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[1.15.0/8.9.5_0006] [Fixed] Couldn't use XVM Hangar Clock mod (xvm_formatDate LookupError: unknown encoding: cp950)

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hi, I used to use garage clock before.

But since released I couldn't use it anymore.


Me : Aslain, i can't use hangar clock, sent you my log.

Aslain : The issue is because of your windows locale encoding, for further help you have to report it to XVM devs forums. https://koreanrandom.com/forum/forum/57-xvm-english-support-and-discussions/

2021-10-28 17:37:56: [ERROR] Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "res_mods/mods/xfw_packages\xvm_pymacro\python\__init__.py", line 157, in process
    return (func(), deterministic)
  File "res_mods/mods/xfw_packages\xvm_pymacro\python\__init__.py", line 123, in <lambda>
    return (lambda: func(*args), deterministic)
  File "res_mods/configs/xvm/py_macro\xvm.py", line 61, in xvm_formatDate
    formatDate = formatDate.decode('utf8').encode(_defaultlocale)
LookupError: unknown encoding: cp950
arg='xvm.formatDate('%d %bu %Y')'


how to fix this issue?

thank you!

Edited by Mixaill

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1 hour ago, yepev said:

Probably you should wait a fix from @Mixaill. He fixed the bug before, but apparently something broke.


Thank you for your reply

It seems that I have to wait a little longer

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