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  1. I tried several options but nothing works. Only standard sound is played Wwise: Xml:
  2. Hello, I have a problem, my sixth sense bulb does not work and I wonder where the problem is? Wwise: xml:
  3. It doesn't matter anymore, the problem is solved, it turned out that one of the sound files was damaged, I replaced the sound with another one and now everything works.
  4. After uploading the license in the Wwise project and new SoundEventInjector file , I encountered an error in python.log ERROR: [SOUND] Load sound bank: Guns.bnk. Result: Incompatible formats Wwise only sees old sounds before the game update. However, when I add new sounds to the project, the program does not see it and no sound is played in the game. What went wrong ?
  5. Hi, will there be a license in a separate file? There is probably an error in the file you uploaded because it says expires on 2022-04-01 in the docs folder
  6. I tested it but it doesn't work. Probably the names of these events are different.
  7. Where to find jet boosters event for the BZ-176 tank in the Wwise project?
  8. Hi, I have question How to set the sidechain effect in the program Wwise so that the effect suppresses the sounds of the environment, guns and engines during the game?
  9. Hi, what is the name of the script for the engine in the Pz.Kpfw. 35 R or where to look for it?
  10. Hi, what effect is this event responsible for?
  11. Hi, I have a question, how to make the sound of an explosion on the ground in the Wwise program?
  12. Idon't know if I've done everything right, the music doesn't play in garage
  13. Hi, doing a sound fashion, I encountered this problem in python log: 2020-05-14 12: 01: 39.637: INFO: [SOUND] Event 2166136261. Error The ID was not found can anyone help me?
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