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  1. kupjones

    [] [Fixed] XVM appears to have vanished?

    Just a band-aid --- use the nightly build, then keep watch for the PROD release https://nightly.modxvm.com/
  2. or you can do it the right (on the edge) way and use the nightly build https://nightly.modxvm.com/
  3. So, first question -- have you tried allowing the WOT graphics engine to auto set all of your settings? I ask because vsync is not typically used or needed when running high end cards like the 2080. Also, I assume you have the Nvidia settings software installed. Did you manually change that or are the settings set to follow the demands of the application software?
  4. kupjones

    Armor penetration calculator

  5. kupjones

    Armor penetration calculator

    Yes, that would be it. Here you can see the functions exported (exposed) to XVM. This would be copied to the py_macro folder, as in "\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\configs\xvm\py_macro" @xvm.export('sight.piercingActual', deterministic=False) def sight_piercingActual(): return piercingActual @xvm.export('sight.hitAngle', deterministic=False) def sight_hitAngle(): return math.degrees(math.acos(hitAngle)) if hitAngle is not None else None @xvm.export('sight.normHitAngle', deterministic=False) def sight_normHitAngel(): return normHitAngle if (normHitAngle is None) or (normHitAngle < 0) else math.degrees(math.acos(normHitAngle)) @xvm.export('sight.armorActual', deterministic=False) def sight_piercingActual(): return armorActual @xvm.export('sight.c_piercingChance', deterministic=False) def sight_c_piercingChance(): return colorPiercingChance.get(shotResult, None) @xvm.export('sight.piercingChance', deterministic=False)
  6. kupjones

    Armor penetration calculator

    This line is your clue format": "<font color='{{py:sight.c_piercingChance}} Note the py:sight ...... code. This actually calls an external Python module that is no longer in the XVM distribution. Not sure where to get this python macro, i have an old copy but it does not include the listed functions. Maybe someone here has a copy that works. Or, try a non XVM mod like PMOD -- that is the pen calc that I use
  7. kupjones

    Help with Xvm config

    Odd, didnt move for me - and no errors either. In fact, nothing I do seems to effect these -- except turning them off in the WOT settings panel.
  8. kupjones

    DamageLog not showing LastHit under XVM 7.7.1?

    May not need to -- I ended up (why do I always do this second??) running my config in a scrubbed copy of WOT -- and LastHit shows up. Now I have to figure out why as I have not added any mods that I didnt have the last time. Updated ones, but nothing new. Sigh --thanks anyway
  9. My DamageLog config under the previous XVM version (for WOT was edited to only show the LastHit popup as I am using the in-game damage log. This worked quite well, a received hit resulted in a large popup message, until WOT 1.1 and XVM 7.7.1. Now, nothing. Im not too worried about this not being available -- but curious if my previously working version was a happy circumstance and was taking advantage of a bug -- that was fixed in 7.7.x. Anyone aware of any changes in the damagelog support that would have effected the LastHit support?
  10. kupjones

    Winrate and Pen not working

    Whenever there is an update to XVM you should ALWAYS copy everything in the archive to your game folder. How are you updating XVM now if you are not pulling everything from the archive? Its not too noobish to have modified the .XC files -- so be kind to yourself.
  11. kupjones

    XVM statistics in battle NOT WORKING

    It is a published, known issue -- on the download page XVM-7.7.1: [KNOWN ISSUES] * on the battle loading screen, vehicle levels can be shifted along the vertical axis * there is no player statistics on the Tab key
  12. kupjones

    statisticForm.xc (Tab Key) not working xvm-7.7.0

    well, there it is !
  13. kupjones

    statisticForm.xc (Tab Key) not working xvm-7.7.0

    post your xvm.log file
  14. Thanks @night_dragon_on. I thought I was following those -- but I will make sure I do this time. Appreciate taking the time out to answer!
  15. kupjones

    [1.1.0/8570] CarouselNormal.xc works weirdly

    Try fiddling with the cell sizes. These are what I have. I have found that some values get "pushed off the page" in odd ways. "normal": { // Cell width // Ширина ячейки "width": 185, // Cell height // Высота ячейки "height": 125, // Spacing between carousel cells. // Отступ между ячейками карусели. "gap": 5, // Standard cell elements. // Стандартные элементы ячеек.