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  1. SmashPuppet

    PlayersPanel +battleLoading / statisticForm Suggestion - Add font color

    {{c:vtype}} and set colours in colors.xc under "vtype". Edit PP accordingly to your desire. That's what I do. colors.xc: Unless I am misunderstanding the problem? Cheers,
  2. SmashPuppet

    Numbers Show up as boxes

    No worries. You can go directly into (assuming your system is on C:) C:\Windows\Fonts. Though as was mentioned, it doesn't look like an issue with the XVMSymbol font. I also agree that either it's a security setting (firewall) "blocking" the built-in fonts inside XVM or your config is calling for a font that you do not have. The latter I doubt as your pics look like a default config or close to it. Norton antivirus/firewall will block fonts used outside of C:\Windows\Fonts as just one example. McAfee and Win10 etc as well. If you are using any security software, try to look up on Google as to how to add WoT to your exceptions list. You can test it out first by disabling the security software and then run a replay or the game and see how it looks. Cheers!
  3. SmashPuppet

    xvm problem

    I had noticed as well. The site was only partially functional and networking in XVM for the client was not working either. All for a very short time. The trouble with maintaining a service that is used worldwide is that there is never a great time to do the work. Ever. =) Someone will be affected no matter what. But the good news is that no puppies, kittens or babies were harmed while the service was down. Good luck and have fun!
  4. If you look here , the ability to change colour is simple. (simpler than I had originally thought) sight.xc and an example in battleLabelSight.xc
  5. SmashPuppet

    Сборник py_macro

    And even more compact. Wow, I totally over thought this one. Again thanks!
  6. SmashPuppet

    Сборник py_macro

    You are the man. much better. I am not so great with python or knowing the game internals. Just enough to be dangerous though. Learning from you all. Thanks!
  7. SmashPuppet

    Сборник py_macro

    My apologies if this should be in the sight thread. Not sure if here or there is the best place to post. A humble proposal... {{py:map.sightColor}} Instead of long macros for every instance of "color": in battleLabelSight.xc, we could add to sight.xc: A working example script of your code: Then we can change colours in just one area. (Edited to reflect Ktulho's solution below) battleLabelSight.xc color example: "textFormat": { "align": "left", "color": "{{.sight.colors.{{py:map.kind}}}}" }, It is only an idea. If not interesting enough, the example may still be useful to others. Amazing work to you and the others (authors and testers!). It's very appreciated. Cheers!
  8. Excellent! Works and thank you! Also a much better/elegant solution for maps.py. Again cheers!
  9. Discovered a possible issue with infoAutoAim.py. If you auto aim on a tank and then auto aim again on another tank without first disengaging, both tanks remain highlighted with the model and {{py:sight.autoAim*}} do not disappear after finally disengaging. It works normally if you disengage before auto aiming again on a different tank. (About 3 minutes after battle starts) 20180630_1927_france-F37_AMX50_Foch_34_redshire.wotreplay Cheers!
  10. SmashPuppet

    Feature proposal - group of tanks filter.

    I would find it useful, yes. I'm sure others would as well. I also assign tanks to the Primary Vehicle list for tanks that I am currently working on for instance. Assigning tanks to user-defined groups would be nice. Just like you would in a contacts list. The devs, I'm sure, have noted this and it's probably in their "bucket list". They've done a lot with tank filters as it is. Perhaps in time, we will see it if someone here does not try to implement on their own first.
  11. SmashPuppet

    Feature proposal - group of tanks filter.

    It basically holds the same tenets. Your own idea is a bit simpler. Translated to English
  12. @aster I wrote a simple, quick and dirty script to help group the maps into categories. Winter or Summer. (Desert and all others default to Summer) You can then choose a colour depending on the map season. You can also use it to change the shadow alpha and/or strength for better contrast on a winter map. Color options in your battleLabelSight.xc like so: "color": "{{py:map.kind=winter?0xF50800|{{py:map.kind=desert?0x64FF30|0xD4FFAA}}}}" // Red if winter or bright Green if desert or lighter green if summer Put ktulho's maps.py in your py_macro folder and this one as well: (removed script) No longer needed. Ktulho updated maps.py =D Again, this is just an example. Choose whatever colours best suit your needs. Hope this helps. Cheers!
  13. Use {{py:map.kind}} from here in your config to change sight colours depending on the map to your liking.
  14. SmashPuppet

    No player names above tanks in battle or stats in side panels.

    Was the provided system folder installed as well? We are also assuming that you have everything activated in your personal settings on modxvm.com. Perhaps logs will help.
  15. SmashPuppet

    XVM Config/Mod Version Checker (Widget)

    I am not sure but maybe this thread would be better served in Components of XVM and addons (py_macro) section. Edit: Thank you Mr. Moderator! ;)