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  1. @night_dragon_on Thank you very much, I really appreciate that.
  2. @night_dragon_on Does this option also disable the sound? I've tried to use a replay and activated logging in the sound.xc to set the associated event to disable the sound, but unfortunately Dogtag does not work in replays.
  3. @Kotyarko_O I changed nothing in the xc file, but I do another test, I use the py and the xc file from the zip in the start post, use it together with a default xvm 7.9.7, nothing else. No clip message. battleMessages.xc xvm3.log python3.log @ xvm.xc I have cleaned the whole wot cache, inclusive xvm folder, fixed. I don't understand, why cleaning the cache fix this, strange. But anyway, thx for help.
  4. @Kotyarko_O I switch back to 7.9.7, use the latest battleMessages.py, thats the result: python.logxvm.log With py macro from May 11. there is no error:python2.logxvm2.log But on both version, no clip reload message anymore. This is strange, because it worked for month.
  5. @Kotyarko_O Thx for the update, but it seems clip reload is not working anymore, played one battle with the Lorraine, press two times C, clip is reloading, but no message in battlechat. xvm.log python.log 20190708_1638_france-F19_Lorraine40t_45_north_america.wotreplay
  6. @Kotyarko_O battleMessages.xc python.log xvm.log Added two new logs. The new logs from the corrected battleMessages.py from your bitbucket. Still not working.python2.logxvm2.log
  7. Is there a solution with the battleMessages.py? Only der Arty Message won't work. Rest is ok. Thanks.
  8. For some time, the number of players is no longer displayed in the login and in the hangar, it is only initialization. The ping is displayed correctly. XVM 7.9.7, WoT, XVM default *Edit. Seems fixed in commit 7f0f64d xvm.log python.log login.xc
  9. I translated the german language file completely in german for the Vehicle_EXP mod. I hope that helps someone. de.mo.zip
  10. For the second time, my update has been rejected since 1.5 on the Patchday, with the reason that the version is not correct, although I have already uploaded the update a few days earlier. Why does it take so long and why updates are always rejected when a new patch comes. Are they just lazy or intentionally? I'm tired of this bullshit, seriously.
  11. Since the latest update of the aiming script , they are some errors. Some information are moved to wrong position in arcade view and everything is moved out of center in sniper mode with the new script. Two screenshots are from the old script, two from the new. Build 9074 battleLabelSight.xc Old script New script
  12. Is there a fix for the mirroring vehicle icons in Frontline? Working fine in Random, but not in FL. "removeVehicleLevel": true, is set, also in the settings in the game.
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