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  1. Heliomalt

    [] [Fixed] Не работают шрифты

    working, fonts and sounds.
  2. Heliomalt

    [] [Fixed] Не работают шрифты

    you have to wait for the micropatch from wargaming
  3. maybe fixed with the second micropatch today? wait and try after another patch.
  4. Sounds not working since, but no error in the log: xvm.logpython.log Edit: Waiting for the second minipatch, we will see, if problem exists. Edit 2: Nevermind, working as before!
  5. Heliomalt

    [] [Fixed] Не работают шрифты

    Same problem here. Start the game only xvm.logpython.log After replay: xvm.logpython.log Sounds also not working.
  6. Heliomalt

    battleMessages средствами XVM.

    @Kotyarko_O Thanks for explaining and the fast fix. Edit: Work 100%, perfect job! Another question, is it possible to add an option, that all can see the teamdamage message?
  7. Heliomalt

    Иконки в ушах

  8. @ktulho Fixed for me since the latest micropatch, don't know why, but it works again without problem. Anyway, thanks for your time and help.
  9. Heliomalt

    battleMessages средствами XVM.

    The message for Team Damage does not always work and only I see the message in the chat, the other players not. The replay shows, the first time Teamdamage comes no message, the second time it works, but only for me. All other messages from this script work correctly. I have added 3 different log files, start the game, test in practice room and replay. python_first_start.log xvm_first_start.log python_practice.log xvm_practice.log python_replay.log xvm_replay.log 20181104_1208_france-F18_Bat_Chatillon25t_02_malinovka.wotreplay battleMessages.xc
  10. For your information, I have to test only the default config with the sighty.py and sight.xc installed, sphere permanently activated without hotkey, but again I see nothing. I tested again in the practice room, with different Arty replays, but always the same result. Strange, but it worked. Has a WG patch again destroyed something in the game?
  11. Yes, everything else work fine, except the sphere. And it work before a few patches with my config,
  12. Many Thanks. I wanted to test it now with a friend in the practice room, while I noticed that the sphereDispersion is no longer displayed, with or without dds file. I never play Arty, that's why I did not notice, but have not changed anything on the sight.xc since some patches. Does anyone else have a problem with sphereDispersion? xvm.log sight.xc python.log
  13. Is there a way to make the sphereDispersion more transparent?
  14. Heliomalt

    Request: Option to hide combat intelligence popup

    Thank you for your detailed explanation.