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  1. @SkepticalFox so this will be a little bit tricky to assemble a hangar without a skybox and other things. I think i will need some help from you soon.
  2. One question guys. How Hellinger is updateing his hangar minimalistic mod https://wgmods.net/996/ without the world editor lite updated? There are any other methods for this? @SkepticalFox i wait the answer from you, you're the old master into this.
  3. @DEFAULTON when you paint the terrain, choose carefully first the the texture you want to painted and then the material(grass,stone,sand,snow,etc). And for the blank sky move all the texture you use in evironment/skybox(in your working space).
  4. Do you have some info that they will release a new version of WE lite soon? The last one is missing stuffs i use that only for conversion, and by the way , suport new created spaces or edited? Yesterday night it gave me errors, the game does not launch with the edited hangars.
  5. Try like these, create a duplicate from hangar v3 at high graffics with your own space name, after you duplicate the space delete all you do not need,like some models( let the customization hangar there), speedtrees, decals on terain, some omnilights and volume lights, and then you can add your models you want, at finnal you can paint the terrain, edit the environments and tadaaam you have your hangar created. I will give you a sample of the hangar witout all you dont need with flat terrain in this evening you and you will just need to arrange the object.
  6. Delete the names and let the space.bin, i have tried with both and did not worked. h23_newyear_space.bin h20_wot_bday_space.bin
  7. @SkepticalFox Because i did not know wich is the working version, plus on the other versions does not open and I have the latest version of your work.
  8. Hi Guys!! Hangar premium V2 is finished, hope yoou will like it, soon very soon you will be able to download also hangar v2 and beach hangar. Till then you wil have this one. you will find it on WGmods.net in a couple of hours.
  9. go to visual_processed file edit it with an xml editor and for that material use the ussual shader pbs_tank and check if there is set a dobleside property in that section, here is an exemple: <identifier>tank_hull_01</identifier> <fx>shaders/std_effects/PBS_tank.fx</fx> <collisionFlags>0</collisionFlags> <materialKind>0</materialKind> <property>normalMap<Texture>vehicles/american/A38_T92/T92_hull_01_ANM.dds</Texture></property> <property>metallicGlossMap<Texture>vehicles/american/A38_T92/T92_hull_01_GMM.dds</Texture></property> <property>metallicDetailMap<Texture>vehicles/russian/Tank_detail/Details_map.dds</Texture></property> <property>g_useNormalPackDXT1<Bool>false</Bool></property> <property>g_useDetailMetallic<Bool>true</Bool></property> <property>g_detailUVTiling<Vector4>8.41644 8.41644 0.000000 0.000000</Vector4></property> <property>excludeMaskAndAOMap<Texture>vehicles/american/A38_T92/T92_hull_01_AO.dds</Texture></property> <property>doubleSided<Bool>false</Bool></property> set from false to true. <property>diffuseMap<Texture>vehicles/american/A38_T92/T92_hull_01_AM.dds</Texture></property> <property>colorIdMap<Texture>vehicles/american/A38_T92/T92_hull_01_ID.dds</Texture></property> <property>alphaTestEnable<Bool>true</Bool></property> <property>alphaReference<Int>64</Int></property> PS: if you use tank exporter of coffee,well for standar graffics will work fine but for high graffics will be showed as your example.
  10. Hello friends! I'm here to show you some replica of Hangar beach(Summer Holliday 2016) WIP. need to add some pbs decals on the sand and i think its done. You will find it on WGmods.net when I will finish it.Hope you will like it. PS:it contains also the customization hangar .
  11. I see that the button "hangar/driving" is missing in this new version,also the old button with a house that hides every thing except terrain wich allowed us to paint terrain and edit it without seeing all objects and trees is missing.Can these be fixed?
  12. for me created spaces does not work anymore with update 1.1.0 :( :((
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