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Rust crate for game's resources codecs and network protocol

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Hi! I've been working for a while now on a Rust (lang) crate that provides many codecs for WG's resources. The project is separated in two projects, the library and the CLI (which is new and currently not complete at all).


The library also contains a "network" module (feature-gated) where is currently implemented the backbone of the network protocol, which I have partially reverse engineered as of this writing. This is also the module that I would most like to have help with because I can't understand the login exchanges...


This project was inspired in the first place by SkepticalFox's work on compiled spaces.


I posted it here because the goal is to help mod and software developers working on WoT, tell me if this is not the right category.


Repo: https://github.com/mindstorm38/wg-toolkit-rs


Thanks for reading!

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