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  1. konrad509

    No XVM working for Update

  2. konrad509

    XVM configuration help

  3. konrad509

    Showing enemy tank with lowest health

    With standards options, I don't think so. But most likely it's doable with Python macros. You can easily mark any tank with low HP though.
  4. konrad509

    Is XVM still working?

    Do you even know what a modpack is? Odem Mortis modpack (OMC), as well as other modpacks, is not a mod itself, but a bundle of different mods. And one of these mods is XVM. Many features that the OMC offers are actually XVM features. I don't know what other mods the OMC consists of, but without XVM, I believe it would be half as useful, or even less. So, XVM does a lot. Btw, it looks like the OMC is no longer developed. Its successor is this modpack http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/535868-1101-the-relhax-modpack-omc-20-fastest-mods-installer-with-previews/
  5. konrad509

    Is XVM still working?

    Yes, that's exactly what I'm telling you. What you're talking about is probably some modpack with installer, that features XVM, but definitely not XVM itself.
  6. konrad509

    Is XVM still working?

    That time never used to come in XVM and neither does it now. res_mods\configs\xvm (\default by default :))
  7. konrad509

    Is XVM still working?

    I'm not sure what you mean. There never were any options to choose during installation of XVM if that's what you mean. If you want to change something, you edit the config.
  8. konrad509

    Please help me with XVM config

    playersPanel.xc->def->enemySpottedMarker->format texts.xc->texts->spotted
  9. konrad509

    Change color teamkiller

    In damageLog.xc if you want to change the color of that info that shows in damage log.
  10. konrad509

    Prolong button questions

    1. No. 2. Nothing. 3. This one I'm not sure about. I guess it's so players don't unnecessarily prolong too often as it really is pointless (and/or maybe it could also cause problems with stats servers?). Stats are active for 14 days since activation, so there is really no need to prolong them after just a few days of activation.
  11. konrad509

    I wanna coloring rating mark with VWTR, How I do it?

    And what is the VWTR rating?
  12. konrad509

    xvm not working

    Please, be more specific as to what you mean by "stopped working".
  13. konrad509

    Deactivate top clan logos - possible?

    Then just set the "Top clans count rated wGM" to 0 in your personal cabinet at the XVM site.
  14. konrad509

    Deactivate top clan logos - possible?

    You want to see only your own clan icon or your team clan icons?
  15. konrad509

    How to add xTE or wn8 or EFF of tanks in panels?

    Generally, for the first one, you need to edit the playersPanel.xc file, and for the other one - battleLoading.xc