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  1. It seems in older day there are such files under collision_client directory in game pkg files, but now seems Wargaming has "hide" them , only *.havok from the Havok engine could be found. It is possible to convert to primitives_processed format out of *.havok file?
  2. @SkepticalFox so, find and rebuild the cache ?
  3. When we put image in correct path in res_mods, the game will load our "overriden" image. After enter game , even in battle , is there anyway that I can "redraw" this override ?
  4. I user pjorion to automatically obfusccated or protect bytecode by using command line PjOrion.exe --exit --obfuscate-bytecode-file=xxxx.py PjOrion.exe --exit --protect-bytecode-file=xxxx.pyc and I tried --obfuscate-bytecode-folder option, but seems not working , nomater I put absolute path or relative path after the "=", the pjorion just seem got no command and only show up the UI . By the way I find basiclaly every time I start pjorion , the UI will freeze for a long time ,like it is try to communicate with some thing ( tank game ? I have not start one) .. But if I press F11( wot transmitter ) right after pjorion is launched, the game client is broght up , and the freeze of the pjorion UI does not matter . If I press F11 too late, then pjorion start freezing , and I must wait for the freeze and after that I could press F11 again.
  5. If I decompile the file Avatar.pyc in scripts.pkg, compile it and put it in res_mods\{version}\scripts\client, the client will crash when connecting to server. Only if I extract the pyc file and directly put in res_mods, the client will not crash. So any way we can modify Avatar.pyc ? I just want to add some print_stack to see the stack.
  6. Maybe after some key pressed , a graffiti appears
  7. For example I got a flash drive xxxx.swf works in game , then I want to put part of the classes inside the swf file to some "library" so that other swf file could import the class defined in it , how could I ?
  8. @MoD OK ,thanks. I hooked PostmortemPanel. __onVehicleStateUpdated , in which I can got DEATH INFO and a lot of things like the timer vale when tank goes into water.
  9. Yes. print() . I use this to debug all the way , without a debugging server or other. Just launch wot client repeatedly and watch the log.
  10. I found if I create a window using AbstractWindowView or AbstractView , the window in client display normally in lobby but will overlap with the game UI even if I leave lobby by clicking different tab in the header. What event should I listen that to hide the window and show it again ?
  11. the error is the same 2022-01-27 10:10:34.666: ERROR: object with "ProgressBar" linkage is not a component from library! 2022-01-27 10:10:34.667: ERROR: object with "ProgressBar" linkage can`t cast to [class ProgressBar] my code is progress = addChild(App.utils.classFactory.getComponent("ProgressBar",ProgressBar , { minimum: 0, maximum: 100, value: 50 })) as ProgressBar;
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