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  1. Adding Win Rate Percentage To XVM

    Oh, win chance. Not rate. That no longer works the way it used to. Actually it no longer works at all last I checked anyway. I use a python macro to get similar results. This post can help you. Mine is slightly modified from this but have a look through the posts as others have shared their configs. You might find one you like. This is what I use: Drop this in your py_macro folder: mod_wn8_chance.py Add this to your battleLabels.xc file: (remember to remove the comma if it is the last entry!) Add this to your battleLabelsTemplates.xc file: (Again, be aware of the last comma if needed or not!) Adjust your X and Y positions to your liking etc... Cheers!
  2. {{v.name}}=Obj. 430 II? does not work in carousel

    Have you tried escaping the dot? Use a backslash Obj\. etc... The dot is a special character. I haven't tested this. Only a hunch. Good luck!
  3. Adding Win Rate Percentage To XVM

    If you are running the default config (or others), just make sure that you've set the statistics checks in the settings menu on modxvm.com after you've logged in with your wargaming ID etc etc. It's that easy! ;)
  4. I wanted to display the version status of my config in the hangar to let others know when a new version is up. So I made one for XVM to use in the hangar via widgets and a simple script and thought that other custom config authors might want to use it for their own config pack as well. I did not want to use the notifications button as it changes too often for my liking and thus, breaking the mod on a regular basis. Call me lazy! =) So before anyone asks: No this is not clickable or a hyperlink. It simply tells you if the config you are running is current or not. Nice and simple. It updates itself after every battle. (When the hangar is reloaded) Again, this is only useful and meant for config authors. If you do not make and distribute your own config, this is probably not for you. Images: Installation: Add this line to your @xvm.xc file. I put mine just after the hangar entry. Add this to your widgets.xc file in the lobby section. Add this to your widgetsTemplates.xc file. Add this script to your py_macro folder. configVersionCheck.py Add this .xc file to your config folder. Edit the settings according to your own needs. It has my own settings in it and will probably not be useful to you! configCheck.xc And as an example, create a text file ( .txt ) and write your config version into it. Keep it small and concise. It can read any text based document but a text file is simplest. Example: You will of course, need to upload this text file to a remote HTTP server and edit your config to match it's URL. Every time you change your version number, package up your config after the necessary edits and then upload a new text file, containing the latest version number. If you host your own site, you should already be familiar with mod_rewrite and/or .htaccess files (assuming your host server is Unix/Linux (Apache etc) based). You may need to do some editing in order to access a file with a .txt extension. Just ask if you run into issues... I or someone here may be able to help you. Here is the provided settings file, configCheck.xc Like I said, it is very simple. Feel free to make it fancy if you like. I prefer it this way though as it will require little maintenance and still does it's job just fine. I hope you find this useful. Cheers!
  5. Advanced Hit Markers (formerly ddmOTM) (py_macro)

    No. There is a "counter" for texts that can be random or fixed. I know that you can make a counter in the config fairly easily, but you cannot randomize it. The frag counter is only one part of it. Also there are random texts for everyone else that dies as well. Texts based on vehicle type as well as damage type and even platoon/squad mates. So the possibilities are fairly great and varied. Not possible in a standard config. Maybe possible with math but the macros would be monstrous. =) The video's I should take more time to put together in order to show more clearly.
  6. WN8 table

    The table you've attached looks like it is the one from WOTLabs that they use for wn8 scale.
  7. Advanced Hit Markers (formerly ddmOTM) (py_macro)

