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  1. I find if mod file is protected using pjorion , then the fini() function defined cannot be invoked when client close. Has this any solution ?
  2. seems "import ctypes" statement which could be used to make use of dll file in python will lead to an error.
  3. I need , look like above document is pretty out of date, the screenshots show the game directory structrure is different than current. I recently has dug into wows mod developing , but cannot find the AS3 swc libary for building the swf file.
  4. Can you kindly teach me how to do that ? I want primitives_processed as in older version of client.
  5. Figured out I think more comprehensive English name should be: [Entering hangar] Account.onBecomePlayer = onBecomeAccount [Entering battle] Account.onBecomeNonPlayer = onBecomeNonAccount Avatar.onBecomePlayer = onBecomeAvatar [Exiting battle] Avatar.onBecomeNonPlayer = onBecomeNonAvatar [Again] Account.onBecomePlayer = onBecomeAccount
  6. Especially, Account.onBecomePlayer(), Account.onBecomeNonPlayer() and Avatar.onBecomePlayer(),Avatar.onBecomeNonPlayer() I notices , when game just entered BigWorld.player() is an PlayerAccout, after entering battle , it becomes PlayerAvatar instance. But what is player?
  7. I have created an AbstractView in game. and try to remember the coordinates myself into a dump file and load them during initialization. But I find this approach has some problem seem related to switching between different client with different screen definition .Seems the game has done something that interfer with what I've done. So how to remember the location of an AbstractView?
  8. I mean is there any event when game client closed ? ( click X or select exit in menu)
  9. It seems in older day there are such files under collision_client directory in game pkg files, but now seems Wargaming has "hide" them , only *.havok from the Havok engine could be found. It is possible to convert to primitives_processed format out of *.havok file?
  10. When we put image in correct path in res_mods, the game will load our "overriden" image. After enter game , even in battle , is there anyway that I can "redraw" this override ?
  11. I user pjorion to automatically obfusccated or protect bytecode by using command line PjOrion.exe --exit --obfuscate-bytecode-file=xxxx.py PjOrion.exe --exit --protect-bytecode-file=xxxx.pyc and I tried --obfuscate-bytecode-folder option, but seems not working , nomater I put absolute path or relative path after the "=", the pjorion just seem got no command and only show up the UI . By the way I find basiclaly every time I start pjorion , the UI will freeze for a long time ,like it is try to communicate with some thing ( tank game ? I have not start one) .. But if I press F11( wot transmitter ) right after pjorion is launched, the game client is broght up , and the freeze of the pjorion UI does not matter . If I press F11 too late, then pjorion start freezing , and I must wait for the freeze and after that I could press F11 again.
  12. If I decompile the file Avatar.pyc in scripts.pkg, compile it and put it in res_mods\{version}\scripts\client, the client will crash when connecting to server. Only if I extract the pyc file and directly put in res_mods, the client will not crash. So any way we can modify Avatar.pyc ? I just want to add some print_stack to see the stack.
  13. Maybe after some key pressed , a graffiti appears
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