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  1. konrad509

    Prolong button questions

    1. No. 2. Nothing. 3. This one I'm not sure about. I guess it's so players don't unnecessarily prolong too often as it really is pointless (and/or maybe it could also cause problems with stats servers?). Stats are active for 14 days since activation, so there is really no need to prolong them after just a few days of activation.
  2. konrad509

    I wanna coloring rating mark with VWTR, How I do it?

    And what is the VWTR rating?
  3. konrad509

    xvm not working

    Please, be more specific as to what you mean by "stopped working".
  4. konrad509

    Deactivate top clan logos - possible?

    Then just set the "Top clans count rated wGM" to 0 in your personal cabinet at the XVM site.
  5. konrad509

    Deactivate top clan logos - possible?

    You want to see only your own clan icon or your team clan icons?
  6. konrad509

    How to add xTE or wn8 or EFF of tanks in panels?

    Generally, for the first one, you need to edit the playersPanel.xc file, and for the other one - battleLoading.xc
  7. konrad509

    XVM и Inno Setup // XVM and Inno Setup

    I wonder if I'm the only one who doesn't quite understand what you're trying to do. Is it that you want to create a modpack using an installer, that will install XVM, but without a config, that will let players, who already have XVM installed, customize their existing config?
  8. konrad509

    Question about {{hitlog.dead}} as color

    {{hitlog.dead}} is only for hitlog to mark killed players, so it won't work in players panels. What you're trying to achieve is not possible with standard options, I guess.
  9. konrad509

    How to add {{friend}} and {{ignored}} in PlayersPanel

    There's most likely some syntax error. You should see the info about the error during battle loading. You can also find that info in the xvm.log file. If you can't solve it by yourself, just attach your playersPanel.xc file.
  10. konrad509

    vehicle wn8 value

    There's no macro for "per tank WN8". {{v.wn8effd}} returns so called "WN8 effective tank damage" which is equal to (average dmg)/(expected dmg).
  11. konrad509

    How to add {{friend}} and {{ignored}} in PlayersPanel

    friend|nothing The macros should work in replays too. At least {{ingored}} does.
  12. konrad509

    Помогите настроить xvm wn8

    А какой рейтинг выбран?
  13. konrad509

    как сделать xvm цифрами?

    Установить отсутствующий шрифт. Или использовать другой.
  14. konrad509

    Нет имен танков в бою

    Your config, the whole folder with it, not the log file.
  15. konrad509

    Нет имен танков в бою

    While making the first screenshot you pressed the alt key, which is used with some other key to make a screenshot, I presume. And by pressing the alt key in he game, the alternative markers are displayed.