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  1. Hi, i'm using this xml editor https://github.com/mikeoverbay/XML_Editor This tool is made by @Coffee_.
  2. Hey @SkepticalFox i found that the outland terrain is messed a little by your unpacker, instead of addind line max to bounding box(i guess this is it), is adding again min. if you don't understand it i prepare some screen shoots: with this config terrain will appear only 25 %. and with this terrain and outland will appear correctly Can you check where is the issue when is compile the space.setting? Also global probe(main probe of lighting) and sh_grid is not compyled by you tool and water.xml . Thank you.
  3. Wow, i know this hangar for a while, for a WIP is just perfect <3 when you have time teach me some small things for animations.
  4. You're welcome. :) i can't wait to see your hangar, or at least screen shots wit him in WIP stage.
  5. I use the colissionplane.model from hangar_v3. Like this no tracks will no pass under other model, that also keep camera not to get throught.also you can use that setting inside the .visual file from colissionplane.
  6. You cannot load maps, because old maps are reworked into the new ones, so either you use @SkepticalFox tool to decompyle a map you will get only the terrain and not the object possitions.
  7. I'm working on it :) Drag and drop it from external folder, Asset browser does not allows you to use it. Assets also working only if you change the view list fo grid. Only then you can add directly from assets.
  8. Man, I am crying :(, working 2 times for 1 hangar... lost time twice....ehh i don't have anything else to do so i will rescale everything and reposition all(models,particles,lights,shadows probes,decals.etc and etc end etc). Anyway thanks for people who keep supporting me.
  9. Go to gun.visual_processed, open it with a xml editor, find section That is only a quick fix. Also watch your language.
  10. Don't ruin my dreams :(((( that means rescale hole hangar. and not only tank position. That is not the same issue. Here we talking about hangars, not skinned guns. So wrong topic.
  11. Hello, I don't know if this is the correct topic or not, but I kinda need some help. I just converted Hangar Igr(aka bat cave) I used the original chunk files, thing is that the models have the scale 1.0 in original one and the tank has 0.5.but after adding the tank position and scale, the scale parameter is not working anymore in actual version of WOT. So, since i used original 3d models of the hangar scale is 1.0, tank should have scale size 0.5., in editor everything is ok but in game is not working. The game ignore the parameters from space.bin(the scale ones) and load the model at 1.0 scale. Can anybody help me keep the size in game that i added in editor?
  12. I tried to add models in UE from asset browser but the models are blocked. So, i'm using WE lite 1.7.0 to add and create models and UE for conversion. How to open a space with UE? Well, only working way is to copy the files that you used for your previous hangar to UE res folder, then go to spaces folder, search the space.setting file and click right/open with/ and search the exe for UE.
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