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  1. Spotted Sound

  2. Is there a way to play a sound when you are noticed in chat? For example if someone says "Torn around"? I always oversee that in fight!
  3. Spotted Sound

  4. Spotted Sound

    Hey, what do I need to to to change the enemy spotted sound once one appears on the map?
  5. Show Gunmark / Gunmark percentage in carousel?

    have the solution, thanks
  6. Show Gunmark / Gunmark percentage in carousel?

    any idea? Ok, found the reason was missing a comma before. But another problem: I was trying to show the Gunmark icon using this: // Gunmarks. { "enabled": true, "x": 1, "y": 41, "width": 20, "height": 18, "src": "img://gui/maps/icons/GunMarks/{{v.nation}}_{{v.marksOnGun}}.png" }, But the icon won't show up. Any Idea on that? Got the icon location of the internet. Has it been moved maybe? Or is it only shown when one has beeen archieved with that tank? Is there a way to show an empty gunmark icon if none has been archieved if so? I have some remains of Aslains Config in my config files and there it shows an MOE Icon when I hover over the tank (see Screenshot). But I cant find where the code for it is so I can try to use it. Any Idea on this maybe?
  7. Show Gunmark / Gunmark percentage in carousel?

    I found this before at the Internet and changed it a bit (x value and enabled line etc.) but it doesnt show...... // Sign of mastery. { "enabled": true, "x": 145, "y": 40, "format": "<img src='img://gui/maps/icons/library/proficiency/class_icons_{{v.mastery}}.png' width='23' height='23'>" }, // damageRating { "enabled": true, "x": 158, "y": 40, "format": "<font face='$FieldFont' size='12' color='{{v.c_damageRating}}'>{{v.damageRating%4.2f~%}}</font>", "shadow": ${ "def.textFieldShadow" } }
  8. Is there any way to show Gunmarks / percentage in carousel? Has anyone some code for it?
  9. My WN8 does not update?

    Can some xvm guy please give some info on what is planned with the WN8 to make it compareable?!
  10. Windows Firewall and XVM Ping

    Just noticed also the Ping.exe didnt work even I allowed it. Then found for some mysterious reason the firewall recognizes not the exe that pings. So you can either allow that ICMP traffic for ANY program to make it work OR you can allow it for specific programs and write "System" in the program path. Microsoft again..... Thanks anyway!
  11. Windows Firewall and XVM Ping

    But the automatically installed rule of WOT allows ALL protocols ?!? So ICMP should work as well. I don't really understand that..... EDIT: I now added a manual rule allowing all ICMPV4 and V6 on all ports tor the exe but same result no ping available. So it must be another reason. Sure there's no other exe or something used? Also tried all other exe in the WOT folder and subfolders no other result. Is it maybe using svchost or something? EDIT: Doesn't work either if I allow svchost
  12. Windows Firewall and XVM Ping

    I assumed that already and checked it but that one has all rights to access Internet (already when installing WOT a rule is automatically set). But I double checked it has full Internet access at any ports and protocols. Anyway the ping displayed at the WOT login screen works while the XVM on the same screen doesn't. So ther must be some difference. As soon as I disable Windows Firewall blocking outgoing traffic it works. But as said the wot exe has rightss to fully access the internet. See screenshot:
  13. Windows Firewall and XVM Ping

    Thanks but that exe is pinging?
  14. Windows Firewall and XVM Ping

    WOT has already both of it's Firewall rules if you install it. But XVM seems to use it's own method to ping
  15. I set my Firewall to only allow outgoing connections when I define a rule. Since then the ping in XVM doesn't work anymore. What program do I need to allow access? WOT and it's updater etc are allowed and WOT displays a ping. Already allowed Ping.exe but this didn't change anything