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  1. What the cause is for game crashes?

    Well, I have markers disable now, but still experience crashes when leaving battle.
  2. Hi, Default game behaviour, copied by XVM is that OTM for overturned vehicle gets keeps "above" vehicle's vertical pane. This places OTM in weird and unexpected postition if you don't know vehicle is overturned or which side it lays on. Can this "feature" be made configurable (disable option) in future XVM?
  3. I've switched to WTR as main rating and I have noticed that many (about 30%) of players are missing this rating in XVM. It is not correlated with number of battles or players skill (compared to wn8 or winratio). Is it just caching issue which will resolve itself with time?
  4. Mod packages / Пакеты модов

    Hi, One comment regarding .wotmod file naming. Please reconsider if it is necessary to add mod version to the .wotmod filename. Having it included it is very easy to have two versions of same mod installed. Same name would cause regular overwrite when upgrading. .wotmods are already commonly distributed inside compressed .zip, this mod version number can go in the "outside" zip file. Regards,
  5. Mod packages / Пакеты модов

    Yes, it is possible, but only in very weird and complex setups. If conflict cannot be resolved (looping dependency), show error message and abort mod loading. Like it is now. 99% cases would be load after XVM or load before XVM.
  6. Mod packages / Пакеты модов

    Privet, A suggestion for future improvements: To solve conflicts with known mods, meta.xml could contain fields like "load-after" and "load-before" with a mod_id load_order.xml is nice, but cannot be distributed with a single mod. It is useful only for big modpacks. Example: <loadAfter> <mod_id>com.modxvm.xfw</mod_id> </loadAfter> <loadBefore> <mod_id>some.other.mod1</mod_id> <mod_id>some.other.mod2</mod_id> </loadBefore> Cheers,
  7. [] Отключение зеркальности иконок без XVM

    Nah, meta.xml does not provide prority levels. load_order.xml can help, but distributing this with a single mod is not a good idea.
  8. [] Отключение зеркальности иконок без XVM

    I will check if some meta.xml hacking can help in case both MVI and XVM are installed.
  9. [] Отключение зеркальности иконок без XVM

    .wotmod structure is invalid (extra files/ subfolder), but after fixing it seems that shop-problem is gone. Thanks! And BTW, training battle fix (mvi_hangar) is now conflicting with XVM (they both use lobby.swf).
  10. [] Отключение зеркальности иконок без XVM

    Hi night_dragon_on, It seems mvi_hangar (clear) causes a bug with in-game shop in EU: I have not checked the non-clear version, but it probably will be same thing. Regards,
  11. XMQP spamming

    Great, thanks!
  12. XMQP spamming

    It had to happen: frustrated morons clicking the map over and over, now XMQP-enabled. When I put them on a blacklist, chat messages and map quadrant-clicks are gone, however XMQP features (precise dots and arrows) are still visible. Could this be connected to ignoring chat?
  13. damageLog issues (build 6602)

    As far as I know, APHE and HESH types exist in client, but are not used in any tank. All known HESH (FV183 for example) are tagged as HE.
  14. Hi, I use {{v.xpToEliteLeft%'d~xp|}} macro in carousel to show XP to grind. It works for all tanks, except the one I grind only on SH battles. The tank has no stats for random games, so winrate, avgDmg and stuff are properly hidden. xpToElite however should be shown. Probably an easy code fix, Thanks! Jerr
  15. Damage announcer

    Hi, 9.16 vanilla damage counters are quite nice, almost making custom damage panels obsolete (at least for me). The only important thing I miss is a big red announcement of lost HP. I think it could be made a part of XVM. Probably with XVM event handling available already it's possible right now, but it's outside my py skills. Any volunteers? ;) Jerryfer