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  1. @MoD OK ,thanks. I hooked PostmortemPanel. __onVehicleStateUpdated , in which I can got DEATH INFO and a lot of things like the timer vale when tank goes into water.
  2. Yes. print() . I use this to debug all the way , without a debugging server or other. Just launch wot client repeatedly and watch the log.
  3. I found if I create a window using AbstractWindowView or AbstractView , the window in client display normally in lobby but will overlap with the game UI even if I leave lobby by clicking different tab in the header. What event should I listen that to hide the window and show it again ?
  4. the error is the same 2022-01-27 10:10:34.666: ERROR: object with "ProgressBar" linkage is not a component from library! 2022-01-27 10:10:34.667: ERROR: object with "ProgressBar" linkage can`t cast to [class ProgressBar] my code is progress = addChild(App.utils.classFactory.getComponent("ProgressBar",ProgressBar , { minimum: 0, maximum: 100, value: 50 })) as ProgressBar;
  5. The space is typo , not exist previously .And after removing space, the error [email protected]
  6. I found a class ProgressBar under net.wg.gui.components.controls which is the same location as the Slider or SoundButton in prev. example. But when I use progress = addChild(App.utils.classFactory.getComponent("ProgressBar ",ProgressBar , { minimum: 0, maximum: 100, value: 50 })) as ProgressBar ; I got error 2022-01-25 10:33:07.495: ERROR: object with "ProgressBar " linkage is not a component from library! 2022-01-25 10:33:07.496: ERROR: object with "ProgressBar " linkage can`t cast to [class ProgressBar]
  7. A tutor with how to do with Adobe Animate is also appreciated.
  8. @SkepticalFox The above two links cannot be open at my side. now I got a transparent imovable transparent view when I use AbstractView class in AS and AbstractWindowView in PY( it a coincident actually) You can find the text with link at top-left corner and the two button below ( the checkbox with tooltip also) , next step is adding image and make it movable @Budyx69 How to add icon to garage like above?
  9. @SkepticalFox Thank you very much for swiftly reply. I've tried to use AbstractView , but can not managed to use correct class on both python and actionscript side, the class name in python should be the same in the actionscript ? Is this the rule? I remember I could only find AbstractView in net.wg.* but could not find it in python code( only class with "meta" was found), and should I use ViewSettings or ComponentSettings ? Is the above link use XFW ?
  10. I have done what previous example of adding form button checkbox with tooltip to the game hangar. They really work , to me , a novice modder , this is a very exciting step. So thanks to all person shared the code in previous post. or I now want to show a custom pannel in which I can add backgroud image , text or so , how could I? I've dig a lot of python flash works in the game scripts.pkg but still can not figure it out. Can anyboy help me?
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