues. After I reconnected, (i) there were no stats displayed for the players, and (ii) the watermark was visible until the end of battle. I seldom disconnect so this isn't a big problem, but I just wanted to highlight the above.
  21. scyorkie

    Adding Tank Class Icon to Players Panel

    Heh you found my previous post. I'm currently using this (haven't touched this definition in a while so I can't say if the earlier version still works for me): "format": "<font face='xvm' size='20' color='{{c:vtype}}'>{{vtype-key=LT?&#58;}}{{vtype-key=MT?&#59;}}{{vtype-key=HT?&#63;}}{{vtype-key=SPG?&#45;}}{{vtype-key=TD?&#46;}}</font>"
  22. scyorkie

    Special circles for vehicle on minimap not working

    Add this under the circles > view section: { "enabled": "{{my-vehiclename=france-F97_ELC_EVEN_90?true|false}}", "distance": 280, "scale": 1, "thickness": 0.75, "alpha": 60, "color": "0xEE4444" }
  23. scyorkie

    name players in clan battles in minimap

    You can use the 4 files that I have zipped up here to display player names on the minimap upon pressing Alt. This is only for teammates in organized battles (cw, etc), or platoon mates in random battles. You also have to set hotkeys.xc > hotkeys > minimalAltMode > enabled = true minimapLabels.zip
  24. scyorkie

    carousel > enableLockBackground

    Ah thanks. It wasn't clear on mine I think because my platoonmate readied up a tank and many of my tanks were darkened anyway because of that.
  25. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but enableLockBackground doesn't seem to do anything any more. (I was the one who requested this function in the thread here.) Also, is it possible to implement a function to disable the darkening of the tank carousel for tanks that are not suitable for the platoon?