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  1. Solved! xvm_integrity results: correct! Thx a lot for the fast solution.
  2. Thx for explaining, so its not a bug, it's fine for me. After adding the CRC sum to the hash_table, I get this info in xvm.log: xvm_integrity results: incorrect! hash mismatch in file: res_mods/mods/xfw_packages/xvm_sounds_addons/python/__init__.py But anyway, like you told before, its just a info.
  3. I use the fragannouncer V1, installed all the files from the xvm_sounds_addons folder, but after first start I get this error in the xvm log: xvm_integrity results: incorrect! extra file res_mods/mods/xfw_packages/xvm_sounds_addons/python/__init__.py and a additional file __init__.pyc was created inside the xvm_sounds_addons folder. The sounds are working, but where is the error? Edit: Could it be, that the macros in the xvm_sounds_addons folder are the wrong version? File __version__.py: __xvm_version__ = '7.6.9' __wot_version__ = '' __revision__ = '8518' __branch__ = 'default' __node__ = '76133ff00187bc5bc3334fa4995c531b25361fd5' Would a update solve the problem?
  4. I tried again with my own project and copied the license from wwp_1.0.2.0.zip from https://bitbucket.org/AstaRom/wwise_wg_project/downloads/ Now it works. Thank you for explaining!
  5. And where, I like to understand, what I did wrong so this won't happend in the future and maybe for some other sounds.
  6. Thank you very much, but where was the error?
  7. quake3.zip I tried to make a sound for battle start, after the timer is run down to 0:00.
  8. v2017.1.1 (64-bit) Build 6340
  9. I tried already before with Wwise v2017.1.1 build 6340 and get the same error. Now installed this vrsion again, make a complete new bnk file, load the game and replay twice, but same error again. The bnk file is in C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\mods\shared_resources\xvm\audioww and was copied after second start to C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\\audioww. xvm.log python.log
  10. I get this error in python log: RuntimeError: [LoadBank] Cannot load sound bank. Audiokinetic error code: 64 I made a soundbank with only one event with this version: Wwise v2017.2.5 build 6619 (x64) Whats going wrong, someone has a solution? Thanks. Edit: I made this with the tutorial from the first page, 1. Create a sound bank (container), * .bnk and I use the bnk in the sounds.xc
  11. too bad, but thanks for the answer.
  12. Thank you, problem solved. The too much spaces comes from copy & paste, from here and google translate. Is there another py_macro or similar solution to show the session WN8 like some session statistics mods? Or is an additional mod the only way for the moment?
  13. +1 ktulho, is it possible to add this for example: {{py:xvm.wn8SessionDay}} ? At the moment I can only use {{mystat.wn8}} from the statistics, but this shows the global WN8. Would be a nice additional feature and a good replacment for some time sessions mods. Another question, I use this code to show my already mentioned WN8 and my daily winrate. It works so far, but the winrate is not colored, stay white at 100.00%, played one battle. Where is the error? XVM log is clean, show no error. "format": "<font face='$FieldFont' color='#F0F0F0' size='15'><textformat tabstops='[{{l10n:137}},219]' leading='2'></font>\t{{l10n:WN8}}: <font color='{{mystat.c_wn8}}'>{{mystat.wn8}}</font>\t{{l10n:Winrate}}: <font color='{{c:winrate}}'>{{py:xvm.winRateSessionDay%.2f~%}}</font></textformat></font>" I use your example from post # 396270: <font color = '# {{py: xvm.dynamic_color_rating (\' winrate \ ', {{py: xvm.winRateSessionDay}})}}'> {{py: xvm.winRateSessionDay% .1f}} </ font> now looks like this in my config: "format": "<font face='$FieldFont' color='#F0F0F0' size='15'><textformat tabstops='[{{l10n:137}},219]' leading='2'></font>\t{{l10n:WN8}}: <font color='{{mystat.c_wn8}}'>{{mystat.wn8}}</font>\t{{l10n:Winrate}}: <font color = '# {{py:xvm.dynamic_color_rating (\' winrate \ ',{{py:xvm.winRateSessionDay}})}}'>{{py: xvm.winRateSessionDay%.2f~%}}</font></textformat></font>" but this give me some errors and no winrate is visible. xvm.log Thanks for helping.
  14. Heliomalt

    How to add {{friend}} and {{ignored}} in PlayersPanel

    This is my solution in the playersPanel.xc add this in the def section (I don't use an icon for nofriend) // Friend icon. "friend": { "enabled": true, //"hotKeyCode": 56, "onHold": "true", "visibleOnHotKey": true, "x": 70, "y": 5, "width": 12, "height": 18, "align": "center", "alpha": 100, "bindToIcon": false, "src": "xvm://res/icons/friend/{{friend?friend}}.png" }, // Ignored icon. "ignored": { "enabled": true, //"hotKeyCode": 56, "onHold": "true", "visibleOnHotKey": true, "x": 70, "y": 5, "width": 14, "height": 14, "align": "center", "alpha": 100, "bindToIcon": false, "src": "img://gui/maps/icons/library/{{ignored?marker_blocked}}.png" } this in the extraFields Left and Right in each panel, if you like it, I use it only at the large panel ${"def.friend"}, ${"def.ignored"} Hope this help you. Edit: I have this little problem, if a player is on my ignore list, I see also the standard icon from WG. How to remove/resolve this problem?
  15. Heliomalt

    How to add {{friend}} and {{ignored}} in PlayersPanel

    Can you please post your solution/code for the ignored. Tried different ways, can't get it working. Thank you.