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  1. AMGPilot

    statisticForm.xc (Tab Key) not working xvm-7.7.0

    Oops!! You are right!! Missed that when I downloaded the new version of XVM. Thanks
  2. As the title states, after the WOT 1.1.0 update my XVM information does not show when I press the TAB Key. The panel that pops up is now titled "Team Composition" and it just shows the default menu from WOT. It should be populated with the XVM information that I have in the statisticForm.xc file. I have included two screen shots to show the problem. First image is of WOT which shows the TAB Key being depressed and shows the XVM information I have selected in my statisticForm.xc file. The second image shows what happens after the WOT 1.1.0 update. I have even tried the default statisticForm.xc file that comes with xvm-7.7.0 and it still does not work. Thank you :)
  3. AMGPilot

    Weird problem with XVM in Clan Wars Battles.

    Update: Just tried XVM only in Clan Wars and it works just fine. Must be another mod interfering with XVM :(
  4. Hello everyone, Have been playing on the Global Map Season 9 (Clan Wars) and I am having a strange problem. When in the game the ALT key does not show the Extended Markers above the tanks, which I have set to show players name. If I watch the replay of the same game then it works fine. Have never had this problem before. I do have other mods installed so I may try just using XVM only and see if it still acts the same way. I was just wondering if anyone has encountered the same problem? Thanks!
  5. Hello, I have noticed that not all of the clan Icons are showing up in the player panel and the Statistic form panel (Tab Key). Some of them are showing up but our clans Icons are not there for some reason, my clan is: [RS] Red Sky
  6. AMGPilot

    XVM Website language always switches to Russian

    Stop gap solution?? No!! They need to change their website header to change with the language selected. Easy fix!!
  7. AMGPilot

    XVM Website language always switches to Russian

    Is this ever going to be fixed? Thank you :)
  8. AMGPilot

    Clan Icons in Battle on NA Server

    Hey they seem to be working now!!
  9. Hello, I read the thread where you stated you were having problems with Clan icons on the EU Server: https://koreanrandom.com/forum/topic/41872-clan-tag-depiction/ I am having the same problem on the US NA Server.
  10. AMGPilot

    Network Services Down Right Now?

    Working now thank you :)
  11. AMGPilot

    Network Services Down Right Now?

    Thank you sir :) Thought I screwed something up LOL!!
  12. I am getting the following error using XVM: https://modxvm.com XVM 7.2.3 (8073) Network services unavailable. more info HTTP Error: [404] Not Found. Response: 404 Not Found
  13. AMGPilot

    XVM Website language always switches to Russian

    Thank you :)
  14. Hello, When I go to https://modxvm.com/en and then click on either "activate Services" or "Update Statistics" links the language always switches back to Russian.
  15. AMGPilot

    6th Sense Duration

    Sirmax, Thank you very much it works perfect!!!