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  1. Back in the time we used a modified CameraNode.pyc (in res_mods/%version%/scripts/client/) which looked something like this: import BigWorld class CameraNode(BigWorld.UserDataObject): def __init__(self): BigWorld.UserDataObject.__init__(self) def load_mods(): import ResMgr, os, glob print 'WoT Mod Loader Started...' sec = ResMgr.openSection('../paths.xml') subsec = sec['Paths'] vals = subsec.values()[0:2] for val in vals: mp = val.asString + '/scripts/client/mods/*.pyc' for fp in glob.iglob(mp): _, fn = os.path.split(fp) sn, _ = fn.split('.') if sn != '__init__': print 'Executing: ' + sn try: exec 'import mods.' + sn except Exception as e: print e load_mods() By this method you could use your own scripts (in /scripts/client/mods/) without altering the original ones.
  2. You may use IniFile in a batch to set parameters before executing PjOrion: inifile.exe PjOrion.ini [PROTECT] LockAttributesReview=0 inifile.exe PjOrion.ini [PROTECT] ExecOnlyInWOT=1
  3. This is just NOT what I want to do as it affects the models visible during battle.
  4. Hi. I want to add some models to a hangar scene via python. It works fine with BigWorld.addModel() so far. But adding existing ingame models both the destroyed and undestroyed models are shown. Which looks annoying of course. Is there a way to select the state of the model without altering the model itself?
  5. " Unified Editor allows to create a new hangards for World of Tanks client. "
  6. A few patches ago the client does not read the scale option for hangar vehicles any more, so scaling is not possible. Did result in messed up display of chassis anyway. I think only way would be to scale up and reposition the hangar environment. Good luck.
  7. Unfortunately this still does not work for me. Transmission just closes: >>> Connection to WOT: v. build 128 [J:\Games\World_of_Tanks_EU\] >>> Start the game... >>> WOT-Transmission closed python.log (while GameCenter is running): WorldOfTanks(x86) (compiled at 16:24:56 Dec 4 2019) starting on Wed Dec 18 20:26:44 2019 2019-12-18 20:26:44.201: INFO: [Config] Command line: J:/Games/World_of_Tanks_EU/win32/WorldOfTanks.exe 2019-12-18 20:26:46.130: INFO: [SOUND] Start loading Main task 2019-12-18 20:26:46.130: INFO: [SOUND] Start loading Mod task 2019-12-18 20:26:46.210: INFO: Scaleform initialized 2019-12-18 20:26:46.219: DEBUG: Registering IME..., profile name( Ink Correction), IME file name() 2019-12-18 20:26:46.219: INFO: Unbound initialized 2019-12-18 20:26:46.718: INFO: WOT-Transmission initialization completed! 2019-12-18 20:26:46.727: INFO: You are in the __main__ module, use a WOT-Transmission menu command to work with the client 2019-12-18 20:26:46.730: INFO: ===================================================================================== 2019-12-18 20:26:46.817: TRACE: monkeyPatchOpen: BWUtil.monkeyPatchOpen: Patching open() True 2019-12-18 20:26:46.822: INFO: [Config] Default encoding set to utf-8 2019-12-18 20:26:46.824: TRACE: revertPatchedOpen: BWUtil.revertPatchedOpen: Reverting open() 2019-12-18 20:26:46.851: INFO: [PY_DEBUG] Release Client - Content Type: hd etc.
  8. Since 1.7.x I have the same issue. Tried with symlinks and without, with updated wottransmission.zip and the original one, started as admin, too. Sometimes the client starts, sometimes just a CTD. Tested on two different computers. Any ideas?
  9. Promotank isn't displayed no matter what is set in hangar.xc/hangar/showPromoPremVehicle (true or false) xvm:_hangar/python/__init__.py: # hide premium vehicle on the background in the hangar @overrideMethod(HeroTank, 'recreateVehicle') def recreateVehicle(base, self, typeDescriptor=None, state=ModelStates.UNDAMAGED, callback=None): if not config.get('hangar/showPromoPremVehicle', True): return base(self, typeDescriptor=None, state=ModelStates.UNDAMAGED, callback=None) Last line should be: base(self, typeDescriptor, state, callback)
  10. While we are waiting for a succesfull review on ModHub (which usually takes some time) you can download this beautiful thing at: http://www.goofy67-wot.de/hangar-premium-v2.html
  11. @[email protected] http://goofy67-wot.de/files/pkg/h18_bdtanks100_2016.pkg HTH
  12. @ Finister @ ribbed please remove: https://wgmods.net/1113/ Not authorized publication. Original here: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/439322- http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/439225- and here: http://www.goofy67-wot.de/hangman-english.php
  13. Sorry, only english: https://wgmods.net/1113/ Please remove, not authorized publication.
  14. goofy67


