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  1. does anyone know where/how the game renders track traces from tanks? was trying to change them slightly if possible.
  2. i would love to implement some basic physics but need the mod to download. been tinkering with the built in one in WE Lite
  3. world editor lite comes with basic terrain physics implemented so devs could drive around the maps. idk what the prob here is lol
  4. okay this is probably because i'm totally not fluent in python, but when i'm trying to override the __init__ function from Account.PlayerAccount (https://github.com/StranikS-Scan/WorldOfTanks-Decompiled/blob/1.11.1/source/res/scripts/client/Account.py#L118) I seem to have to call baseFunc(baseSelf) first before actually changing anything, like baseSelf.name = 'dev' (ingame this reflects). HOWEVER, I'm specifically trying to change baseSelf.initialServerSettings (or baseSelf.serverSettings, but serverSettings gets copied from initialServerSettings so same thing) but when I do so, i get a buncha annoying attribute errors from the original init. i took a copy of the client's original server settings and saved them and then just changed some values to mess around and that seems to be no-no. can anyone help? this seems to do nothing. but yet my in-game name is now 'dev' so it does* work(?) @override(Account.PlayerAccount, '__init__') def Account_init(baseFunc, baseSelf): baseFunc(baseSelf) baseSelf.name = 'dev' baseSelf.initialServerSettings = OFFLINE_INITIAL_SERVER_SETTINGS _initialServerSettings.py
  5. wow im blind. ive been rummaging thru his bit bucket for a day or two now and it never occurred to me. thx
  6. does anyone still have this :( or know how to download old res-mods.ru files
  7. just jumping back in, but you working with vehicle models? if so let me know i'm pretty good with them. i also obtained 3DS Max 2012 which the BigWorld plugin exporter works with. was very very hard to find this file. just let me know because blender is HORRIBLE to use for model editing + wot & BW. i couldn't get bigworld software to run no matter what i tried bc everything so out of date
  8. not that much actually. as of current, you "can't really" just edit a map to have snow etc on it and then replace the current map files and expect it to work. not only would you have to decompile the space.bin, but also somehow manage to copy over every last file and texture used by the map and then somehow modify all of the different spawn versions of that same map, but then save the map using the stripped down version of UE which just flat out will not work and it will crash. trust me, i've dumped so many hours and days into UE attempting this, to little avail. save yourself the effort, friend.
  9. consider searching for dava.engine programmers. blitz is written in c++, not python or bigworld. however blitz servers do use bigworld but that doesn't matter here
  10. The client represents it locally yes. But when any action is made via the tech tree (ie selling a module or mounting one etc) then the client sends the server a packet or two (or more) basically saying that the user wants to do X Y or Z with A B or C module, and if that module/tank doesn't exist in the server's version, or, they don't have the tank for example, then they get sent an error obviously. The client dictates what you see visually in the tech tree to save bandwidth and cut down on loading times among other things. The server however will dictate if any of those given items are available, etc. or if the user in question is allowed to purchase the tank (ie trying to purchase the WT E 100 on the live server won't work the server will reject it).
  11. Not entirely sure on all this yet but probably apply force from behind the tank slightly on top of it, dynamically depending on the weight of the tank.
  12. well what would YOU like to see accomplished in the way of physics, in order for this project to move forward faster than it is currently. name it and i'll spend hours on it until it's done.
  13. cPickle is just a very stupid and annoyingly confusing way of packing the client side files for distribution. It cuts down on the file size in bulk. It is useless for us, ignore it at all costs. That shit made my head hurt so bad. Also @dragon armor if you want, I have a bit of time on my hands because of halloween from work, send me a PM and I can help out with physics. I’ve been reading up on newton dynamics, and to be honest, physics isn’t our biggest issue here. Our biggest issue here is stable performance without physics. This is why Wargaming didn’t bother implementing it until 0.8.0, they focused on getting the base aspect of the game working, then worked on the bells and whistles. Also, I cannot read russian so sorry if translations go weird.
  14. any major updates? also, i can assist in any (most) c++ things. i've studied up on the language and have a sturdy understanding of it. if possible to get the project, that'd be great. I also have a really really fat book/guide on c++ coding for reference (in this topic)
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