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  1. mintik

    Armor penetration calculator

    Ok, thank you for checking the config for me. It works again!
  2. mintik

    Armor penetration calculator

    Can you tell me if this is a good python macro? It's the original from the original topic where I found this mod. However I'm not sure in which folder I have to put it. chancePenetration.py
  3. Hi, I've started playing WoT again and I reconfigured my config for XVM. However the armor penetration calculator doens't work anymore. Can somebody please take a look at my config and maybe tell me which code should be changed? Example picture: Original topic: I use the same code that was pasted in that topic. battleLabels.xc battleLabelsTemplates.xc python.log xvm.log
  4. mintik

    1.0 stable version ETA?

    I don't get why it always takes so long to release a stable version of the latest patch when it goes live. I figure that last day of the test server is pretty much the live version of the patch so why can't the xvm team release a version that was stable on the last day of the test server?
  5. mintik

    Can't get alpha to work correctly - XVM version 7.2.4

    Ok, Thank you very much!
  6. mintik

    Can't get alpha to work correctly - XVM version 7.2.4

    Yeah I checked the changelog and it says: (colors.xc, alpha.xc) * disabled original color and alpha settings for ratings since XVM scale is used by default So nvm, can't use custom colors anymore.
  7. Hi, I have problems with the use of alpha rating for wn8 color ratings. My wn8 colors aren't showing up correctly. It's the default wn8 color value instead of my custom one. I'll attach the config files. Can anybody please take a look? These are the default colors: These are the colors I normally use but they don't work because my alpha.xc config is wrong somehow: alpha.xc colors.xc python.log xvm.log
  8. Hi, I made a screenshot of the problem. I didn't edit the damagelog files. Is this normal? The AP/HE ammo is no problem because its fewer letters. damageLog.xc battleLabelsTemplates.xc
  9. Hi, I have a problem showing stock turret markers properly. I created an extra text field for turret markers but the problem is that the tank names either have 'HV' or 'LV', high or low vulnerability, next to them in the text field. If I don't put 'HV' and 'LV' in the markers config then I don't have the turret markers anymore. I'll post the code below so you know what I mean. EDIT: Nevermind, think I've found the problem. "tankName": { "name": "Tank name", "enabled": true, "x": 0, "y": -36, "alpha": 100, "align": "center", "textFormat": { "font": "$FieldFont", "size": 13, "color": null, "bold": false, "italic": false }, "shadow": { "enabled": true, "distance": 0, "angle": 45, "color": "0x000000", "alpha": 100, "blur": 6, "strength": 2 }, "format": "{{vehicle}}{{turret}}" markers.xc markersAliveNormal.xc stock turret markers.zip
  10. mintik

    XVM fireAlert sound bug

    Thanks for the reply!
  11. Hello, Whenever my tank gets set on fire there is a sound that keeps on playing every second even though I used the fire extinguisher. It keeps on playing even after I'm dead and spectating other players until the game ends. Anyone else having this problem? I use the custom fireAlert sound from xvm. XVM version: 6.3.2 xvm.log sounds.xc
  12. mintik

    autoreload config

    Does xvm config update while in a match? Or only in garage?
  13. mintik

    How to change the ALT key to another key in XVM

    I don't know if that is possible. Sorry I cannot help you further.
  14. mintik

    Stock turret markers alignment

    Ok I'll try that.