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  1. Yes, I need the one that is for export settings. Also when I go to add the bones from the dummy helpers, they are like this..? I'm using Max 2012 with the plugin etc. (PS this is the E25's gun)
  2. Yes, sorry for late response. I have yet to finish tweaking the shading 100%, as currently the tank model is dis-proportionally too bright compared to the rest of the hangar due to FX changes since this hangar was used. here are some screenshots. again, not perfect, but getting there I feel like.
  3. I posted this on wgmods.net (hasn't been approved yet) but I thought I'd also post it on here too. This mod essentially just opens up all levels of the native client's debugging, allowing for LOG_DEBUG to actually appear in the Python.log. I haven't seen this type of mod anywhere yet, but I'm sure most of you active mod devs already do something like this anyway. I packaged it as a .wotmod but you can obviously unzip it and use it inside res_mods/ if you please. Below I list the lines of code I have modified. Current lines 33-42 (from decompiled .py): if CURRENT_REALM == 'DEV': _logLevel = LOG_LEVEL.DEV elif CURRENT_REALM == 'ST': _logLevel = LOG_LEVEL.ST elif CURRENT_REALM in ('CT', 'SB'): _logLevel = LOG_LEVEL.CT elif IS_CLIENT: _logLevel = LOG_LEVEL.RELEASE else: _logLevel = LOG_LEVEL.SVR_RELEASE Modified lines 33-42 (from decompiled .py): if CURRENT_REALM == 'DEV': _logLevel = LOG_LEVEL.DEV elif CURRENT_REALM == 'ST': _logLevel = LOG_LEVEL.DEV elif CURRENT_REALM in ('CT', 'SB'): _logLevel = LOG_LEVEL.DEV elif IS_CLIENT: _logLevel = LOG_LEVEL.DEV else: _logLevel = LOG_LEVEL.DEV It's extremely straight forward in what it does, however if you do choose to use this mod, make sure you are either A) flushing your Pyhton.log after every start or B) removing the mod during normal gameplay as this mod WILL make your Python.log EXTREMELY LONG, so beware. extra_debug.wotmod
  4. I remade this hangar to try and better adjust the lighting. May post it if anyone is interested; works with current version.
  5. Sorry, I meant can you provide the source files of what you've already created so others can potentially work on it as well? That link to a post you gave me says 404 not found :/ I meant that since you already have completed the hangar emulator aspect and what not, I would try and crack at the physics one; but I wasn't too keen on rewriting what YOU have already writen.
  6. Yes I knew this, but I was talking about just for convenience from with inside an editor, for example.
  7. Can you post the mod the way it is right now by any chance? I figured the best way to start with physics is to start by attempting to emulate pre-patch 0.8 physics and work from the bare basics up; after all, it's also what WG did. Also, I've been digging around for around 2 weeks now in the py scripts etc. just figured why recreate something someone's already created.
  8. Done this, and the map loads, except 75% of the map's terrain doesn't load, whereas 25% of it loads fine. Screenshot below; also cannot save the map without UE just crashing :/ It complains about the atlases, can't figure out why.
  9. lol I knew this, but is there a way to expose the module or not? Primarily for IntelliSense :)
  10. Beginner to modding, had a look around the forum see if I could find an answer to my question but couldn't find anything solid; what do I do to import the BigWorld module? I get errors :/
  11. @olix_vameshu I can't seem to figure out how to add new omni lights. They just load in as a model not as an actual light. Maybe I'm missing something? It just loads in as a model. Just kidding. They are in the helpers folder :P On a side note, is it possible to move/change where the tank is located in the hangar?
  12. Do you know which "res" folder I'm supposed to export other map resources to? IE if I wanted to load Sand River into the editor. There seems to be like 4 different res/resources folders scattered within the zip itself.
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