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  1. and why not? is there any work in progress or discussion about it?
  2. The playerpanel when i play Grand Battle doesn't show xvm modifications, the overhead markers, however, does. Is this playerpanel not supported or do i something wrong?
  3. Later i enabled and disabled the anonymizer, because of this entry about "anonymized your name" I thought maybe it would reset something Is it right that i need to wait then 12 hours before xvm works again? Today everything works fine
  4. ok meanwhile i installed the nightly build xvm worked for the first game second game not at beginning, but ups later it worked xvm.log why do i have this entry? <font color="#FF4040">You anonymized your name, and therefore you cannot see the statistics of other players in battle. If you disable anonymizer, this restriction will be removed <b>after 12 hours</b>.</font></textformat> i didn't anoymize my name update again 4 battles after game restart xvm didn't work xvm.log
  5. It's bad today, it worked a few times, but mostly not in addition, i have today error that indicates an issue at closing the game i didn't change anything since 21.Oct.2020 xvm.log
  6. Any changes depending to battleLoading.xc ? I updated wot to and updated my mods, especially xvm-7.7.7 Everything works ok Only the Battleloading screen is totally clear, only a black transparent field My battleLoading.xc: /** * Parameters of the Battle Loading screen. * Параметры экрана загрузки боя. */ { "templates": { "clanIcon": { "enabled": true, "x": 65, "y": 6, "width": 16, "height": 16, "align": "center", "alpha": 90, "bindToIcon": true, "src": "{{clanicon}}" } }, "battleLoading": { "clockFormat": "H:i:s", "removeSquadIcon": false, "removeRankBadgeIcon": false, "vehicleIconAlpha": 100, "removeVehicleLevel": false, "removeVehicleTypeIcon": false, "nameFieldShowBorder": false, "vehicleFieldShowBorder": false, "squadIconOffsetXLeft": 0, "squadIconOffsetXRight": 0, "nameFieldOffsetXLeft": 0, "nameFieldWidthDeltaLeft": 0, "nameFieldOffsetXRight": 0, "nameFieldWidthDeltaRight": 0, "vehicleFieldOffsetXLeft": 25, "vehicleFieldWidthDeltaLeft": 0, "vehicleFieldOffsetXRight": 25, "vehicleFieldWidthDeltaRight": 0, "vehicleIconOffsetXLeft": 30, "vehicleIconOffsetXRight": 30, "darkenNotReadyIcon": true, "formatLeftNick": "<img src='xvm://res/icons/flags/{{flag|default}}.png' width='16' height='13' vspace='-2'> {{name%.12s~..}} <font alpha='#A0'>{{clan}}</font>", "formatRightNick": "<font alpha='#A0'>{{clan}}</font> {{name%.12s~..}} <img src='xvm://res/icons/flags/{{flag|default}}.png' width='16' height='13' vspace='-2'>", "formatLeftVehicle": "<font color='{{c:kb}}'>{{kb%2d~k|--k}}</font> | <font color='{{c:t-battles}}'>{{t-battles}}</font> | {{vehicle}} | <font face='mono' size='{{xvm-stat?13|0}}'> <font color='{{c:wn8}}'>{{wn8|----}}</font></font>", "formatRightVehicle": "<font face='mono' size='{{xvm-stat?13|0}}'> <font color='{{c:wn8}}'>{{wn8|----}}</font> </font> | {{vehicle}} | <font color='{{c:kb}}'>{{kb%2d~k|--k}}</font> | <font color='{{c:t-battles}}'>{{t-battles}}</font>", "extraFieldsLeft": [ ${"templates.clanIcon"} ], "extraFieldsRight": [ ${"templates.clanIcon"} ] } }
  7. i downloaded xvm-7.6.5.zip and found a folder with name system within 40 dlll files, also some dll files in the main folder looks strange to me should that all go to game dir?
  8. what does it mean? i didn't found "offsetX", "offsetY" in new default hangar.xc, but i found "shiftX" and "shiftY"
  9. It seems that it was an exception. It never happend again. I made many battles meanwhile without problem.
  10. It happend again. After maintenance yesterday it worked fine. Today i made ca. 17 battles without problems, then the 18th battle happend without xvm stats xvm.log of 12.Nov.2017 python.log of 12.Nov.2017(32mb) View screenshots of first post how it looks, but this time not any stat was shown View screenshots inside spoiler of first post how it should look, first value of player_panel shows wn8 percentage value User names of overhead marker should be in wn8 color
  11. bump now it doesn't work anymore any idea? I just tried the nightly build 8048 for WoT no other mods, only xvm as it came from download with default config no stats anymore
  12. Game and mods mostly are working fine, but for 10 percent of the battles xvm doesn't work right Then a big part of the user stats are not available What could cause it? I think it happens since update but for shure i can say, since update xvm doesn't work right each 10th or 15th battle screenies inside spoiler shows how it should look screenies below shows how it looks if xvm doesn't work right An xvm.log, separeted after xvm doesn't work right A replay, done as xvm doesn't work right but when i watch the replay the stats are available and working fine
  13. Where's the replacement of the Vanilla Hitlog from xvm? i can't find it which file, what are the entry names?
  14. sounds like a good idea but it happened following: i got my new computer running and installed wot at last weekend, at this time on Win10 now it looks ok changes of vehicleiconoffset changed nothing first screenshot with "vehicleIconOffsetXLeft": -2, "vehicleIconOffsetXRight": -1 second screenshot with "vehicleIconOffsetXLeft": -24, "vehicleIconOffsetXRight": -18 really no joke, previous screenshots and posts done on win7, now on win10, looks ok thanks for your effort :)
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