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  1. widgetsTemplate config

    Yes. Didi you try adding the event directive to the bg code block?
  2. XVM String based coloring

    One way to do it: create new file "nick.xc" with the contents that define nickname alternative formatting /** * This file is used to change players names in players panels to multi colored formats */ { "nick": { // Changing the names of nicknames for the macro {{.nick.name.{{name}}}}. "name": { "kupjones": "<font face='gunplay'>KupJones</font>", // "kupjones": "<font face='gunplay'><font color='#FE7903'>K</font><font color='#F8F400'>U</font><font color='#D042F3'>P</font><font color='#02C9B3'>J</font><font color='#60FF00'>O</font><font color='#FE0E00'>N</font><font color='#FE7903'>E</font><font color='#F8F400'>S</font></font>", "sailorboy7982": "<font face='gunplay'>Sailorboy</font>", "playersname": ${"nick.name."} }, // color your clan nick {{.nick.clan.{{clan}}}}. "clan": { "[SOGG]": "<font face='$TitleFont' color='#02C9B3'>[TEST]</font>" } } } Add to "xvm.xc" boot file //create new nicknames "nick": ${"nick.xc":"nick"},
  3. XVM 7.1.0 -- Is there a problem with MYSTAT macros?

    I was afraid someone would say that. I can only get winrate to display how are you invoking them -- via widgets and the widgets template file? And are you running the prod version or dev version of xvm? Yes, under 9.20 they were working fine -- and mystat.winrate displays fine. Latest log attached. And I do see some warnings oops xvm.log ok, seems that I am not getting other stats -- so perhaps this is just a coincidence? a new XVM log file. In game it seems that I am not getting any player stats -- and I made sure my account is activated. xvm.log And........ now it is working -- so a coincidence. The XVM log now shows we are connecting and getting data. At least I now know what a failure to connect looks like. I guess I just happened to finish doing updates for SVM after 9.20.1 then tested and things were looking broken. Glad it resolved itself so quickly. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2017-10-20 02:22:15: [INFO] HTTPS: /4.0/getOnlineUsersCount/0 2017-10-20 02:22:19: [INFO] Time: 4193 ms, Size: 587 (587) bytes 2017-10-20 02:22:41: [INFO] HTTPS: /4.0/getToken/8b5f059c-****-****-****-********fe5b/1009337744 2017-10-20 02:22:41: [INFO] Time: 802 ms, Size: 361 (361) bytes 2017-10-20 02:22:41: [INFO] HTTPS: /4.0/getVersionWithLimit/8b5f059c-****-****-****-********fe5b/1009337744/400 2017-10-20 02:22:42: [INFO] Time: 857 ms, Size: 11671 (11671) bytes 2017-10-20 02:22:43: [L:008] onLibLoaded: gui/flash/guiControlsLobbyBattleDynamic.swf 2017-10-20 02:22:43: [L:009] onLibLoaded: gui/flash/guiControlsLobbyDynamic.swf 2017-10-20 02:22:43: [L:010] onLibLoaded: gui/flash/popovers.swf 2017-10-20 02:22:43: [L:011] onLibLoaded: gui/flash/IconLibrary.swf 2017-10-20 02:22:43: [L:012] [XVM:LOBBY] processView: lobby 2017-10-20 02:22:43: [INFO] HTTPS: /4.0/getStatsByNick/8b5f059c-****-****-****-********fe5b/NA/kupjones 2017-10-20 02:22:44: xvm_integrity results: correct! 2017-10-20 02:22:44: [L:013] [XVM:LOBBY] processView: hangar 2017-10-20 02:22:44: [INFO] Time: 1238 ms, Size: 16677 (16677) bytes 2017-10-20 02:22:44: [INFO] HTTPS: /3.0/getComments/8b5f059c-****-****-****-********fe5b 2017-10-20 02:22:45: [INFO] Time: 901 ms, Size: 1 (1) bytes
  4. So, under WOT 9.20 and XVM 6.9.x I used the following macros in the hanger to display players stats: {{mystat.winrate%4.02f}} {{mystat.wgr}} {{mystat.wn8}} {{mystat.avglvl%4i}} These displayed just fine -- until 9.20.1 release and the XVM 7.1.0 release. Now all I get is the value in mystat.winrate -- none of the other macros appear to be populated. The odd part, the docs indicate that nearly all of the mystat macros are TBD - yet they were working under 6.9.x. Is it that the macros are not currently being populated just like the docs indicate? Or perhaps something changed and my format line simply is no longer correct (where it was before.)? UPDATE: After some edits it would appear that, of these macros, only winrate is populated now. The others return empty strings
  5. The difference between {{t-winrate}} and {{v.winrate}}

    Ahh, thanks! I assume this is the right place -- but EDIT is greyed out even though I am logged in with an account. Apologies for not knowing my way around ... !
  6. Spotted Sound

    Not that I know BUT I would go looking in the game sound files wotmod file -- it is likely there and would require building a new sound file using the WWISE engine support and linking it to that event. But, that is just a guess on my part.
  7. The difference between {{t-winrate}} and {{v.winrate}}

    Soulza -- good point. Perhaps the guys can re-word the text in the macros file -- both show a "percentage", one is simply a lagging measure. I have been watching one tank in particular where my winrate has stabilized and the "live" measure is slowly catching up with the hanger measure.
  8. TRANSLATION: is in the unpacked form? Evil admins at work administration are selected Correct. Passes test when packed, passes tests when .exe is statically tested, ONLY triggers when the EXE is loaded into memory -- which in my mind is not a false-positive but a sign of a Trojan (intended or otherwise)
  9. Normally I would agree, however, the previous TIM .exe versions did not cause the virus engine to kick out and quarantine. So, something in the build is including something new that some think shouldnt be there
  10. The difference between {{t-winrate}} and {{v.winrate}}

    Ah -- makes sense. See? I knew there was a reason that I was not grokking! Thanks!
  11. The difference between {{t-winrate}} and {{v.winrate}}

    Got it -- at least now I understand why the disparity. Perhaps a change to t-winrate to take the value of v.winrate over the server? I find v.winrate to be entirely more accurate. OR, I am not seeing the reason for the two being different. Thanks!
  12. Other than one being available in the hanger and the other available in the battle interface, it looks like both should return the same value -- but they do not. So does anyone know if, in fact, these are measuring two different things? {{t-winrate}} │ X │ X │ X │ X │ X │ X │ vehicle win ratio {{v.winrate}} │ X │ . │ vehicle win rate (percent of wins on this vehicle) After all, a percentage IS a ratio!
  13. Avast shows this as infected as well. The last person to compile this needs to check their system, as prior trains were not infected. V128 is infected.
  14. Pudel premium tank icon not showing up

    Unfortunately, that latest version is infected with the Win32:Evo-gen virus