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  1. is it possible to add RTPC_ext_turret_speed_rel ? I wanted to implement turret traverse accelerate/brake sound effect. ================================================== можно ли добавить RTPC_ext_turret_speed_rel? Я хотел реализовать звуковой эффект ускорения / торможения при повороте башни. never mind. found a crude solution.
  2. мой мод гусеницы гусеницы перестает работать в GameParameters/vehicles/new_physics/RTPC_ext_speed_scroll удален или изменен? как-то это снова сработало, должно быть, кеш-штука.
  3. I want to build a engine sound mod so would like to ask some questions, like is there any specific parameter required for a engine sound object? like a curve to correlate rpm to wav volume/pitch or cross fade across multiple wav for different rpm range? I made one back in the fev era and those do have some special properties tied to them. i wonder if there's similar undocumented requirement for wwise. ok solved. found some working RTPC parameters. made a simple demo using RTPC_ext_engine_load_global Я хочу создать мод звука двигателя, поэтому хотел бы задать несколько вопросов, например, есть ли какой-то определенный параметр, необходимый для объекта звука двигателя? например, кривая для корреляции оборотов в минуту / громкости / шага или перекрестного затухания на нескольких волнах для разных диапазонов оборотов? Я сделал это еще в эру fev, и у них есть некоторые особые свойства, связанные с ними. Интересно, есть ли подобное недокументированное требование для wwise. хорошо, это решено. сделал простую рабочую демонстрацию.
  4. Да, конечно. что намекает на это?
  5. Я могу помочь вам с экспортом модели, довольно просто. но это кошмар, чтобы развернуть UV и создать целый набор текстур даже с такими инструментами, как SubstancePainter. Не хочу трогать эту часть.
  6. An important sidenote, never name an object with the suffix "_hull" when using visualExporter. You'll receive error msg "You are exporting an object with portals into a non shell directory. If you continue this object will not be recognised as a shell" Object with that name was used as 'hull' definition for interior "shell" models which are not used in tank models. Using this name will invoke unnecessary boundary and dependency check and result in export failure.
  7. never mind. problem solved. <leadingWheelSyncAngle> must be non-zero. New problem. the tracks on my newly built chassis doesn't move. the same spline works fine on chassis modified from stock suspension(M103). seems the game recognized the existence of the spline track but control mechanism couldn't find the interface to actually drive the track. Some hidden switch inside the primitives file maybe? I already combed chassis.visual and VEHICLENAME.xml again for difference, didn't find a clue.
  8. I have a major problem with the new tracks format(spline). While I'm perfectly capable of building a chassis from scratch for the old track ( the one stored inside chassis.primitives cluster), I can't add the new segment based track onto my chassis if it is built from scratch via 3dsmax+BWplugin . I find it strange because I could manipulate the shape of this new tracks via the track.left etc. I can even attach these segment based track to non-HD tank like chi-nu. These new track works fine if attached to a modified stock chassis but as soon as I attach them to chassis completed built by my own, the track just wouldn't show. I know that if somehow "track.left" is messed up the game will simply ignore spline definition and roll back to the old tracks in chassis.primitive. But since my MOD didn't show the old track and that the same spline works fine in that chi-nu example, the problem is not within the new spline but inside the chassis.primitive i built. I'll gladly provide a sample of my 3dsmax project and MOD file. If only I can use the Private Message system of this forum (greyed out. Not sure why). It gives me an impression that there is something wrong in my procedure of building the chassis visual in 3dsmax. Maybe I missed a dummy node (not likely since I built the node hierachy exactly as stated in stock HD chassis) or there is a specific modifier required in order to enable the display of new track segments. Or even a binary hack if one can be identified. left track of this chi-nu is the sample spline track(a cubical loop traverse above and below ground ). working as intended. Right track has been intentionally tempered and the game rolled back to old format track This one shows the problem. Left track used the same universal spline like the chi-nu example but nothing is shown. Right track is illy composed just like last example to serve as reference. Right track has rolled back to default track format.
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