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  1. Theo

    [] ModDog

    ModDog is a Large Collection of World of Tanks mods. We are aiming for a perfect experience for mod users, easy categories, easy options, image video preview, skin manager, presets, daily support, fully automated updater, fast update speed Most importantly SELECT, INSTALL, BATTLE !!! Homepage Download presets skin manager enter ModDog easy options
  2. OMG... fast and always perfect. thx for the updates and new mods again
  3. But, why in combat? in combat is the only possibility to "research" the build year "natural" you encounter the tank, you see the build year, this way you will remember it after you encountered the same tank over and over again you do not have to check hangar al the time.
  4. Why do you need to see this information in battle?  i like to see it, i always have the feeling some tanks that are designed later, that they are better. (GERMAN tanks, need buff) but for me i like to learn what year they are designed and if those are "fake" tanks. just some more history to the game, that did draw me in game the first time. i always did read the discription of WG, untill they decided to leave the history out of it "mauerbrecher" i would love to see more mods like this, more concentrating on "history" instead of WN8 all the time
  5. don't get your panties in a bunch...
  6. complain about right english? that is a surprise for me ...
  7. Theo

    GeeMod 2

    GeeMod Ready For Happy Hunting
  8. Theo

    GeeMod 2

    GeeMod Ready For Happy Hunting
  9. did encounterd the same thing, and was just the same logging in for the first time, could imaging the size if you play a couple battles
  10. Theo

    GeeMod 2

    Version 2.1.6 b [03.06.2018]Add:- TeamViewer Download Link on support/chat Window.Change- GeeMod check if GameApplication.exe available or not by pressing START BUTTON- optimize "new XVM Option" procedure. - optimize Language download / settingsFix:- option Window Size- Mainform isnt blocked if Option Windows open- Python upload function doesnt work without TeamV. ID- After DB Update actually mod selection was removed.- new xvm Options doesnt work with old .opt / .opt2 options together- Start Button doesnt work, if no xvm "auto_reinstall_config" available- Language Combobox are writeable.- Admin delete function doesnt add "delete string" in Server log file.
  11. OMG.... This is the first mod, that i do not mind if the game sometimes crashes, lets hope that WG makes a mistake again with a patch soon
  12. Theo

    GeeMod 2

    Version 2.1.5 [07.05.2018]Add:- "Server Change Windows" for "Add/Delete/Update" Server HistoryChange's:- Add better exception message's to the Log, in case of connection fail. - The Log Window will not more show MOD update informations- Faster update process- if you install xvm, xvm option window will popup at the end of installing.- GeeMod controll xvm / non xvm mods. And block selecting of mods in case of incompatibility - Cleaning Settings are Language translated too.Fix:- wrong progressbar text after "installing mods"- user xvm config settings will be overwrited after a XVM default Update.
  13. Theo

    GeeMod 2

    GeeMod Ready For 1.0.1 Happy Hunting
  14. Theo

    GeeMod 2

    Version 2.1.4 [14.04.2018]Changes:- Faster starting of GeeMod.exe- Faster download of "All Pictures"- you can allready interact during mod updates- Add a close / save Button to XVM Setting Form- Save Config will show the progress on Mainform. - Better install progress / end message'sFix:- Load Config, doesnt show finish message in log window.- Some Problems in case of: WoT installed but never startet.- Admin upload problem for new Mods- Admin upload remove automatic incompatible special chars from modname- Admin upload problem if /Admin directory doesnt exists.- A Problem if you change Wot Directoy.- "Dowload all Pictures" can be pressed two times and destroyed itself.- Wrong message by Loadconfig if mods/res_mods not selected in cleaning options.- Wrong options Windows size
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