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  1. PigBrains

    [ 7.7.1 , 16.9.18 ] Hawg's Alternative XVM 1.1.0

    [ 7.7.1 , 16.9.18 ] Hawg's Alternative XVM 1.1.0 File Name : HawgXvm_9.16_1.1.0 - Added Personal Reserve Display ,Now you have more details of your personal reserves to view in hangar that are activated. - Added New HawgPen " Color " folder functions , inside Colors is Tank_Outlines , Border_Color , Rating_Colors,Inside HawgPen Folder > Color - 8 new HawgPen functions added . Total 272 - Added Outline Color ,You can change the Color of outline of the Enemy, Team,TeamKiller or Platoon , In the HawgPen You Have 25 Different preset colors to pick from in the HawgPen > Color > Tank_Outlines - Added New HawgPen Border_Color You can change the Color of Maps Border You Have 25 Different preset colors to pick from in the HawgPen > Color > Border_Color - Added New HawgPen Rating_Colors You can change the ratings colors form Super Unicum down to Beginner You Have 25 Different preset colors to pick from in the HawgPen > Color > Rating_Colors, you can change all 10 rating levels. - Fixed Hangar Clock Date display . - Moved Extra info over to the left in hangar it was overlapping mission banners. Personal Reserve Display Change the Outline Color for Enemy ,Team , Team Killer & Platoon - Fixed Icon Transparency on minimap -Added over 60 Hotkeys function , You can set on/off HotKeys for all most all Battle functions & All gunsights To set hotkey open the HawgPen folder if it has a HotKey.xc you can set the hotkey to turn on/off for each battle, Preset Hotkey Log Note : function must be turn on in HawgPen first before hotkey will work Added New Hangar Preset Hotkey Hangar Preset Hotkey Numpad 9 , will turn on/off Extra Tank info in Hangar Numpad 8 , will turn on/off the Middle Tank Stats Numpad 7 , will turn on/off Clock flag Background & show Camo for clock Numpad 6 , will turn on/off Camo Background Clock For Carousel Hotkeys ,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0, Q,W,E,R,T, These hotkeys will turn off most Carousel function Note: You can not change Hotkeys for Hangar only for Battle Hotkeys 12 Battle Hotkey Rest of battle Hotkeys you must set in HawgPen Preset Battle Hotkey For Battle, you can change Hotkey in HawgPen Tank_HP Bar , Default HotKey NUMPAD ( 9 ) WN8 , Default HotKey NUMPAD ( 8 ) Pen_Chance , Default HotKey NumPad ( 7 ) Daily_Battle_Record , Default HotKey NUMPAD ( 4 ) Wn8_Win_Chance , Default HotKey NUMPADMINUS ( - ) WN8 , Default HotKey NumPad ( / ) AimTime , Default HotKey NUMPADSTAR ( * ) AutoAim_All_Informer_Markers , Default HotKey NumPad ( 5 ) Tank_Battle_Count , Default HotKey ( P ) Tank_Win% , Default HotKey ( O ) Battle_Timer_Flags & Tank Name , Default HotKey ( I ) Tank_HP , Default HotKey ( L ) DOWNLOAD Thanks to ktulho for making py_macros for the recent addons
  2. PigBrains

    Stock green SPG Mini Map Rectangle

    Thanks for information .
  3. Is there any way to change the color and the thickness or turn it off , the stock green SPG Mini Map Rectangle ?
  4. PigBrains

    1.1.0 Consumable,Shells,Equipment Informer

    Im just going to start only do 1 post for all my mods Hawg's 64 Mods 1.1.0 Index https://koreanrandom.com/forum/topic/46505-hawgs-64-mods-110-index/?tab=comments#comment-439679
  5. PigBrains

