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  1. Thanks for your help guys - I thought I'd done something wrong !
  2. I have just loaded the latest Nightly Build (31/1/2024) and the Carousel although dual height is only half the height it normally is ! I use no other mods and think it must be me doing something wrong Help Please Well I found how to make the height correct it was actually in settings (although I haven't been in there for weeks/months ! However I still don't get the previous performance detail for the vehicle in the screen box The answer was in Settings. I changes it to 'Adaptive' but still don't get the vehicle performance detail that is usually there (I haven't touched Settings in Months !)
  3. the prolong Button above the Day counter - It still counts down even if prolong hasn't been pressed/activated
  4. have you checked that you have pressed the 'Prolong' Button on the Settings page ?
  5. Well Guess what, I was doing something wrong :-( I started gathering screenshots and logs as requested and just thought i would try prolonging once again, to see if that cured the problem ! I then noticed the 'Activate' Button in settings was brightly coloured, so pressed it ! Everything now appears to work in my defence I have only ever pressed Prolong before and everything has been OK. i have no memory of ever having to press 'Activate' again since I first installed XVM years ago thanks for the initial response
  6. I am probably doing something wrong here but since the Sever issue at the weekend none of my online XVM features are working. I am using the latest 'Nightly Build' for 1.4 and the 'in garage' features are fine but the 'in battle features haven't returned. I use vanilla XVM from this site - Am I doing something wrong ? or are there still server issues(although the warning banner has now gone) TIA
  7. The Nightly Build is stable for me
  8. I thought it did ? the one downloadable from here ? i turned it the feature off about 3 years ago
  9. thats an interesting question does the win calculation take into account all players records or just those who use XVM ?
  10. i don't think XVM works with the Anonymizer
  11. Err no Canada and Australia are not part of the UK and never have been - They were part of the British Empire but gained there own independence many years ago - Canada 1867 and Australia 1901, And the USA in 1777. Great Britain has existed since 1707 and consists of England, Scotland and Wales. They added Ireland(Northern Ireland only after Irish independence) in 1800 and it became the United Kingdom. Interestingly the only nation of the UK without a sovereign parliament is England ! (Westminster represents all 4)
  12. make sure you have fought a Battle with the crew, It has never worked for me unless you have actually fought a battle with the crew, then it has never failed
  13. Following the latest Micropatch(last 30 minutes) - everything(Game and XVM) seems to be working for me
  14. How stable is the Nightly Build please
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