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  1. I have copied both folders again and it works now. I guess something went wrong with the red_mods/mods/ and the both folders located here.
  2. @night_dragon_on my.zip Ich bin mir nicht sicher, welches du suchst, also habe ich alles angehängt. Aber wie gesagt, Sie können die "Standardeinstellungen" ausprobieren, die mit XVM geliefert werden. Ich habe gerade verwundert, wie es vorher funktioniert hat und jetzt einfach aufgehört zu arbeiten. Ich bin mir ziemlich sicher, dass ich etwas verpassen und vergessen habe, was zu tun ist, wenn ich WoT und XVM neu installiere.
  3. Hi, I have no HitLog with update 1.8.0 (XVM Nightly anymore. It still shows the HitLog Header, but no entries. I mean the log of hits I land and what shows me who I hit and for how much dmg etc. This worked so far without problems with my config. Next I removed all other mods and used the default config where I have enabled the HitLog Header in BattleTemplateLabels. But still it is not shown anymore. Ideas? I might miss something. I think.
  4. Thanks, yeah that Nightly Build just popped up after I downloaded the other one. The new version fixes these two problems I mentioned.
  5. Hi, currently I run XVM (9083) and noticed the following problems: 1. The player panels in Ranked does not work. 2. The position of the total battle results (dmg, assist, spots, blocked etc.) of XVM will not show, but the client standard next to the dmg panel will be shown again.
  6. XVM (Nightly Build 9019) Issue: The battle loading screen isn't empty anymore, but shows on the left site also enemy team. So the enemy team is shown on the left and right site.
  7. XVM (Nightly Build 9015) Issue: Battle result screen - Team Score Tab ignores the sorting options and will also reset the sorting option again when you check out another tab like Detailed Report. Im just not sure whether this was part of XVM or whether this is a bug fo the Client itself. Mhhm.
  8. Hi, just want to let you know two issues I have noticed with the current Nightly Build (9003) and WoT 1.5 by using my own, but also with the default xvm config. No other mod is installed. 1. The Battle Loading Screen is empty and does not show/list any players/tanks. 2. The Battle Result Screen will not be shown after the battle, but will load forever and most likely crashes. bye
  9. Hi all, I just forgot where to change the postion of the Battle Events/Notification. In the past I had this battle event notification in another postion, but cant remember where to change it. Thanks in advance for a short hint. ;)
  10. I have the same issue after the micropatch few days ago. Battleloading screen does not show the player list anymore.
  11. I found this thread right now and it seems to be the right place to drop a suggestion. 1. It would be a nice addition to crewExtended mod if crew members with 0-perks would be made visible in the garage with an icon/marker. I'm just not sure whether you have an option to identify such crew members without much effort. 2. Also I have found a small bug. Html tags are displayed as soon as you open the list crew members for that role.
  12. Hi Meddio, I see that the suggestion to show all "skill/perks" in the hangar came from you. That was a good addition I liked to have a better overview about all skills of a crew member. Also I found a mod called "extendedCrewXP" what at least show how many XP/battles is needed to complete the next skill. It's high time to overhaul the barracks. So lets hope WG will do it this year as it looks very outdated und uncomfortable as it might be a lof of work for just a modder. But would be nice if we can add a special icon or mark any 0-perk crew member in the garage. Not sure such crew members can be identified.
  13. Hi, I think a better CreW UI could be a good addition to XVM. Let me list what improvements I'm looking for: 1. In the garage the information of a crew member should show the current total crew xp, how many crew xp is needed to finish the next skill/perk (100%) and how many battles are needed based on the average crew-xp per battle to finish the next skill/perk. (Also a lot of crew-members with 0-perk have been introduced in the last 3 years. There is no way to identify crew member what comes with a 0-perk.) 2. It would be nice to have some visual information that this crew member comes with a 0-perk. Maybe with some specific icon or with a different background color. 3. Same information (from point 1 and 2) could be shown when you open the personal file and the baracks. 4. In the baracks screen it would be nice to have the search extended by: - list female crew members - list 0-perk crew members - list crew members with 100%, 200% (1 perk full) and 300% (2 perks full) I have listed what I would like to see. Maybe some of them are feasible. Thanks for your time.
  14. Hi all, I have just noticed that the quality of the created tank icons is currently not that good anymore. I guess its because of the compression rate. As long as I watch them in the tank icon maker preview it looks fine with a very good quality, but as soon as I generate the atlas files it looks not that good anymore and so it looks bad ingame as well. Is there an option to change the compression rate by some configuration? bye
  15. Thanks. After I installed that package it works just fine again. No error anymore. That was not needed so far.
  16. I just see this error message what says "An error occured". I don't see any more details. Is there any way to give you more details? I checked whether there is any more specific errorlog, but did not found anything.
  17. Tried this version, I can import data from the client (eu). Also I can save as "atlas", but I can't safe as "BattleAtlas" and " VehicleMarkerAtlas". Just get an error. Sorry if I just repeat what someone told and you already plan to fix. There are so many posts and i'm not really familar with russian language and tried some translation service. Sorry.
  18. I'm fine now. The field names are "summaryStunBlock" & "stunValTF".
  19. But I dont want to disable it. I don't like the vanilla order on the left site of the damage panel, but i want to have it on top of the damage panel. As shown in the screenshot. Just the new "Stun" isn't in line, because its new. So all I need I guess are the names of the two fields so I can put them into the elements.xc as well.
  20. Hi all, with version 9.18 a new dmg log value was introduced -> stun. With XVM I used my own order by updating the elements.xc (I found this idea/hint here in the forum). However, the new field for stun is not in line and I guess I have to update elements.xc and add the new field. Thats the part in the elements.xc Does anyone have the internal names of the fields so I can add them to the elements.xc and give them a propper position?
  21. Hi all, I'm talking about that stuff: Later on I changed the elements.xc to give these bar another position. But with the newer version of XVM I dont see that vanilla information anymore. They are not displayed at their standard positions even when I undo my changes to the elements.xc. Did I miss something?
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