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  1. The Nightly Build is stable for me
  2. I thought it did ? the one downloadable from here ? i turned it the feature off about 3 years ago
  3. thats an interesting question does the win calculation take into account all players records or just those who use XVM ?
  4. i don't think XVM works with the Anonymizer
  5. Err no Canada and Australia are not part of the UK and never have been - They were part of the British Empire but gained there own independence many years ago - Canada 1867 and Australia 1901, And the USA in 1777. Great Britain has existed since 1707 and consists of England, Scotland and Wales. They added Ireland(Northern Ireland only after Irish independence) in 1800 and it became the United Kingdom. Interestingly the only nation of the UK without a sovereign parliament is England ! (Westminster represents all 4)
  6. make sure you have fought a Battle with the crew, It has never worked for me unless you have actually fought a battle with the crew, then it has never failed
  7. Following the latest Micropatch(last 30 minutes) - everything(Game and XVM) seems to be working for me
  8. How stable is the Nightly Build please
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