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  1. I tried to add models in UE from asset browser but the models are blocked. So, i'm using WE lite 1.7.0 to add and create models and UE for conversion. How to open a space with UE? Well, only working way is to copy the files that you used for your previous hangar to UE res folder, then go to spaces folder, search the space.setting file and click right/open with/ and search the exe for UE.
  2. I don't say that is not working, is not compyle spotlights and omnilights, lights inside of a building. for exterior hangars like Hangar v3 we can use SUN light.
  3. No more tank position in hangar button No hide everything button No more create duplicate space or at least save as button. :( Can this be fixed? At least at the next update.
  4. Thank youuuu Sir!!! Can't wait to get home to check it 😍❤
  5. @SkepticalFox will you update this tool? I want to convert the ny hangar 2020 but without all festive atmosfere.
  6. I discovered something, to bad that i discovered now, it's about viewing the particles in game once you added in We. You need to work your hangar in WE 1.2.2(but delete particles from folder resources_wg and copy the particles folder from WE 1.7.0), when you work in WE 1.2.2 you will be able to see the particles and even work with it(position the tank in hangar is not working so do it in 1.7.0), then after you worked the hangar, go in space folder copy your hangar in WE 1.7.0 open it and save it once, then exit and compile it. After that you need to search particles(i reffer at old hangars, some of the new ones are still in game) that you used in your garage and put it in your mod. Clear? I mean it helps you?
  7. Good, because actual version of WE lite works with the new update.
  8. @Mixaill how much will be delayed? The WE lite work ok for version CT, i guess there is no worry yet.
  9. Hello everybody, Can someone help me with conversion of some textures(.dds format from dxt3 to dxt5) and conversion from old version to actual engine. It is about decals_pbs.Some of them are allready converted, i need others to complete the hangars.
  10. So thats way i cannot update the hangar :( with WE lite. Can i update with your tool to add the lights? Or at least is working like that?
  11. Lights(omnilights and spotlights) are still not working. :( it looks like the compile is not working for lights.
  12. Sorry, forgot that. So for those who does not know,should look like this.(where E:/WoTWorldEditor/LWE_1.7.0 is my directory)
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