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  1. Update: The problem seems to have gone away, for reasons unknown.
  2. Let me help you. You can reply to this for your third message. :)
  3. My default setting for this is: "sorting_criteria": ["nation", "type", "level"], Sometimes when I want to find tanks to get to 3 MOE, I switch to this: "sorting_criteria": ["-marksOnGun", "-damageRating"], I haven't used the 2nd setting for a while, and when I did just now, I noticed that the garage interface was noticeably more sluggish. Specifically, each time when I switched tanks, the message "Updating the garage" stayed up for significantly longer (i.e. it takes longer to switch). This happens even if I remove my other garage mods, and/or if I disable autoReloadConfig. Tested in 7682 & 7685. Can some optimization be done?
  4. Can't even get past login screen to garage. python.log xvm.log
  5. Hi devs, any luck with this? XVM doesn't have this function afaik. Are you running other mods?
  6. So you see $ref in various files, such as minimapLabelsTemplates, damageLog, etc. This is one example in minimapLabelsTemplates: "vtypeSpotted": { "$ref": { "path":"def.defaultItem" }, ... What I've noticed is that they always refer to a path within the same file. Is it possible to $ref to something in another file?
  7. Oh I know why you don't see the same thing. My minimap settings are different: - minimap.xc > iconScale > 0 instead of 1 (to hide the vanilla client's tank icons) - minimapLabels / minimapLabelsTemplates > vtypeSpotted is enabled (because I want to make the HT icon slightly smaller) (Yes I know I can use iconScale to make HT icon smaller too.) So what I'm seeing is the icon from vtypeSpotted.. and using the {{selected}} macro can hide the ally's icon so that only the arrow is visible. Then the question is: how do I keep the arrow as white? I assume it takes colours from minimapLabelsData > colors > dot ? However, using the {{selected}} macro there doesn't affect the arrow. (Sorry I probably made you do 7678 for nothing.)
  8. Leaving aside the colour of the arrow, it is still stacked over the icon of the teammate you are spectating. Is that intended feature too? I didn't observe any change (as far as this issue is concerned) from 7675 -> 7676 -> 7677.
  9. I've attached the same replay I used for the screenshots for the 2nd issue. The JPE100 dies right at the very end when I'm spectating him. Note also that the green arrow turns dark green upon his death, when I set "selfIconAlpha": 100 20170615_1510_germany-G91_Pro_Ag_A_35_steppes.wotreplay
  10. The duplicate-label-on-rewind issue seems fixed. Thanks.
  11. The gap shows up because the background image is limited in width, and the large panel is the only mode that contains so much information that you can often exceed that width. See extreme example here: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/632337-how-to-increase-size-of-shadow-background-for-players-panels/ The size of the gap also varies depending on the length of the player names and tank names, and can be different on the left (for allies) vs that on the right (for enemies). I don't think anyone has found out how to replace that background image with something wider (and by that I mean by putting an image in res_mods in the correct path to override an image in the stock client's pkg files). The easiest fix is to limit how much information is presented on your players panel. To that end, you can (i) remove the players' win rates, and (ii) shorten the player names by using {{name%.10s~..}} instead of {{name}}. Another method (I've not tested it though) is to use your own background images. Here are the steps: (i) Disable the built-in images by setting playersPanel.xc > playersPanel > alpha =0 (ii) Create your own images that you can save somewhere in \res_mods\mods\shared_resources\xvm\res (iii) Create extraField definitions to bring those images into playersPanel with the proper positioning etc (iv) Reference those definitions in all the extraFieldsLeft and extraFieldsRight in playersPanel.xc You probably need 3 background images: 1 each for alive tanks, dead tanks, and selected tank.
  12. {{v.rankSteps}} is still not working fully in 7657. My Maus shows 1+0, which is correct, but my Strv has 0+0 when it should be 0+1. http://i.imgur.com/Lm3rRsO.jpg Update: Two chevrons on the Maus later, it still shows 1+0 when it should be 1+1 and 1+2.
  13. Another issue with enabling minimap labels is that if you die and spectate a teammate: - the white arrow that was on you now overlaps that teammate's vehicle icon - the arrow also takes on his color (green if ally, orange if squad) Example pic: http://i.imgur.com/uvdIFns.jpg In vanilla, the difference is that: - the arrow stays white - the teammate's vehicle icon disappears (you only see the arrow) Example pic: http://i.imgur.com/jnbb3Rs.jpg How do I duplicate this behaviour in XVM? For now, I've set "selfIconAlpha": "{{player?100|0}}" so there's no arrow when spectating.
  14. {{v.rankCount}} seems to be fixed in build 7656. Not {{v.rankSteps}} though -- everything gives a value of 5 or 7. I have a tank which has 1 rank, 0 chevrons, and it shows 1 & 5, instead of 1 & 0. The tanks with nothing show 0 & 7, instead of 0 & 0. {{v.rankSteps}} seems to be showing the number of chevrons required for the current rank.
  15. I can't get either macro to display the correct values. I only get "0.0" with the following extraField: { "x": 3, "y": 29, "align": "left", "shadow": ${"def.goldShadow"}, "format": "<font size='12' face='$TitleFont' color='#FFFFFF'>{{v.rankCount|0}}.{{v.rankSteps|0}}</font>", "alpha": "{{v.level=10?100|0}}" }, Anybody else tried them? Build 7652.
  16. I decided to re-enable the minimapLabels after using vanilla labels for about 2 years. While editing my templates, I noticed that each time I rewind a replay, a set of duplicate labels will show up on the map. Left side: before rewind. Right side: after rewinding twice. Basically: - if a tank is visible and has moved after a rewind, its location before the rewind may become its "lost" location -- see 2x lost labels for platoonmate in Strv m/42, and VK2801 - if a tank did not move after a rewind, it may still get duplicate labels stacked on the same spot -- see BDR, Dicker Max and T67, where the shadows are very thick - not all tanks are affected -- compare enemy TigerP (not affected) against enemy KV2 (affected) Autoreloadconfig was enabled, but no changes were made to configs when these screenshots were taken / replay was rewound. (Edit: Issue also exists with autoreloadconfig disabled.) Configs + replay attached. Screenshots were taken shortly after BDR died. This is what you can achieve with multiple rewinds: http://i.imgur.com/6CeamCy.jpg (Also, the T67 continued to show as being lit even though he was not when SS was taken.) What can be done about this? minimap xc files.zip 20170615_0332_germany-G81_Pz_IV_AusfH_18_cliff.wotreplay
  17. Check the reserve tanks. I'll bet you had those as rentals previously and you set them as 'reserve'.
  18. For now, you can replace those macros with {{dmg?|18}} and {{dmg?|13}} respectively. (Also, try height of 18 instead of 20 for logBackground to get better alignment of the lines with background?)
  19. Yup. Thanks for taking a look at it though.
  20. No change when using VPN. python.log xvm.log
  21. Yeah it is server side, and varies from person to person (it's all luck).
  22. Logs attached. FYI the contact list issue persists even in vanilla client. Here is a post on the NA forums which includes ticket responses from WG that confirm that it's a problem on WG's end: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/545615-cannot-connect-to-chat-server-no-friends-lists/page__pid__11041553#entry11041553 python.log xvm.log
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