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  1. @Mixaill Can you confirm to us if we will receive the updated UE for 1.22? I've tried the hangars on CT but they are not working. They work only on
  2. No i'm not gonna make especially for those, i'm sick of people who stole mods.
  3. My hangars work witour a problem. Either you create a prefab file for every single hangars either you embded them in chunk they will work. You just need to know how xml work.
  4. No it's not. We need to use the .prefab for every single hangar we have.
  5. must be added in every single chunk or just in one? i hope it works in global.chunk Thank you.
  6. It is compatible, my hangars are still working with this version.
  7. You just need to add road.xml from asset and there you can choose your textures.
  8. Search for DDS Converter, export them into .png as is writen in the .visual file, check also that in visual file you will find some lines wich ask for .atlas and not .atlas_processed. I tried to rename the .atlas_processed into atlas but i did not had any great results either.
  9. The atlas umpacker works ,but the result are at a very low resolution, so you may not have some great results. But you don't need it to see it like in game in editor because after you compile the space and test it it will use the already compiled ones from the game so there will be no problem , they will be displayed correctly. So it's useless to edit each individual .visual by changing the .atlas into .dds. Plus, after the space is compiled the destructible objects like fences, trees, cars,etc will not work,you will go through them, only the static objects will keep their solid collision. I've just compiled the "winter" malinovka for test and i had the upper results.
  10. @SkepticalFox _ This works very good with models and textures extraction. I like this idea to create a map specific unpacker. I usually just extract the entire game, rename all .visual_processed and .primitive_processed with powershell commands, and use your tool to unpack specific space map, but it take some time. I create a copy of your get_space_bin_for_tests.py and tried to add some lines to extract specific files like space.settings and {name}.cdata_processed for pkg_path in packages: name = pkg_path.stem try: with ZipFile(pkg_path, 'r') as zf: zf.extract(f'spaces/{name}/space.bin', './') zf .extract(f'spaces/{name}/space.settings', './') zf.extract(f'spaces/{name}/{name}.cdata_processed', './' ) print(pkg_path) except: pass For some "technical" reason there is no extraction datas for .cdata_processed, but for space.settings it worked.
  11. @Mixaill since this version is so broken that we cannot open it, will we recieve the version for Tried to convert the hangars without entering in the app, by clicking the compile_spaces.cmd, and added the hangars into the CT and they are not working anymore. So if the hangars are not working with UE_1.11.1 and neither with UE_1.12.0.0, there should be UE_1.12.1.0 comming soon right? If those are helpfull for fixing UE_1.12.0.0, here are all error that appear while launching.
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