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  1. capture bars

    thank you, I enjoy watching what you do with your mods.
  2. I know this is off topic but can someone tell me what file the capture bars are in. (res/packages/gui/flash/?) I had them back during 0.9.19.x and WoT moved them and now, well, does anyone know where they are. Thanks

    Reading the topic "flag hidden problem" made me think of something I would like to do. Can a hotkey be used to control the flag filter? Rather than "enabled": true/false, only? If not would be a nice touch!
  4. widgetsTemplate config

    Well damn, I should have known. But hey, thanks, I knew you would know and have a great new year.
  5. widgetsTemplate config

    When widgets and widgetsTemplate were add to the configs I add a clock with bg Image to the login file. (login page). I think when 7.2.1 came out the bg image stopped working. Has anyone else had this happen to them?