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  1. I wrote to you before, do not contribute if you cannot help and do not express yourself when you have no idea what you are talking about! It's best for both parties. I have the same problem, installing mod with xvm works a few battles (usually 2) then it crashes. by fetching xvm from a page and pasting it into a game, it also works 2 to 5 games maximum and stops. cleaning completely mods and same xvm installing is the same, 2 to 5 games run and xvm crashes. Props even on the XVM website do not do anything, refreshing the session does not help either, logging out or changing the browser, cleaning coockie the same, zero I was also told that I have to wait up to 48 hours because I had the anonymizer turned on, so my xvm does not work: D So don't read people who are not familiar with the work on XVM and are just regular writers on this forum.
  2. xvm hasn't worked since yesterday! what is wrong with him ??
  3. and what am I waiting for the answer and I see that you do not have a green idea about XVM ... You can close because I won't find out anything here, as I see
  4. are not correct, so if you are not able to check it reliably, do not express yourself. "Some tanks are not included in the statistics" read the quotation marks what it says, then play yourself with the ISU-152K tank for example and check if the statistics are correct! If you agree WN8 after playing several ISU-152K battles, even after playing one battle, I will not mention this topic anymore. But if you do not agree, delete the account and do not speak up yepev
  5. Himinalev EU I also have to add that since version 1.10.x.x I see this problem with the misrepresentation of statistics on tanks or tanks do not give them at all. Right now my stats should be a little over 11% better than they are, and when playing with excluded, removed or not added to stat sessions my stats are flying down from battle to battle. Despite the fact that the results are still quite good... you will fix it eventually or not?
  6. why XVM lowers the statistics and most vehicles are not included in the statistics ??
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