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  1. Hello, I have noticed that not all of the clan Icons are showing up in the player panel and the Statistic form panel (Tab Key). Some of them are showing up but our clans Icons are not there for some reason, my clan is: [RS] Red Sky
  2. XVM Website language always switches to Russian

    Stop gap solution?? No!! They need to change their website header to change with the language selected. Easy fix!!
  3. XVM Website language always switches to Russian

    Is this ever going to be fixed? Thank you :)
  4. Clan Icons in Battle on NA Server

    Hey they seem to be working now!!
  5. Hello, I read the thread where you stated you were having problems with Clan icons on the EU Server: https://koreanrandom.com/forum/topic/41872-clan-tag-depiction/ I am having the same problem on the US NA Server.
  6. Network Services Down Right Now?

    Working now thank you :)
  7. Network Services Down Right Now?

    Thank you sir :) Thought I screwed something up LOL!!
  8. I am getting the following error using XVM: https://modxvm.com XVM 7.2.3 (8073) Network services unavailable. more info HTTP Error: [404] Not Found. Response: 404 Not Found
  9. XVM Website language always switches to Russian

    Thank you :)
  10. Hello, When I go to https://modxvm.com/en and then click on either "activate Services" or "Update Statistics" links the language always switches back to Russian.
  11. 6th Sense Duration

    Sirmax, Thank you very much it works perfect!!!
  12. 6th Sense Duration

    Hello, I am currently using the latest nightly build of XVM "Build 6169 for WoT" and everything seems to be working just perfect! Thanks for all of your hard work on getting this to work with the latest update :) I do have one question though concerning Sixth Sense. In the "elements.xc" file there used to be a command to increase the duration of the Sixth Sense lamp. That command is no longer there and I am wondering if it would work with the latest WOT update? If so, could someone please give me some guidance on how to get it to work? Thank you!! AMGPilot Jack
  13. 6th sense sound

    Thank you, Just installed build 5780 and Sixth Sense sound works now :)
  14. - Carousel filters wont show

    Download the latest XVM Build: http://nightly.modxvm.com
  15. - Carousel filters wont show

    Same issue here with Nightly Build 5770 for WoT