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  1. I assume you're not part of the dev team, you're just rearranging the elements of my question there... The anonymousColor value discussed is in colors.xc. Why would two different formats be used throughout XVM the first place?
  2. Thanks, finally got it to work! For some reason the colour specified has to be starting with # rather than the 0x used everywhere else in colors.xc. Is this a bug perhaps?
  3. That looks pretty useful... however adding "colors": { "anonymousColor": "0x1240AB", to colors.xc does not appear to do anything (regardless of using # or 0x in front of the colour code)... I'm guessing I'm missing something in playersPanel.xc and battleLoading.xc, but google translate seems to break their sentences a bit so I'm not quite sure. My playersPanel for example contains this line: "nickFormatLeft": "<font alpha='{{alive?#FF|#80}}'><font color='{{c:wn8}}'>{{name}}</font><font alpha='#A0'>{{clan}}</font></font>", I've defined a separate wn8 color scale in colors.xc, but I assume anonymousColor is a global colour variable and therefore the custom scale is not relevant, is this correct?
  4. What? I'll spell it out... I assume there's a value in colors.xc that defines the colour for players in battleLoading, battleLabels etc that currently makes them look grey, I'd like to change that.
  5. I'm using a custom colour scheme for WN8, and the standard grey for players without stats does not stand out much right now. Which colour value do I need to adjust to change this?
  6. Bump! We have a bunch of new vehicles coming up again, starting with the double barreled ones (and from what I heard, several other branches as well this year). Including re-grinders in this selection button would be very handy. We'll have to sometimes play existing elited tanks again in order to unlock those, after all
  7. That's unusual, the information displayed is very similar to the other two screens... Any particular reason that this is not possible right now?
  8. I have both the loading screen and player list pretty thoroughly configured (WN8, custom colour scheme, win rate per tank etc etc etc), however the battle report afterward has reverted to plain light grey numbering. I assumed I could add this to battleResults.xc, however that does not contain any kind of layout, nor a reference to a secondary file similar to battleLabelsTemplates.xc. How do I change the layout of the battle report? Example of the loading screen: Example of a plain battle report:
  9. The "Non Elite Vehicles" filter is one of my most used carousel options, however every time WG decides to change the branches or add new ones, and an 'elited' tank effectively is a grinder again (despite the elited flag), this is not included in the selection. Would it be possible to make this based on v.xpToEliteLeft (i.e. being greater than 0), instead of v.elite?
  10. Once you click anything on the top menu, like 'prolong', 'update statistics' or even 'login' (why can't we stay permanently logged in anyway? this is not a bank website), the language defaults back to russian, regardless of the /en/ in the url.
  11. Apologies, I meant that I have a colour scale configured for WN8, and I want that bar to use it as well :)
  12. I'm trying to change the color of the little blue bar on the left of the health bar to the non default scale I use myself, which setting influences this? I assume this is in one of the markers config files. Same question for the HP number when you press alt, seems to use the same color scale.
  13. It's only briefly visible, and you're missing the point here. The watermark is _not_ intended for the people who download nightlies and know what they're doing, but rather the large share who either just assume they're grabbing a 'working' xvm or don't even know it's a nightly because it's encapsulated in a mod pack.
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