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  1. No, this is old code that I wrote before I realize that XVM already provides the WN8 expected values to Python scripts. It's still there (but commented) just in case I need something similar for the config.
  2. Indeed, I was too lazy to decide in which XC file to put the settings, so it's only in the Python file yet <_<
  3. That's probably explained there. From what I understand from the Google translation, the XVM devs think that the v30 expected values have been rigged. I'm not sure why they believe that (it was true for v29 though), but anyway, v30 values are meaningless so it's a good decision. Hopefully, if the XVM devs manage to find out a way to compute fair and up-to-date WN8 expected values, other sites might use them as well instead of the ones from wnefficiency...
  4. Aw right, typical float/integer programming mistake. It's fixed in latest version, which also uses overall WN8 by default now (set useTankRating config key to True for the old behavior).
  5. Apply the following changes or just use konrad509's version (he did exactly the same thing). I would have done the exact same changes :) Do you have an example of wrong ratio (like which sums produce which wrong ratio)? My graphic card died, so I can't check it out with WoT currently, but I can probably figure out what's wrong from samples. BTW, this macro does not handle players with no WN8 very well. It just ignores them, which is probably wrong as it's like considering they have a WN8 of 0 (they are probably newbies, but 0 is still too low). Of course, this impacts the WN8 sums comparison and ratio. I'm open to suggestions...
  6. Interesting, so now all tanks of the same tier and type have the same expectations That sounds so wrong... Anyway, XVM still uses the v29 of expected values, and no other sites use the "new" values yet, so I doubt this is the reason for OP question.
  7. I did something similar to compensate the lake of win chance. It shows the accumulated WN8 of both team and the ratio (it looks ugly on screenshot but not in game): If you want to use it: download that script and put it in res_mods\configs\xvm\py_macro edit battleLabels.xc and change it that way: { "labels": { ... "formats": [ ... , ${ "battleLabelsTemplates.xc":"def.teamRating"} ] } } edit battleLabelsTemplates.xc and change it that way (and customize to your needs): { ... "def": { ... ,"teamRating": { "enabled": true, "updateEvent": "PY(ON_UPDATE_TEAM_RATING)", "x": 230, "y": 2, "shadow": { "distance": 1, "angle": 90, "alpha": 80, "blur": 5, "strength": 1.5 }, "textFormat": { "size": 15 }, "format": "Team WN8: <font color='{{py:alliesAliveRatingRatio>=0?#00EE00|#EE0000}}'>{{py:alliesAliveRating}} {{py:alliesAliveRatingRatio=0?=|{{py:alliesAliveRatingRatio>0?>|<}}}} {{py:enemiesAliveRating}} ({{py:alliesAliveRatingRatio}}%)</font>" } } } Note that this takes into account the WN8 of the current vehicle of each player instead of the overall WN8 of each player, unless the player played less than 100 battles with that vehicle.
  8. If you are referring to the XMQP thing, this is the latter: it needs to be implemented in Python (not in .XC files) and it won't work unless other players in your team also have it (because it would rely on teammates reporting HP information about enemies that are within their visible area). So, unless it gets added to official XVM releases, it's useless in random battles.
  9. I might be wrong, but AFAIK, the server only sends information about tanks that are within your visible area (the red circle) to prevent cheating. The only information it sends about enemies outside this area is whether they are alive or not, and their approximative location on the (mini)map when they are spotted, so your game has no information about their HP. What you suggest could be implemented using XMQP though.
  10. 2 translations, 2 different meanings about the py_macro part, and the last part is still unclear (what is the "familiar old version of the display" supposed to be?). I guess Vlad's translation is the most correct, and Google's translation is crappy as usual... Well, thanks anyway, I guess we'll just have to wait for related commits to understand what all that mean.
  11. I'm also interested by a proper translation of that message (especially the last part about py_macro), because Google and Bing translators did a poor job :(
  12. It works out of the box for me. Tell me if you encounter issues.
  13. @HekePrkl: that's a good suggestion, but I need time to add it. @Aslain: I guess this comes from other mods that either use the chat to print custom messages or modify chat messages (like this addon does). I could tell more with a replay, but unless this addon does not work as expected, this should be a harmless warning which do not appear in latest version (unless you change the default logging level).
  14. I've checked the replay and the warnings are harmless. Download the latest version of the mod and they should go away. Note that if you want the arty names to be colorized as well in these messages, you should make sure they have the same format as player names (that is, something like "player_name (vehicle)" instead of "vehicle (player_name)").
  15. @yoyo070: can you provide a replay where this happens please?
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