    Hawg's 64 Mods 1.1.0 Index

    This is a quick Link to all of Hawg's 1.1.0 Updated mods , 64 Updated mods that are on Hawg's Main Project Page XVM (5) Damage Mods (9) Mini Maps (4) HawgXVM Glass Damage Panel Hawg's MiniMap HawgPack Needle Damage Indicator V2 Spg - TD -Passive Scout- Tactical Minimap's Hawg's XVM Nickname Icons V1 Damage Indicator Tactical Battle Loading MiniMap's Arty MiniMap Aim Paint Balls Damage Passive Scout Tactical MiniMap Hawg & 150 6th Sense XVM Bulbs V2 Damage Indicator Target Arrow V1 Needle Color blind Damage Indicator V1 Sixth Sense (7) Target Arrow's V2 I am Groot 6th sense &  + Sound ColorBlind Paint Ball Damage Contours Icons (1) Achievement Medals 6th Sense Real Time Contour Icons ++ 101 Sixth Sense Sound's Mark of Excellence (2) NEW Hawg & 150 6th Sense No XVM Bulbs Army Rank Mark Of Excellence Consumable,Shells,Equipment Informer Suaron 6th sense + With Sound Mark Of Excellence HawgPack Lite Sabaton 6th sense Cobra 6th sence Tank Carousel (4) Sky & Clouds (1) Tank Carousel LED Lights Blue Sky Carousel Flags Remover Battle Results ( 18 ) Carousel Flags Other (8) BW Battle Results No Carousel Tank Icons Radial Menu Tank Battle Results Login (3) Battle Timers Darth Vader Battle Results Game Loading Screens Colored Pre Battle Timer Cobra Battle Results Hawg's Login Screen Shells By Lynnpaul Pin Up Girl Battle Results Hot Beach Patry Hawg's Flag Emblems Simple Black Window Battle Results Hawg's UnderWater Timer Simple Rustic Steel Battle Results Crewman (1) Base Cap Circles V.1 Leviathan Battle Results Invisible Man Crewman Base Cap Circles V2 Skulls Battle Results Wonder Woman Battle Results Grim Reaper Battle Results Fire Battle Results Marvin The Martian Battle Results USA Flag Battle Results Sabaton Battle Results Trump's Battle Results Minnion Battle Results UK Flags Battle Results
  6. PigBrains

    [ 7.7.1 , 16.9.18 ] Hawg's Alternative XVM 1.1.0

    [ 7.6.11 , 8.18.18 ] Hawg's Alternative XVM Change Log Added Hawg's Clan War Map Builder -Xvm .Is a Tool to build Tactical Maps, for Your Clan to View in Battle and to help Prepare for ClanWars .This mod is a must for all Clans Officers. This function has all the Maps, with Coordinates & Grid..Also it comes with 60 Different Tactical Icons In a Folder,This is simple tool to use, Just Pick which map you want to Build ,Right click map ,Open with "Photoshop" or "Paint.net" or any other Photo SoftWare ,Than click "Paste" or "layer"tab,than click "Paste From",Than pick the Folder Named "Icons".Than all you do pick your icon you want than placeit on the minimap at the location you want.After you place all the icons you want on map Than save as a ".png".Place your Tatical minimap into Hawgs Xvm : Path folder IsWorld_of_Tanks > res_mods > configs > xvm > ClanWar.After your done making your Tactical Map, you can Share the map with your clan,Than Prepare for War & win the Gold!!! Hotkey (N) to change hotkey or to turn off is In HawPen > Battle > Hawg_Tacitcal_ClanWar_Maps -Added Hawgs Tactical Spg ,TD , Passive Scott Minimaps ,Hot key (M), to change Hotkey or turn off located in Hawgpen> battle >Hawg_Tacitcal_Maps. Alt Files Moved All Alt files for PlayersPanel HP Bar Are now Located In HawgPen > ALT > PlayersPanel You must turn Off Normal PlayersPanel In HawgPen > ALT > PlayersPanel > _Normal ,before you turn on any ALT PlayersPanel with HP Bars. All Alt files for Clocks Are now Located In HawgPen > ALT > Clocks You must turn Off Default Hangar Clock In HawgPen > _MainFrame > Clocks > HangarClock before you turn on any ALT Clocks Alt file " Add this Just Damage & Stun Efficiency " Is now Located In HawgPen > ALT > Battle > Battle_Efficiency_Stun You must turn Off Default Efficiency In HawgPen > Battle > Battle_Efficiency, before you turn on Battle_Efficiency_Stun New ALT File - Added New Alt File "Alt Splasher" Tank name is now Pink - Removed Alt files , Alt Clocks, PlayerPanel HP bar, & Alt Stun Eff - Added 27 new HawgPen Folders 18 ALT folders & " Battle " > , Battle_Timer_Flags , Tank_HP Thanks to SmashPuppet for Ideal of Minimap functions DownLoad
  7. PigBrains

