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  1. ahh that rings a bell ??? last month i changed the Email address on my wargaming account due to my existing email address i had used for years (easy.com) had folded ? could this be something to do with it ? I can still login to xvm and see everything i should but its like the pc and the website are not in sync ? . when i press check activation in hanger nothing happens ? its either to do with different Email adress or could windows be blocking outbound traffic on the check activation ?
  2. I did what you said but still the same results , no stats as it looks like xvm not activated ? its really strange that website is showing activated but game is not ?
  3. I am getting this message in hanger and when i go to the xvm website the activate title is not working ?
  4. never mind there is now a mod to show vehicle wn8 value in garage that is accurate in picture below i am showing both old not to correct version and the new stand alone accurate version.
  5. i think so as nightly builds are working fine , latest nightly is all but fixed.
  6. ok i understand the above , but how do the stat sites calculate a vehicles wn8 value instantly ?
  7. i also have this atm, WN8 <font color='{{v.c_wn8effd}}'>{{py:math.mul({{v.wn8effd}},1000)%-4d|--}}</font> I seen it in the Ress config and used it for stats in garage ,but i dont think it shows the correct amount of wn8 ? does XVM not have a preset macro for vehicle wn8 that can be used in otms or hanger?
  8. i know we can have total wn8 or xwn8 for a player but can I add a macro for vehicle xwn8 in my carousel or battlelabeltemplates ? many stat sites have the vehicle wn8 values at a click of a button but it seems or i cant work out how to add it .
  9. I think you can set your spotted sound to any file in the ingame settings while in garage ?
  10. lol i read this wrong then , should this not be the ratio of wins to loss ? for instance 1.5 ? same as kill ratio, its not a percent its a ratio and should this not be win percent ? this would show percent as in 65% and not in a ratio if not its worded wrong
  11. read this post :- https://koreanrandom.com/forum/topic/39066-win8-totals-comparisson/
  12. i am using battle observer and it works fine for me, i cant remember where it is but there is a setting to show extended stats you need to set it to enabled or true.
  13. ohh no!!! @spaceman not to be sounding rude but your in way over your head here m8 , if you can read .xml your half way there ,i suspect you cant though. my advice is to take an indepth look at the default config and start to doctor that to your liking , to be honest default isnt half bad now what sounds do you want gone ? xvm doesnt do a lot of sound modding in default state.I have been writing my own configs for nearly five years and still learning about xvm and what it can do and the ways you are able to do things to achive the same results. its not just get a book and read to learn , xvm is so open that there are many ways to do the same thing ,someone may write ten lines of code to do a little routine , then see someone else has done the same only using one line of code ,its that type of thing ? so you take the better code and add it to your own config.
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