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  1. Epic. anyone know how to open, edit, save, and use existing maps in game? Ie, add an Easter egg somewhere in a building like they did with the sturmtiger
  2. I am fluent in PHP and webdev languages as well as nodeJS and JavaScript... all of which are NOT used in this mod :/ I've also created several Discord bots using NodeJS for a large server with 30 000 members in it. I am their primary/head developer if this helps :)
  3. Unfortunately, no. See, in the US, I do not qualify for the classes available to work under the “Decompilation Branch” (for lack of better word) of a government agency, because of personal complications and recruitment requirements. I was only exposed to reverse engineering and reverse development of malware. Essentially in-depth analysis of malicious software. > Commercial use True, although I doubt they would be happy, nonetheless. Also, unfortunately, my friend suffered from major mental health issues. I won’t get into it here, but he is no longer with us as of last July, leave it at that :/ Regarding your previous question, I haven’t picked up IDA in over a year.... would have to reinstall it and everything. I will take a swing at physics, I have some prior experience with Google’s Physics testbed, or liquid physics, but again I haven’t picked this up in years. 2016 I think was the last time I messed with that stuff, but wouldn’t take me long to pick it back up :D
  4. Also, how did I study their protocol? Simple. I read the BW documentation for creating a server instance. I am simply here to ask for what has already been developed to try and assist/aid in the further development of this mod. I am not a consumer :)
  5. Google: Project Tank. WG instantly filed a lawsuit against the company who made Project Tank. I will let you read it for yourself, but WG is a very very powerful company with a shit load of money. Would NOT want to mess with them went it comes to their legal policy. Example: Taking this netcode and letting others across the world connect to your server to “play with you”. WG would probably smack you with a lawsuit for copying their game.
  6. And honestly, messing with WG in any legal way is not a good idea. there was this knock off version of WoT that u could play on Facebook(?) quite some years ago. The Mighty Jingles posted a video of it even, and I wonder if a source is open for that, which could help us here. It was almost an exact clone of WoT back before 0.8.0 went live. Project tank: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fjrjZc5tfRI Correction: this used Unity, not BW (I knew this) so unfortunately I doubt it will be of any help.
  7. I tried reverse engineering a mock server using BW 2.0 on CentOS VM but for fucks sake all the packages are out of date for Cent v5 (iirc this is what they said to use, or RedHat distro) Didn’t think so :3 trust me I’ve trolled around the Internet for days trying to find anything past 2.0.1
  8. I was about to say this... big world already has documentation on writing a server and cells, as well as entities etc. what version of BW does use?, if we even have access to that version.
  9. Yes, am aware of this. I was asking for a copy of the mod the way it is now, so to try and assist in getting it to a ready state. I've been passionate about attempting the creation of an emulator ever since 1.0 came out, (because at the time my PC could not handle the new graphics lol). I am on vacation for the rest of the week, so I wouldn't be of as much help as I would be next week. I also just checked, and saw that I have downloaded the WRONG version of the client, 50 minutes to download the correct (.1) version Edit: I'm also quite a fast learner; anything I don't understand immediately, I can usually grasp quickly.
  10. Yes, used it with a friend about a year ago to analyze malware :P It's a long story lol
  11. No, but I would say I am decent with using Wireshark. I have had minor experience using IDA (even tho that isn't for network).
  12. Yes I am looking to assist in this too :P (Sorry for poor wording.)
  13. "Test". I see that you have the exe (in screenshots anyways). I have been studying their protocol lately and have past experience developing under the Minecraft protocol, I was looking to see if I can help in this. Do we need to provide in PMs? I have already downloaded.
  14. I was looking to test the mod, is there a way I can? Sorry I do not speak Russian so the translations are kinda bad
  15. So this contains the mod you have created? I will try now. Haven’t finished reading all these new posts yet
  16. Yes, I need the one that is for export settings. Also when I go to add the bones from the dummy helpers, they are like this..? I'm using Max 2012 with the plugin etc. (PS this is the E25's gun)
  17. Yes, sorry for late response. I have yet to finish tweaking the shading 100%, as currently the tank model is dis-proportionally too bright compared to the rest of the hangar due to FX changes since this hangar was used. here are some screenshots. again, not perfect, but getting there I feel like.
  18. I posted this on wgmods.net (hasn't been approved yet) but I thought I'd also post it on here too. This mod essentially just opens up all levels of the native client's debugging, allowing for LOG_DEBUG to actually appear in the Python.log. I haven't seen this type of mod anywhere yet, but I'm sure most of you active mod devs already do something like this anyway. I packaged it as a .wotmod but you can obviously unzip it and use it inside res_mods/ if you please. Below I list the lines of code I have modified. Current lines 33-42 (from decompiled .py): if CURRENT_REALM == 'DEV': _logLevel = LOG_LEVEL.DEV elif CURRENT_REALM == 'ST': _logLevel = LOG_LEVEL.ST elif CURRENT_REALM in ('CT', 'SB'): _logLevel = LOG_LEVEL.CT elif IS_CLIENT: _logLevel = LOG_LEVEL.RELEASE else: _logLevel = LOG_LEVEL.SVR_RELEASE Modified lines 33-42 (from decompiled .py): if CURRENT_REALM == 'DEV': _logLevel = LOG_LEVEL.DEV elif CURRENT_REALM == 'ST': _logLevel = LOG_LEVEL.DEV elif CURRENT_REALM in ('CT', 'SB'): _logLevel = LOG_LEVEL.DEV elif IS_CLIENT: _logLevel = LOG_LEVEL.DEV else: _logLevel = LOG_LEVEL.DEV It's extremely straight forward in what it does, however if you do choose to use this mod, make sure you are either A) flushing your Pyhton.log after every start or B) removing the mod during normal gameplay as this mod WILL make your Python.log EXTREMELY LONG, so beware. extra_debug.wotmod
  19. I remade this hangar to try and better adjust the lighting. May post it if anyone is interested; works with current version.
  20. Sorry, I meant can you provide the source files of what you've already created so others can potentially work on it as well? That link to a post you gave me says 404 not found :/ I meant that since you already have completed the hangar emulator aspect and what not, I would try and crack at the physics one; but I wasn't too keen on rewriting what YOU have already writen.
  21. Yes I knew this, but I was talking about just for convenience from with inside an editor, for example.
  22. Can you post the mod the way it is right now by any chance? I figured the best way to start with physics is to start by attempting to emulate pre-patch 0.8 physics and work from the bare basics up; after all, it's also what WG did. Also, I've been digging around for around 2 weeks now in the py scripts etc. just figured why recreate something someone's already created.
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