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  1. how did you get this to work? i tried with CentOS but all the yum repositories are no longer available.
  2. I've tried using this mod, to no avail. Also, your post above just states which particles/effects should be made, not the sequence :/ sadly
  3. I've attached a screenshot above of what I was able to accomplish in around 15 or so minutes. I tested it out in a battle and they do work fully. Not the fake lights WG put on that E-50M style, but ones that can also illuminate other tanks too. I achieved this thru Unified Editor's built in sequencing tool for models and animation. This also opens the door to be able to animate things such as exhaust fans on tanks rotating, etc etc. Also does anyone know how they made the style work for the WZ QL so that it plays a sequence when the gun fires?
  4. How would I create my own 3D style, for say the KV-85? With sequences and all, but change the base model of the tank to include my .seq file. That's what I need to know how to do, how to include a sequence into the default tank model.
  5. does anyone know where/how the game renders track traces from tanks? was trying to change them slightly if possible.
  6. i would love to implement some basic physics but need the mod to download. been tinkering with the built in one in WE Lite
  7. world editor lite comes with basic terrain physics implemented so devs could drive around the maps. idk what the prob here is lol
  8. okay this is probably because i'm totally not fluent in python, but when i'm trying to override the __init__ function from Account.PlayerAccount (https://github.com/StranikS-Scan/WorldOfTanks-Decompiled/blob/1.11.1/source/res/scripts/client/Account.py#L118) I seem to have to call baseFunc(baseSelf) first before actually changing anything, like baseSelf.name = 'dev' (ingame this reflects). HOWEVER, I'm specifically trying to change baseSelf.initialServerSettings (or baseSelf.serverSettings, but serverSettings gets copied from initialServerSettings so same thing) but when I do so, i get a buncha annoying attribute errors from the original init. i took a copy of the client's original server settings and saved them and then just changed some values to mess around and that seems to be no-no. can anyone help? this seems to do nothing. but yet my in-game name is now 'dev' so it does* work(?) @override(Account.PlayerAccount, '__init__') def Account_init(baseFunc, baseSelf): baseFunc(baseSelf) baseSelf.name = 'dev' baseSelf.initialServerSettings = OFFLINE_INITIAL_SERVER_SETTINGS _initialServerSettings.py
  9. wow im blind. ive been rummaging thru his bit bucket for a day or two now and it never occurred to me. thx
  10. does anyone still have this :( or know how to download old res-mods.ru files
  11. just jumping back in, but you working with vehicle models? if so let me know i'm pretty good with them. i also obtained 3DS Max 2012 which the BigWorld plugin exporter works with. was very very hard to find this file. just let me know because blender is HORRIBLE to use for model editing + wot & BW. i couldn't get bigworld software to run no matter what i tried bc everything so out of date
  12. not that much actually. as of current, you "can't really" just edit a map to have snow etc on it and then replace the current map files and expect it to work. not only would you have to decompile the space.bin, but also somehow manage to copy over every last file and texture used by the map and then somehow modify all of the different spawn versions of that same map, but then save the map using the stripped down version of UE which just flat out will not work and it will crash. trust me, i've dumped so many hours and days into UE attempting this, to little avail. save yourself the effort, friend.
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