    [ 7.7.1 , 16.9.18 ] Hawg's Alternative XVM 1.1.0

    Thur 8/9 Xvm 7.6.11 -Added Tank WinRate to battle, Turn on /off in HawgPen ( Great For Twitch ) -Added Tank Battles to battle, Turn on /off in HawgPen ( Great For Twitch ) - Added In battle timer flags, the battle timer has a background of the tank your playing nation flag and tank name beside the flag. ( Great For Twitch ) Default is turn on . In HawgPen you can turn off. ( Great For Twitch ) - Added Tank HitPoints to battle in lower Middle of screen Default is on . In HawgPen you can turn off. - Added Sever Display in battle Default Off ,Turn on /off in HawgPen ( Great For Twitch ) - Had to replace the German Clock Flag due to WG said it could be offensive to some , Replaced with Iron Cross Flag. - Added 5 new HawgPen Folders both inside " Battle ", Battle_Timer_Flags , Tank_HP Tank_Battle_Count Tank_Win% , Server .HawgPen Folders total 237. - Added updated Contour Icons with new Poland tanks. Battle Timer Flag (New Server Function Not Shown ) DOWNLOAD
  8. PigBrains

    Tanks Speed

    I was looking in doc for tanks speed macro , Is there a macro for tanks speed & tanks top speed in battle ?
  9. I took the py_macro infoAutoAim.py I added this to markersAliveNormal.xc }, "auto_AIM_vehicle": { "enabled": true, "updateEvent": "PY(ON_CAMERA_MODE), PY(ON_AUTO_AIM), ON_CURRENT_VEHICLE_DESTROYED", "x": "{{py:sight.cameraMode=arc?0|{{py:sight.cameraMode=sn?0}}}}", "y": "{{py:sight.cameraMode=arc?-90|{{py:sight.cameraMode=sn?-90}}}}", "align": "center", "width": 41, "height": 41, "alpha" : "{{alive?{{py:sight.autoAimVehicle?100|0}}|0}}", "format": "<img src='cfg://HAWGS/img/battle/m_autoaim.png'>" }, added to both ally & enemy ${ "def.auto_AIM_vehicle" }, it refers to this png I have tested this over and over . It now will show png file when someone has auto aim lock onto them from another player But it will only when I activate auto aim myself on someone. How do I get it to show all the time , I have tried "updateEvent": " ON_EVERY_SECOND", It still only shows when my auto aims is actvated Any ideals ?
  10. PigBrains

    [ 7.7.1 , 16.9.18 ] Hawg's Alternative XVM 1.1.0

    [ 7.6.8 , 7.16.18 ] Hawg's Alternative XVM - Added Tank Nation Flags to Battle Loading & SatisticForm (when you push Tab in battle ) Battle Loading flags will only show, When in Game settings Battle loading tips are set to Text only - Added Number of Battles in players Tank ,In BattleLoading - Added Xvm Daily Battle Record Default is On , To Turn off is in Hawgpen - Added 5 new HawgPen Folders Added 1 To Battle - Daily_Battle_Record Added 1 To Battle_Loading - Battle_Loading_Tanks_Nation_Flag Added 3 to Stats_Form(_tab_button) - Player_Nation_Flag - Tanks_Nation_Flag - Xvm_Users Tanks Nation Flags Download
  11. PigBrains 7.8.18 Hawg Pack 7.8.18 Hawg Pack Download
  12. PigBrains

    [ 7.7.1 , 16.9.18 ] Hawg's Alternative XVM 1.1.0

    [ 7.6.7 , 7.11.18 ] Hawg's Alternative XVM Update XVM 7.6.7 Download
  13. PigBrains

    1.1.0 Hawg's  Needle Damage Indicator V2 Update ready
  14. PigBrains

    1.1.0 Hot Beach Party Login Update ready
  15. PigBrains

    1.1.0 Hawg's Battle Timers Update ready