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  1. I've been away from a while and i'm not up to date with latest modifications. Why is the xvm hitlog does not show anymore with default config? le: I used an old py file, so nevermind.
  2. Need a little help. Is it not possible anymore to have xvm logs and vanilla logs? Used to be possible.
  3. It looks like it's fixed in the latest nightly.
  4. The premium ammo in no longer colored in yellow as before the patch. Is this a bug? I'm using my own config. In the previous version prem ammo was yellow. damageLog.xc
  5. How can i add in the latst hit popup the name of the tank that hits me? Default is just the ammount of damage received.
  6. Is he using an old py macro for last hit? The tank that hit you is not shown in current config, just the damage ammount.
  7. Yeah, looks like it's bugged.
  8. I know, i'm already using nightly, but i was curios about stable version.
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