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  1. For multiple instances of the client. You will need ProcessExplorer And follow these instructions https://imgur.com/a/TzMoM I remember a mod/application that did for this but I cannot seem to find it online. Good luck!
  2. @leeuniverse After coming back to this sometime later, I think the difference here is even if auto-aimed, the only time a tank's outline is active is when you hover the centre dot of your reticle over a tank. Where your turret is currently pointing is not what you might be "aiming" at during that same time. And this is where we're running into a misunderstanding. Eg, Not in sniper mode: Fully aim at a tank, right click so you can free-move your view and look elsewhere. As soon as your centre reticle leaves the highlighted tank, it deactivates and you are now free to highlight a different tank but only ever one at a time. Even though your turret and gun are still pointing at the original tank. I think this is why all the headbutting. =) They are right, we are wrong.
  3. He's talking about right click to auto aim (locking your target). The built-in game function. Ktulho has made a macro that highlights the targeted tank using a model. An arrow or circular band. Instead of the model being used, he is asking if the vehicle outline could be activated instead. All of this is perfectly fine. We seem to be confusing illegal aim mods for the built in game function. InfoAutoAim.py section in this very post. =)
  4. @leeuniverse, I understand what you are saying. When I had tried to use the auto-aim macro from Ktulho and use it in the over-target markers section instead, it did actually work but with two problems, ALL enemy tanks that were being auto-aimed by any allies were marked as auto aimed. Not just yours. As well, they would only update after their hit points changed. (I understand that you want the tank outlines vs my over-targets but that difference from a programming standpoint is not a big deal) This has to do with the section of XVM it is being run from. For your idea (mine too) to work as it should, The section needed in XVM itself would need some major changes to accommodate such a macro. This is along the exact lines why some macros work in some sections but do not in other sections. Don't take my response as a final or expert answer, I just hoped to explain a little before you try to press for asking about it more. Cheers!
  5. Yes, the python uses "strict" versioning checks. Glad you figured it out. Cheers! =)
  6. Thank you! I understand now! Brevity has never been my strong point! Cheers to you both.
  7. I am confused with trying to understand the recent changes for reloading with Italy. Silly translation is making it hard to follow what is going on. With the old script (before the recent changes), would this not work? It is a long macro, but it works for normal tanks, autoloaders and Italian autoloaders all on one line. Maybe I need to see how Hekpomaht is using it in his config or another example? Sorry @HEKPOMAHT , I know that you became tired of trying to explain. I am just trying to understand.
  8. Ok, just make sure that you logged out of modxvm.com (top far right), and then log back in again and try to activate (again). =)
  9. Have you tried quitting the game, logging out of modxvm.com, then logging back in and hope that "activate services" is no longer greyed out and then click it. Start the game again and pray. Haha! It might be that the services were activated, there was a problem with your install and you removed it along with the tokens in appData. But since you had already activated on modxvm.com, the tokens are not replaced until you can activate again. Which obviously you cannot. I am thinking this might be the issue. Try the above process and see what happens.
  10. You can always try resetting xvm's cache as well. You would then have to visit modxvm.com again to check.
  11. My mistake. It is greyed out. I am sorry. For now I cannot think of anything else! Hopefully another will see this and have an idea. Until then, good luck sir!
  12. Your own screenshot. I can clearly see "Activate Services" This is a small (but annoying) problem that the XVM devs are aware of and have said that they will fix in the future to make this process more easy to understand. But as we know, they are extremely busy with other parts of XVM that are fairly important. So we must be patient and rely on others to help those that need it. Just letting you know about it before you or someone else comments about how confusing to less experienced users this might be. They are aware! Once you have everything working, you should be able to use any config that you like. You do not need to keep using mine. Just so you know.
  13. Try to Activate the services again on the site. Quit the game and restart. I can see that the activate option is there.
  14. OK, have you gone to modxvm.com, logged in and activated your services? As well, under your settings, you need to make sure you have the correct options checked. If you have the game running while you have activated the services, you might have to shut the game down and then restart it. Like so:
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