    Updated archive and main post to version 2.5. Fairly significant changes. If a language exists in the config, it should work right out of the box on your installation now. Testing with other clients from different regions now works flawlessly. Added a few more macros to streamline the config files and to make the manipulation of the data a little easier. Added l10n to the script where it was needed most. Completely removed any hard coded English from the config and now everything resides in it's own language section. You can now enable or disable entire sections. There is more but not really worth mentioning. Here are a couple of vids. One in English and the other in Russian to see it in action. Better videos with cuts of everything this addon dos as time permits! It might be worth mentioning that the {{my-frags}} losing count by however many "blind kills" (tank you destroyed was not visible) might only be an issue in replays. I do not yet know if in actual battle... My post implies that it does and it should not.
  8. You are right. It is a very minor thing. I had thought that it was implemented and I was wondering why it was not working. I understand now. See? I am a pest! Hehe Cheers and Happy New Year!
  9. Hmm ... With new sight.py, from header post, "health percent" is not working as expected if tank is still intact (he drowned). Though @ H_E_K_P_O_M_A_H_T_ does say that it works? Re: his replay for convenience shot in a flooded.wotreplay Before the new fix, it's used to show Hit Points. Now it shows nothing. I realize that I am probably doing something wrong. With that in mind, I had to add to consider one more state in the new sight.py. 1) Crew is Alive and tank HP> 0 - Player is in battle (Battle) 2) Crew is Alive and tank HP = 0 - Player no longer in battle. Tank is destroyed (Spectator / Post Mortem) 3) Crew is dead and tank. HP> 0 - Tank incapacitated. Tank can still damage other players! (ramming, collisions etc) (Battle) - New script does not consider this? With new script: isAlive = (newHealth> 0) and bool (vehicle.isCrewActive) only considers two states (True or False). Not three? Again, I am probably wrong, but I am not sure that this is a True or False argument. Not two. This is what I did to make it work: from line 321: (needed, so health percent is displayed as a percent, not just hit points) From line 548: (needed, so that model is not deleted if tank still has hit points) My apologies for being a pest (I know I can be at times). I hope this post makes sense. I might not be understanding language translation. Maybe it's my sight.xc and / or battleLabelSight.xc, but I do not think so. Cheers!
  10. @H_E_K_P_O_M_A_H_T_ After getting home from work, I took a closer look and came up with a fix. Ignore my crazy macro in the config in post above. Very messy. Current sight.py from header post: Line 317 change: to: Simply added a check to see if the crew was knocked out while the tank was still intact. I've tested it with replays and live battles. Seems to work just fine. Note: I pasted the wrong code and uploaded the wrong script! Corrected. Logs are now clean. I really should go to sleep. =) sight.py - Has this edit and the previous auto loader single shell reload display fix. I truly hope you don't mind me mucking around with your code, @ktulho This is one of my favourite XVM addons. Thanks for all your work!
  11. Technically you have no health after being dead. However, this works in the config. because your tank still has hit points. def.healthPercent section: {{alive?{{py:sight.health(100)}}%|{{py:mul({{py:div({{py:sight.health(100)}}, {{hp-max}})}}, 100)%.2f}}%}} Or to make it look a little better "format": "{{alive?health |HP }}<font size='20'>{{alive?{{py:sight.health(100)}}%|{{py:mul({{py:div({{py:sight.health(100)}}, {{hp-max}})}}, 100)>0?{{py:mul({{py:div({{py:sight.health(100)}}, {{hp-max}})}}, 100)%.2f}}%|0%}}}}</font>" Maybe a new py event? ON_CREW_DEAD to help with "disappearing"? It doesn't know what to do after the crew dies until the ON_PLAYER_HEALTH event is triggered. (you get hit). There needs to be a check between the tank being knocked out and the crew dying, Will have to leave that to those who know more. EDIT: Although this works, xvm.log is throwing syntax errors. math.py does not seem to like the macros, I think I have nested braces or brackets messed up. Too many!
  12. @night_dragon_on Your're the bomb! Thanks I'll add it into the archive and link my post to here as well. Cheers mate.
  13. Advanced Hit Markers (formerly ddmOTM) (py_macro)

    Ha! More reading and studying and yes, I now understand what you are saying. Thank you. This is completely possible and will most certainly make this far less messy. Cheers. Again, python is rather new to me (I'm a perl/php/java kind of guy) but it's starting to make a lot more sense. It is becoming a lot less strange. =)
  14. @night_dragon_on Hello! Might I ask you a favor? Could I possibly have a list (in Russian) of everything that is said (15 messages) in the fragsAnnouncer? I though it might be nice to match it in my utMSG.py (frag counter for OTM) config to work with your sounds "out of the box" for those who might be using it here. Assuming that would work. Sometimes Russian words are too long for an OTM. But hopefully not in this case. I do not speak Russian, so that is why I am asking. Or if anyone else here could, if they have a few moments to take the list down. It would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!
  15. Маркеры панели счета (py_macro)

    @vizhu Only adjust the width parameter. Do not paste exactly what HEKPOMAHT wrote (abbreviated code). It was only an example. Assuming that is what you actually did.