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  1. frontline started today, the carousel has a new design and the alignment seems a bit of default, using 2 rows from ingame options the more rows you add, the stranger it starts to looks 2 rows using xvm, you see the tier bar already starting to pop out then at 3 rows it starts to have large gaps in it small and normal size same happens with other mods that alter the amount of carousel rows, in exactly the same look
  2. it seems the floating death markers keep showing up when they are getting into draw range tank gets killed, do not see the floating marker, since it is not in my draw range once it gets into draw range you will see the floating markers, even if the tank is gone for minutes even happens when you are dead and start to observe team mates field modifications on my second set of equipment i have improved hardening instead of binocs (for city fights) in 1 game i was very very late to switch, i then received 70 damage on my damage log, while i was not hit or lost any hp, think that is the bonus of the t34-85M with improved hardening that is what i have encountered so far
  3. i have the simular issues, there are mutliple mods conflicting with xvm nightly it started after these changes so far i did see Pmod/battlehits/smartammunition https://gitlab.com/xvm/xvm/-/commit/dd70b3aaddc2a5baa878a3540d8577072bb949d7 when not adding that change the issues are no longer there xvm only will not cause issues, those mods mentioned only are also not causing any issues it is really a combined effort hope this info helps out a bit python.log
  4. i have the same list showing, not sure what has changed inside the files
  5. hello hello with the last few builds i get a error in the xvm.log 2019-12-17 13:08:58: [L:016] TypeError: Error #1034: Type Coercion failed: cannot convert com.xvm.types.dossier::[email protected] to com.xvm.types.dossier::VehicleDossier. i first thought it was me doing something horrible wrong, would not be the first time but after some testing we did found out it also happend with fresh DL the error shows when you exit a battle 1 battle i also had a emil1951 was called su100m1 in the otm, not sure if that is related or not, since that only happend once and had more mods installed, just wanted to mention it hope i provided enough clear info and wish you all a good day python.logxvm.log
  6. ok, i had the same protocol but i am no expert with xvm (not even close to novice ) thought it was just me making a obvious mistake was my favorite addon to use thanks for the info as always
  7. hello using xvm version 8.1.0_98 with the latest changes it creates a mods / temp folder in Win32 folder and it shows in xvm.log that alot of files are missing. hope i explained it correctly and provided enough info python.log xvm.log
  8. OMG... fast and always perfect. thx for the updates and new mods again
  9. But, why in combat? in combat is the only possibility to "research" the build year "natural" you encounter the tank, you see the build year, this way you will remember it after you encountered the same tank over and over again you do not have to check hangar al the time.
  10. Why do you need to see this information in battle?  i like to see it, i always have the feeling some tanks that are designed later, that they are better. (GERMAN tanks, need buff) but for me i like to learn what year they are designed and if those are "fake" tanks. just some more history to the game, that did draw me in game the first time. i always did read the discription of WG, untill they decided to leave the history out of it "mauerbrecher" i would love to see more mods like this, more concentrating on "history" instead of WN8 all the time
  11. don't get your panties in a bunch...
  12. complain about right english? that is a surprise for me ...
  13. Theo

    GeeMod 2

    GeeMod Ready For Happy Hunting
  14. Theo

    GeeMod 2

    GeeMod Ready For Happy Hunting
  15. did encounterd the same thing, and was just the same logging in for the first time, could imaging the size if you play a couple battles
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