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  1. Crew Auto Return no longer works. The Prestige icon cannot be hidden in the hangar, not even in the vehicle statistics. The option in hangar.xc is set to false.
  2. Are this updated scripts only for lesta? Because chancepenetration is not working anymore with EU client. Show no numbers, missing some flamethrower in the XVM log file.
  3. I also found the point, I didn't even notice it, the game is playable without any problems, no crashes or anything, so it won't be a big priority now. Not a distraction for me personally, nor from the modpack users. Just stay cool, keep playing, it will definitely be fixed at some point.
  4. with or without additional mods, no dot here and I play on EU WG
  5. Nothing to do with XVM, must be from another mod, I also use the OTM and have no problems. Just do a clean installation of XVM without additional mods.
  6. Is there a way, to move the position of the activator icon, for example to make it smaller and move to the old position?
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