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  1. So thats way i cannot update the hangar :( with WE lite. Can i update with your tool to add the lights? Or at least is working like that?
  2. Lights(omnilights and spotlights) are still not working. :( it looks like the compile is not working for lights.
  3. Sorry, forgot that. So for those who does not know,should look like this.(where E:/WoTWorldEditor/LWE_1.7.0 is my directory)
  4. This version is broken very bad. Spotlights and omnilights not working, again when you finish creating a space you need to edit manually the .chunk with a xml editor by deleting resiurces_wg/ from path, also edit manually environment.xml and space.setting. can this be fixed? @Mixaill
  5. I know is almost late for this, but if you need it, is it yours now. This is a winter version of Hangar V3, contains some ambience, music also. No animated characters in this hangar, all are freezed and runned back to fort. :D Hangar_v3_Winter.wotmod
  6. Hi guys hangar is finished,is already in pending for review on wgmods.net
  7. Hello everybody, i have reconvert again(29 times i guess) the Hangar premium v2. With a little help from @goofy67 ,this hangar will be on donwload this weekend on his webpage http://www.goofy67-wot.de/index.html and also on Wgmod.net, if they will accept that. All what i have convert it before in older posts it's lost, my old laptop(hdd) died, and i couldn't recover anything, so i buyed a new one,this time a gaming series, and i restarted all the conversion redownload old versions of wot. Now is looking allmost as the original one, but the first version will be without environment sounds or music. Here wil help me @Drweb7_1. We(me and @goofy67) decided to recreate some old hangars, so there will be more. Till then gg!
  8. Hello everybody, So for the dissappearing tress or models or even particles, you need to go in spaces folder, and edit the .chunk with an xml editor, search what assets have in the path the "resources_wg/" and delete those. Attention!! The particles are not anymore vissible in world editor but works ok in game.so you just need to put them.
  9. @SkepticalFox so this will be a little bit tricky to assemble a hangar without a skybox and other things. I think i will need some help from you soon.
  10. One question guys. How Hellinger is updateing his hangar minimalistic mod https://wgmods.net/996/ without the world editor lite updated? There are any other methods for this? @SkepticalFox i wait the answer from you, you're the old master into this.
  11. @DEFAULTON when you paint the terrain, choose carefully first the the texture you want to painted and then the material(grass,stone,sand,snow,etc). And for the blank sky move all the texture you use in evironment/skybox(in your working space).
  12. Do you have some info that they will release a new version of WE lite soon? The last one is missing stuffs i use that only for conversion, and by the way , suport new created spaces or edited? Yesterday night it gave me errors, the game does not launch with the edited hangars.
  13. Try like these, create a duplicate from hangar v3 at high graffics with your own space name, after you duplicate the space delete all you do not need,like some models( let the customization hangar there), speedtrees, decals on terain, some omnilights and volume lights, and then you can add your models you want, at finnal you can paint the terrain, edit the environments and tadaaam you have your hangar created. I will give you a sample of the hangar witout all you dont need with flat terrain in this evening you and you will just need to arrange the object.
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