    Version 2.19: - solved problem with non-ascii-characters in game-path (like C:/игры/World_of_Tanks) - added fade-effekt in screensaver - added more options in settings-window (all concerning screensaver) - several minor bug-fixes - removed code and config-file for halloween2017-event And btw: The problem regarding non-ascii-characters in game-path does not only occur with cyrillic characters, but also with german umlauts (äöü , I am german), french, danish and what ever other special characters other languages have.
  15. goofy67


    Hello fellow friends, sorry for the inconveniences you have with this mod. Problem is that you have non-ascii-characters in your game-path ( C:/игры/World_of_Tanks ) You may create a new folder named 'games' (or something) and copy (or move, your choice) the World_of_Tanks-folder to this new directory and start the game from here. Or you wait for update, I'm currently working on this issue. Should come soon (hopefully...) Please be patient. Thank you. google translate: Привет друзья, извините за неудобства, которые у вас есть с этим модом. Проблема в том, что у вас есть не-ascii-символы в вашем игровом пути ( C:/игры/World_of_Tanks ) Вы можете создать новую папку с именем «игры» (или что-то еще) и скопировать (или переместить, по вашему выбору) папку World_of_Tanks в этот новый каталог и начать игру здесь. Или вы ждете обновления, сейчас я работаю над этой проблемой. Должен скоро наступить (надеюсь ...) Будьте терпеливы. Спасибо.
  16. goofy67


    Sorry for english: I'm aware of that, update will come soon. Only happens when XVM is installed, I think.
  17. All Color_Tex_dds have textures, but not all software can display them. Try Photoshop (with dds-plugin) and you'll see.
  18. \scripts\item_defs\vehicles\germany\g115_typ_205b.xml ?
  19. (sorry for english only) Ok, probably I'm too noobish for this Could you please provide a complete AS3-script, suitable for Flash-Develop? I would be extremely grateful!
  20. DEBUG: [GUI] (scripts/client/gui/Scaleform/Flash.py, 51): ERROR.GUI ('Error extracting object with linkage: DropdownMenuUI', ()) DEBUG: [GUI] (scripts/client/gui/Scaleform/Flash.py, 51): ERROR.GUI ('object with "DropdownMenuUI" linkage is not a component from library!', ()) DEBUG: [GUI] (scripts/client/gui/Scaleform/Flash.py, 51): ERROR.GUI ('object with "DropdownMenuUI" linkage can`t cast to [class DropdownMenu]', ())
  21. Adding DropdownMenu in 9.15.x: import scaleform.clik.data.DataProvider; import net.wg.gui.components.controls.DropdownMenu; var data : Array = new Array(); data.push({"label":"Item 1"}); data.push({"label":"Item 2"}); var dataProv : DataProvider = new DataProvider(data); ddownMenu = addChild(App.utils.classFactory.getComponent("DropdownMenu", DropdownMenu, { x: 10, y: 340, width: 200, itemRenderer: "DropDownListItemRendererSound", dropdown: "DropdownMenu_ScrollingList", menuRowCount: dataProv.length, dataProvider: dataProv, selectedIndex: 0 })) as DropdownMenu; Does not work in 9.16_CT: GUI(scripts/client/gui/Scaleform/Flash.py, 51): ERROR.GUI ('Error extracting object with linkage: DropdownMenu', ()) GUI(scripts/client/gui/Scaleform/Flash.py, 51): ERROR.GUI ('object with "DropdownMenu" linkage is not a component from library!', ()) GUI(scripts/client/gui/Scaleform/Flash.py, 51): ERROR.GUI ('object with "DropdownMenu" linkage can`t cast to [class DropdownMenu]', ()) Any ideas?
  22. goofy67


    Updated to V 2.9.3 for http://www.goofy67-wot.de/hangman-english.php
  23. goofy67


    (Извините, только на английском языке) If you want to know something special, ask the author. I'm sure he is willing to help...
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