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  1. Alpha value / color for offline players

    Thanks, good idea! I by now did let the shadow on and choose a light grey instead black for the font. But someone from the XVM Team should be looking into this I'm pretty sure thats a bug in XVM. Can you pls, also give me some info on my other question? In the beginning of the game I see players that have not joined. But if someone disconnects in game (crash or similar) it seems not to show him offline. We tested that in a test game with my buddy purposedly pulling out his WIFI Stick so he lost connection. Even after a very long period of time (3-5 Minutes) he was still shown as online in game.
  2. Alpha value / color for offline players

    Another Problem: I tried to make the minimap color black when ready? == false (which works) and remove the shadow of the vehicle name in that case (to make it better readable). But: 1) If I add the macro in the global definitions (see attachment) it works in the beginning but as soon as the player comes online only the color changes but the shadow is still missing. or 2) If I add it to te local definitions all shadows of all players are removed from the beginning. Seems like a bug to me. minimapLabelsTemplates.xc 20180207_2324_china-Ch14_T34_3_28_desert.wotreplay
  3. Alpha value / color for offline players

    Thanks very much! It works while Battle loads but it seems once a player was in game and is loosing connection in game then it doesn't show it. My goal was to see if players are online if they don't move in battle at some time. Do I have to set something other so it updates maybe? Or is this not possible? The UI normally greys it out once a player isn't online anymore right?
  4. Alpha value / color for offline players

  5. Damagelog not showing shell type anymore

    Thx. I did look everywhere but didn't find it.
  6. Damagelog not showing shell type anymore

    Sorry that must have been Google translate. I translated the page to find the Edit button and he did translate my English back to German as I sent it. Can you somehow set this page so you see English buttons? - Above I said it really must have been an error me having not correctly copied the py folder. Thanks for your help!
  7. Damagelog not showing shell type anymore

    l10n.zip Habe schon in die deutsche Datei geschaut und gesehen, dass es einen Wert in APCR und ähnlichem gibt. Kopieren Sie nun erneut py_macro, testen Sie später und geben Sie eine Rückmeldung Scheint jetzt zu funktionieren, also nehme ich an, dass ich einen Fehler beim Kopieren des py_macro-Ordners gemacht habe, auch wenn ich sicher bin, dass ich es nicht getan habe .... Danke Leute.
  8. Damagelog not showing shell type anymore

    I Just updated to the latest version and deleted the regarding folders before copying them back from the latest XVM update. Will try to do it again maybe I did a mistake but I'm pretty sure that's not the case.
  9. Damagelog not showing shell type anymore

    Config folder attached Config.zip
  10. Damagelog not showing shell type anymore

    Noone that has an idea what could be the reason?
  11. My damagelog is no longer showing the shell type. It did work earlier and I did not change any at it as far as I remember. I think it stopped working 2 or 3 updates before. I did compare my damagelog.xc to the default one and checked all other config files that have "damagelog" in them but did not find the reason for it. As far as I remember ricochet etc. is shown if so. Another strange thing is sometimes he shows "HE" but then for all tanks shooting at me that time. (I already wondered why suddenly all are shooting HE at me....) Using the latest XVM and a german client. Any Idea? damageLog.xc hitLog.xc
  12. The vehicle name is greyed a bit if a player is offline or still loading. But it should be a bit more visible for me. So how do I change the alpha value (or give it a specific color like black) if someone of offline?
  13. TAB Player Panel config where?

  14. Where do I find the config for the player panel that appears when I ingame press TAB?
  15. Adding vehicle to battleloading messes screen up

    Thanks, found the regarding offsets