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  1. Ahhh i thought is about some old model from previous versions. Sorry :D
  2. Simple, open visual processed or visual file , find the name of the material who has _d or d_ and remove the shader line.
  3. Wrong! Creating a new hangar, not an converted one, decals will be generated i will try a trick to see if it work with converted ones. Water can be added manualy from helpers/misc/water.xml ,add flow map and amplitude map from original folder(ex:spaces\hangar_v3\water),reflection can be added mannualy(helpers/lights/environment_probe.xml for local water(reflection only in defferend graphic settings) or helpers/lights/environment_probe_water_gl.xml for global water(reflection in deferred and forward graphic settings or standard and improved settings) , and yes the border line is incorected added( only main 4 chunks 00000000o/0000ffffo/ffff0000c and ffffffffo). So, if you had constand error for 5 times while saving as "not yet implemented", get a xml editor and : 1. open flora.xml and edit it rename first line from <flora.xml> to <root> and the last one </flora.xml> to </root> this will pass an error. 2. open environment.xml fron environments folder and as up rename first line from <environment.xml> to <root> and the last one </environment.xml> to </root> this will pass another error. 3.open each folder of environment, inside you have individual environment settings as environment.xml and repeat by opening and editing the first line like it is writen up. 4. you can also do same thing to camera_effects.xml. Now almost error will not be visible, but WE still crashing because of terrain i think, but that is another story.
  4. Hi, i've tried before, but not to create new ones, tried to convert old ones, but no luck :( they will be not compiled. I've export them with Bigworld editor 1.0.2 from bin to vfx and eff, they were working in UE but no compile after, also if you take old particle .xml from envirnoment and rename the extension .eff they also will work. Maybe if we can create an mod.pyc to load old particles from .bin ...
  5. Select the third or fourth fifth icon on the main menu i don't remember exactly, i'm not on pc right now, and increase brush size to 1000 and hold middle mouse button on terrain. Holes will dissapeare and save.
  6. Hi, i'm using this xml editor https://github.com/mikeoverbay/XML_Editor This tool is made by @Coffee_.
  7. Hey @SkepticalFox i found that the outland terrain is messed a little by your unpacker, instead of addind line max to bounding box(i guess this is it), is adding again min. if you don't understand it i prepare some screen shoots: with this config terrain will appear only 25 %. and with this terrain and outland will appear correctly Can you check where is the issue when is compile the space.setting? Also global probe(main probe of lighting) and sh_grid is not compyled by you tool and water.xml . Thank you.
  8. Wow, i know this hangar for a while, for a WIP is just perfect <3 when you have time teach me some small things for animations.
  9. You're welcome. :) i can't wait to see your hangar, or at least screen shots wit him in WIP stage.
  10. I use the colissionplane.model from hangar_v3. Like this no tracks will no pass under other model, that also keep camera not to get throught.also you can use that setting inside the .visual file from colissionplane.
  11. You cannot load maps, because old maps are reworked into the new ones, so either you use @SkepticalFox tool to decompyle a map you will get only the terrain and not the object possitions.
  12. I'm working on it :) Drag and drop it from external folder, Asset browser does not allows you to use it. Assets also working only if you change the view list fo grid. Only then you can add directly from assets.
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