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  1. "tankStats": { "enabled": true, "layer": "top", "type": "extrafield", "formats": [ { // text block "updateEvent": "ON_MY_STAT_LOADED", "x": 560, //600 "y": 4, "width": 320, "height": 150, "screenHAlign": "center", //"shadow": { "alpha": 100, "blur": 1, "strength": 2 }, "textFormat": { "align": "left", "valign": "top" }, "format": "<font face='$FieldFont' color='#F0F0F0' size='15'><textformat tabstops='[{{l10n:137}}]' leading='2'></font>{{l10n:Gunmark}}: <font color='{{v.c_damageRating}}'>{{v.damageRating%-2.2f~%}}</font></textformat>" } I use this in my widgetsTemplates.xc, maybe it helps you.
  2. why not play in fullscreen? need less resources and doesn't look like a browser game. low screen resolutions on the other hand is another problem. @ktulho But anyway, thx for explanation.
  3. crew is visible, as I wrote on wednesday, with 3 rows, normal size, don't know, why so many peoples also in the EU board complain about this, just update to the latest nightly and it works.
  4. clock and date working as usual, you break something with your editor, check encoding settings.
  5. How do I get the old shape back from the minimap ping, by that I mean the square that covers the entire sector and not this inverted triangle with a point?
  6. @ktulho Tested the new script in random, skirmish, advance and clan war (fog of war). No error anymore. Thank you.
  7. get this error with the new script: 2020-10-31 21:03:53.975: INFO: 2020-10-31 21:03:53: [ERROR] mods/xfw_libraries/xfw/events.pyc 2020-10-31 21:03:53.975: ERROR: Traceback (most recent call last): 2020-10-31 21:03:53.975: ERROR: File "./xfw/events.py", line 57, in __event_handler 2020-10-31 21:03:53.976: ERROR: File "./xfw/events.py", line 24, in fire 2020-10-31 21:03:53.976: ERROR: File "res_mods/configs/xvm/py_macro\fragCorrelationBar.py", line 254, in __addVehicleInfoVO 2020-10-31 21:03:53.976: ERROR: update(vInfoVO) 2020-10-31 21:03:53.976: ERROR: File "res_mods/configs/xvm/py_macro\fragCorrelationBar.py", line 155, in update 2020-10-31 21:03:53.976: ERROR: playerTeam = BigWorld.player().team 2020-10-31 21:03:53.976: ERROR: AttributeError: 'PlayerAvatar' object has no attribute 'team' Edit: return to old script, no error as usual, expect the fog of war bug.
  8. Tested with the standard configuration. python.log xvm.log
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