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  1. Left something in TS . your room year.xc and tank.xc

  2. point one five

    Need Help ,How to make format read a text.xc ?

    told you we could use widgets
  3. point one five

    Need Help ,How to make format read a text.xc ?

    Well PigBrains I hope this works for you. This should work on speed as well?
  4. point one five

    capture bars

    thank you, I enjoy watching what you do with your mods.
  5. I know this is off topic but can someone tell me what file the capture bars are in. (res/packages/gui/flash/?) I had them back during 0.9.19.x and WoT moved them and now, well, does anyone know where they are. Thanks
  6. point one five


    Reading the topic "flag hidden problem" made me think of something I would like to do. Can a hotkey be used to control the flag filter? Rather than "enabled": true/false, only? If not would be a nice touch!
  7. point one five

    widgetsTemplate config

    Well damn, I should have known. But hey, thanks, I knew you would know and have a great new year.
  8. point one five

    widgetsTemplate config

    When widgets and widgetsTemplate were add to the configs I add a clock with bg Image to the login file. (login page). I think when 7.2.1 came out the bg image stopped working. Has anyone else had this happen to them?