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  1. what would be the best way/pipeline to create a mod like https://wgmods.net/4699/ but for more tanks? currently that one works perfectly but crashes in game sadly. would also love to know why or how to fix it (.log wasnt much help)
  2. can anyone seed 0.8.2? im seeding 0.8.2 currently. i also managed to get the debug server working as well. just compile the game scripts with python 2.6, and the client.py with 2.7 and you can use autocomplete functions as well.
  3. Getting this error in JIT compiler as well as trying to recompile the space. I unpacked all XML using PJO. ========== Processing Directory: F:/backup/UE/res/spaces/ ========== 1> F:/backup/UE/res/spaces/hmhm/environments/B699F57C-47F95593-326B91BA-2FD16D8D/skydome/skybox.primitives 1> ERROR: Unable to find source format definition: BPVTxyznuvtb in file: F:/backup/UE/res/spaces/hmhm/environments/B699F57C-47F95593-326B91BA-2FD16D8D/skydome/skybox.primitives/vertices 1> ERROR: FAILED: Errors creating dependencies
  4. yeah i think im just over complicating it
  5. def blowfish_decrypt(INPUT, BLOWFISH_KEY): blowfish_ecb = Blowfish.new(BLOWFISH_KEY, Blowfish.MODE_ECB) decrypted_data = blowfish_ecb.decrypt(INPUT) print(f'[BASEAPP_DECRYPTED] Got {decrypted_data.hex()}') return decrypted_data this?
  6. i also should add that when logging in, it works fine. same methods are used. so forget about the RSA encryption
  7. basically i'm trying to make a mock baseapp for an offline server and for some unknown reason, i'm getting a decrypting error after the client logs in and is communicating with said BaseApp. File "C:\Python39\lib\site-packages\Crypto\Cipher\PKCS1_OAEP.py", line 167, in decrypt raise ValueError("Ciphertext with incorrect length.") client is sending this: b'\x01\x00\x00\x08\x00BW\x01\x00\x00\x00\xbe\xbe\xbe\xbe\x00\x00\x00\x00\x02\x00' keys match; not the problem. while True: readable, writeable, exceptional = select.select(sockets, empty, empty) for sock in readable: data, addr = sock.recvfrom(5000) if sock.getsockname()[1] == 20015: data_cut = data[15:-2] packet_decoded = decrypt_priv(privkey, data_cut)
  8. would anyone know by chance, what is influencing the data that is being sent to the baseapp? its sending invalid data because it doesnt match the correct ciphertext length for the private key, which is 2048
  9. how did you get this to work? i tried with CentOS but all the yum repositories are no longer available.
  10. I've tried using this mod, to no avail. Also, your post above just states which particles/effects should be made, not the sequence :/ sadly
  11. I've attached a screenshot above of what I was able to accomplish in around 15 or so minutes. I tested it out in a battle and they do work fully. Not the fake lights WG put on that E-50M style, but ones that can also illuminate other tanks too. I achieved this thru Unified Editor's built in sequencing tool for models and animation. This also opens the door to be able to animate things such as exhaust fans on tanks rotating, etc etc. Also does anyone know how they made the style work for the WZ QL so that it plays a sequence when the gun fires?
  12. How would I create my own 3D style, for say the KV-85? With sequences and all, but change the base model of the tank to include my .seq file. That's what I need to know how to do, how to include a sequence into the default tank model.
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