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  1. not that much actually. as of current, you "can't really" just edit a map to have snow etc on it and then replace the current map files and expect it to work. not only would you have to decompile the space.bin, but also somehow manage to copy over every last file and texture used by the map and then somehow modify all of the different spawn versions of that same map, but then save the map using the stripped down version of UE which just flat out will not work and it will crash. trust me, i've dumped so many hours and days into UE attempting this, to little avail. save yourself the effort, friend.
  2. consider searching for dava.engine programmers. blitz is written in c++, not python or bigworld. however blitz servers do use bigworld but that doesn't matter here
  3. The client represents it locally yes. But when any action is made via the tech tree (ie selling a module or mounting one etc) then the client sends the server a packet or two (or more) basically saying that the user wants to do X Y or Z with A B or C module, and if that module/tank doesn't exist in the server's version, or, they don't have the tank for example, then they get sent an error obviously. The client dictates what you see visually in the tech tree to save bandwidth and cut down on loading times among other things. The server however will dictate if any of those given items are available, etc. or if the user in question is allowed to purchase the tank (ie trying to purchase the WT E 100 on the live server won't work the server will reject it).
  4. Not entirely sure on all this yet but probably apply force from behind the tank slightly on top of it, dynamically depending on the weight of the tank.
  5. well what would YOU like to see accomplished in the way of physics, in order for this project to move forward faster than it is currently. name it and i'll spend hours on it until it's done.
  6. cPickle is just a very stupid and annoyingly confusing way of packing the client side files for distribution. It cuts down on the file size in bulk. It is useless for us, ignore it at all costs. That shit made my head hurt so bad. Also @dragon armor if you want, I have a bit of time on my hands because of halloween from work, send me a PM and I can help out with physics. I’ve been reading up on newton dynamics, and to be honest, physics isn’t our biggest issue here. Our biggest issue here is stable performance without physics. This is why Wargaming didn’t bother implementing it until 0.8.0, they focused on getting the base aspect of the game working, then worked on the bells and whistles. Also, I cannot read russian so sorry if translations go weird.
  7. any major updates? also, i can assist in any (most) c++ things. i've studied up on the language and have a sturdy understanding of it. if possible to get the project, that'd be great. I also have a really really fat book/guide on c++ coding for reference (in this topic)
  8. CDATA = compiled data. CDATA should be the same thing as compiled XML. @Dragon armorI'm also about to begin a C++ college course tomorrow for fall semester. Hopefully I will be of more help then
  9. Epic. anyone know how to open, edit, save, and use existing maps in game? Ie, add an Easter egg somewhere in a building like they did with the sturmtiger
  10. I am fluent in PHP and webdev languages as well as nodeJS and JavaScript... all of which are NOT used in this mod :/ I've also created several Discord bots using NodeJS for a large server with 30 000 members in it. I am their primary/head developer if this helps :)
  11. Unfortunately, no. See, in the US, I do not qualify for the classes available to work under the “Decompilation Branch” (for lack of better word) of a government agency, because of personal complications and recruitment requirements. I was only exposed to reverse engineering and reverse development of malware. Essentially in-depth analysis of malicious software. > Commercial use True, although I doubt they would be happy, nonetheless. Also, unfortunately, my friend suffered from major mental health issues. I won’t get into it here, but he is no longer with us as of last July, leave it at that :/ Regarding your previous question, I haven’t picked up IDA in over a year.... would have to reinstall it and everything. I will take a swing at physics, I have some prior experience with Google’s Physics testbed, or liquid physics, but again I haven’t picked this up in years. 2016 I think was the last time I messed with that stuff, but wouldn’t take me long to pick it back up :D
  12. Also, how did I study their protocol? Simple. I read the BW documentation for creating a server instance. I am simply here to ask for what has already been developed to try and assist/aid in the further development of this mod. I am not a consumer :)
  13. Google: Project Tank. WG instantly filed a lawsuit against the company who made Project Tank. I will let you read it for yourself, but WG is a very very powerful company with a shit load of money. Would NOT want to mess with them went it comes to their legal policy. Example: Taking this netcode and letting others across the world connect to your server to “play with you”. WG would probably smack you with a lawsuit for copying their game.
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